Rin: Because of the foundation of the Haruka Fans Unite! Community, I feel the need to write something for our blushing tomato.

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Her genuine concern for him was amazing. Haruka mentally slapped himself for letting himself blush like that. But what really amazed him more was when Yura thought that he was feeling sick. He knew that she was stupid, but he never knew how stupid she could be. Any normal person would've noticed the reason for that blush right away.

But not Yura.

Haruka told himself to breathe. He told himself that if Yura was here today, she would be here for the next two days. Bah, who cares if she only cared about his MUCH less handsome brother Q-ta? She was here to see him and praise him, as if that didn't stroke his ego…

Then Yura seemed much more happier when she noticed that she had received a called from his brother. Haruka frowned. It wasn't fair. Out of some of the only few things that Haruka ever wanted, Q-ta was stealing it. Haruka knew his brother all too well. He wanted Yura for her father. Her famous musician father.

No matter. Haruka would not give up. It wasn't like him. He would just keep trying until he made sure that Yura was his.

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