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Title: Insanity at Its Finest

Summary: He nearly succeeded. So close. He was so close. But it was too late now. In the distance he heard her agonized screams. Would this insanity never end?

Rating: T

Pairing: Edward & Bella


The sun is rising,

The screams have gone,

Too many have fallen,

Few still stand tall,

Is this the ending,

Of what we've begun?,

Will we remember,

What we've done wrong?

~Within Temptation, The Howling

I fear who I am becoming,

I feel that I am losing the struggle within,

I can no longer restrain it,

my strength, it is fading,

I have to give in.

It's the fear,

Fear of the dark,

It's growing inside of me,

that one day will come to life,

Have to save,

To save my beloved,

there is no escape,

Because my fate is horror and doom.

~Within Temptation, It's The Fear

Clutching the animal closer to him, he drank deeper, draining the fawn of its blood.

An innocent fawn.

So good, he thought absent mindedly.

He had gone hunting alone tonight. He needed time to think.

It could be better . . . The monster whispered.

Edward growled, throwing the carcass aside.

You know it's true . . . Its whisper was like a caress.

He angrily shook his head, still hazy from the rush of blood intake. He took off again, catching the scent of another creature.

Grizzly bear.

Ah, Emmett's favourite.

His eyes narrowed in, watching as the bear got up on it's hind legs.

He could practically smell the fear. A sinister grin crept across his face.

The boy named Edward, — the human boy — was lost, deep within this bloodthirsty creature. The monster had taken control, guiding his movements, his thoughts.

His thoughts. . . .

With his eyes locked on his prey, he crouched down, his black eyes glaring at the bear.

Said bear, was now looking around frantically.

She knew something dangerous was out there, she just didn't know what.

And the danger was close.

So close. . . .

Edward was still crouched down low, his muscles locked, like a shock absorber, slowly gaining the strength to attack.



What's one human . . ? the voice whispered again.

He inhaled deeply through his nose, that same sadistic smile creeping across his normally angelic face.

Did the boy, — the human boy — named Edward even exist now?

No, the answer was no. Edward, was gone, buried deep, the monster pounding him down, hoping he would never return.

Never. . . .

Then, he pounced, his muscles springing easily.

The bear took off. Like a bat out of hell.

Edward shot off after it, like a bullet through the night. Wisping silently, like a gentle breeze.

Like a creature of the night.

A creature that brings death, pain and suffering to those unfortunate enough to be in its path.

Death. . . .

The monster smiled.

He had never hunted so viciously before.

The bear was practically shredded.

Veins, muscles, flesh, it was all over the place.

Edward looked down and the mess that was once a living creature.

Just like him. . . .

It took him longer to rid the remains, than usual.

Edward chuckled darkly.

It made him sound like an ax murderer.

But wasn't that all he really was?

A creature designed to kill.

He laughed again.

Edward was unrecognizable now. He was covered in blood, with it smeared all over his face an clothing.

He wasn't usually a messy eater, only in those first few years.

But, that was when he still had some shred of control left in him.

But not now.

No, not now

No, the monster had taken over, leaving whatever sliver of humanity locked away in an unattainable dimension of his mind.



Deranged. . . .

And once again, that rare, yet all to familiar vicious smirk crept across his face.

But honestly? What was one human?

Like Emmett said, "Ease up Edward. Honestly. So you kill one human, it's hardly the end of the world. . . "

Edward sat against the tree, his head in his hands as he weighed his options.

Did it really matter?

She was one human girl.

Yet, this was the same human girl Alice had seen Edward falling in love with.


This human girl also smelled too good for her well being.

Too good.



Mouth watering. . . .

He had killed in the past, how was it any different now?

It wasn't.

Just one human. . . The monster whispered again, it smelled an easy win.

Edward's neck snapped violently to the side, so hard it would have been broken had he been human.

But that's just it.

He wasn't human.

A blood sucking demon.

That was about to annihilate his own demon.

A demon that had been summoned from his own personal hell to make his very existence more miserable than it already was.

His neck snapped again.

Isabella Swan's fate was sealed.

She was going to die.


Tonight. . . .

He ran through the woods, the blood drying up in the wind.

It wouldn't take long before he got there.

To his destination.

Her house.

To finally be able give in.

To finally live like he was supposed to.

Like he once had.

Only one. . . The monster whispered again, though its voice was triumphant.

It was finally getting what it wanted.

After so long. . .

Too long.

Far to long. . . .

Edward scaled up the side of the house, opening her window carefully.

Creek. . . .

The window needed to be oiled.

Obviously, it hadn't been open in over fifteen years.

Edward slid into the room, and was immediately assaulted by her scent.

It was everywhere.

Her sweet perfume was drenched in every single crevice of the tiny room.

He took a deep breath, smiling cruelly.

He wouldn't have to suffer any longer.

He took another breath, feeling the dry flames lick his parched throat.

Why slow down the inevitable? Why not get it over with now?

No, for Edward wanted to savor this once in a life time chance.

And he was going to indulge.

No! The human boy cried meekly. But he was too far down. This was wrong.

So wrong. . . .

She hadn't done anything wrong. She was innocent.

Where as, he wasn't.

Edward had always prided himself in control. His control nearly rivaled Carlisle's.

Carlisle. . . .

Would he forgive Edward for this heinous crime? For taking the life of an innocent?

An innocent who had so much to look forward to in life?

Of course Carlisle would forgive him, yes, he would be disappointed, but it's not like he could relate.

Carlisle had never experienced this, this,





He couldn't sympathize Edward. He couldn't even attempt to try.

Emmett would though, wouldn't he? It had happened to him.

Twice in fact.

Emmett could. Couldn't he?

Edward finally looked at her, and was slightly taken aback.

She was tossing and turning, her legs tangled in the sheets, her face buried in the pillow.

Her scent slammed into him so violently he rocked backward on his heals, his neck snapping back viciously.

The monster rejoiced.

So close. . . yet so far away. . . it murmured, sounding like a poem.

He took time to really look at her.

And she took his breath away.

Theoretically speaking of course.

The human in him was finding his way to the surface once more.

It was hard though, like rock climbing with 5.6 tons of weight on his shoulder.

The monster tried to push him back down.

And occasionally it would work.

"Okay mom. . ." Bella muttered.

Edward froze. His muscles were locked.

She spoke in her sleep.

Now, Edward was morbidly curious.

Would it be enough to save her?

He was fighting with himself again, weighing his options once more.

Should he wait? To see what secrets he could uncover?

Or kill her now?

NOW! The monster yelled. It was so close. The ultimate delight, so succulent, so tempting, was so close. And yet, it couldn't have it.

The barely there shreds of Edward's humanity was slowly finding its way back.

The sense of right and wrong were becoming clearer with every passing minute.

But would it be fast enough?

Fast enough in order to save her?


He wouldn't wait.

He couldn't wait.

He would not be subjected to this burning desire anymore.

He was going to take what was rightfully his.

Stalking towards the bed, he looked down at her once more.

She was so innocent.

Innocent. . . .


Enough was enough.

He needed to get this over with now.

His resolve was slowly crumbling.

He needed to act fast.

Moving at inhuman speeds, he swept her up into his arms and all but flew out of the window.

And she wasn't even jostled.

He ran her to a secluded part in the forest.

Where no one would hear her screams.

Before he knew it, he was at his meadow.

He laughed.

Or rather, cackled. . .

What a perfect place to indulge.

Edward looked down at the sleeping girl in his arms, only to find that she wasn't sleeping anymore.

He smirked down at her, showing off a set of razor sharp teeth.





And to his utter delight, she shivered in what he hoped to be fear.

Fear. . . .

"Sleep well, Isabella?" He whispered menacingly.

All Bella could do was stare at him with horrified eyes.

There was absolutely no way she was awake right now. Looking into his lethal black eyes, she was reminded of that first day, in biology.

How long ago that seemed now.

"Eh-Edward?" She stammered.

This had to be a nightmare.

A completely.



Nightmare. . . .

If it was in fact, a nightmare.

Then why wasn't she waking up?

"You don't know how long I've waited for this," He murmured sadistically in her ear.

Before she could comprehend anything, she was pinned to a tree, Edward's body flush against her own.

He had her wrists pinned above her head, his face buried in her neck, inhaling.

Preparing himself.

He wanted to make this last.

A once in a life time opportunity.

Or in this case, existence.

Existence. . . .

"Wh-what are you doing," She whispered. She couldn't bring herself to speak any louder, her fear was threatening to eat her alive.

She was shivering in fear and because she was cold.

She was after all, only in a tank top and pajama shorts.

Much to Edward's creepy delight.

His hands traveled down her wrists, and down her arms.

The fell limply against her side as soon as he had let go.

His hands traveled further down her sides, barely brushing against the sides of her breasts, to her waist and then her hips.

Run, Bella, run! The human in him tried to scream.


. . . .Please. . . . he begged.


Edward was too far gone.

Nothing could save him now.

Or her.

His hands moved back up to her wrists, holding them in place.

She was thrashing now.

Her sense of self preservation had finally kicked in.

She was sobbing as well, her entire body convulsing.

Edward wouldn't have her squirming, so he pressed his body further against her.


He heard her ribs break.

She felt her ribs break.

She screamed out in agony.

This was no nightmare.

She would have woken up by now.

Oh no, this was real.




It was painful to breathe.

And she was gasping, her chest moving against his.

He shuddered in pleasure.

"I'm sorry Bella," He murmured, his nose moved up from her collar bone and up to her neck.

She whimpered.

She was going to die.

And she knew it.

"Sorry. . . .that. . . . I'm not sorry," He said into her delicious neck.

He kissed it.

Lapped at it.

Nipped at it.

Sucked on it.

Right before his teeth ripped through the delicate skin.

Her blood rushed into his mouth as he tore through her jugular vein.

He started sucking, pulling more of the sacred liquid into his eagerly awaiting mouth.

His eyes rolled back into his head.


Mouth watering.


Finally. . . .

His right hand took both her wrists, while the other tilted her head over, then moved to cradle it against his shoulder.

Bella's eyes her wide open, her mouth in a shape of an 'o'.

The more she thrashed.

The harder he pushed himself against her to keep her still.


She fell limp against him.

Her legs could no longer hold herself up.

Her spine.

She was still gasping, though she could no longer feel the lower half of her body.

Her heart pounded in her chest.

Adrenaline was coursing through her veins.

Edward felt like smirking.

It made her taste, if possible, even sweeter.

He sucked deeper.



More. . . .

The monster hissed in pleasure.

Yesss. . . .

Bella's eyes were beginning to roll back into her head.

She wasn't going to last longer.

Edward clutched her closer.


More ribs broke.

His hand starting gripping the back of her head, trying to bring her closer.


Her skull shattered.

He sucked some more, lapping.

He wanted more.

He needed more.

A body barreled into his own, causing him to fly backwards.

He was being ripped away from his meal.


Absolutely not.

There was no way in hell was he going to be ripped away from the thing he wanted most.

What he had endured for so long.

What he suffered for so long.

The thought was unacceptable.

He fought back against the offending creature.

"Edward! Stop this!" A male voice yelled directly in his ear.


Edward was slowly coming back to reality.

The vampire rammed Edward into a tree, which shattered on impact.

Growls, roars and hisses cut through the night.

Edward launched himself back.

"Dammit Edward! Control yourself!"

Edward ignored it, and sunk his teeth into his neck.

He was trying to behead him.

Jasper's ferocious growl ripped through the meadow.

His instincts had kicked in.

Edward was behaving worse than one of Maria's newborns.

Jasper attacked Edward, and pinned him to the ground, with himself on top of him.

They were both hissing at each other.

"Shit! Edward!"

Jasper began sending calming waves directed at Edward.

Edward slowly came back to earth.

He faintly heard screaming in the distance.

What he had just done began to dawn on him.

His eyes widened.

"Bella!" He gasped, Jasper's golden eyes were boring into his.

His crimson eyes.




"No!" He yelled, his voice anguished.

"Edward. . . ." Jasper began.

What have I done?

Jasper got off of him.

Edward leapt up as well, his hands clutching his hair.

"Edward, they'll forgive you," Jasper murmured consolingly.

But could Edward forgive himself?

He could still hear her screams as Alice took her back to Carlisle.

Could Edward ever forgive himself?

Could he?

To be continued. . .