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Title: Insanity at Its Finest

Summary: He nearly succeeded. So close. He was so close. But it was too late now. In the distance he heard her agonized screams. Would this insanity never end?

Rating: T

Pairing: Edward & Bella

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"The mere attempt to examine my own confusion would consume volumes."

James Agee

Bella arched her back as she screeched once more.

How much more of this could she take?

She didn't even know what this was.

Her memory of Edward crushing against the tree was so painfully clear.

Malicious onyx eyes glaring into her own.

His twisted smile as he felt her flinch.

Him bending forward, as razor sharp something tore through her skin.

She was so confused. Why did he choose her?

Why me. . ?

"It will me over soon," That same soft, feminine voice whispered in her ear.

How long is SOON?

What is 'it'?

Why. . ?

She felt herself being lifted up, and cradled into someone's chest.


She shied away from it.

The fire was threatening to swallow her whole.

"Bella?" A voice whispered.

It was a male.

She whimpered.

"We're going to Alaska."

She heard the words. It was only a matter of comprehending them now. . .

Something about Alaska. . . ?

Wasn't that a cake that you lit on fire?

Bella grunted, any coherent thought she had left her at once, as she continued to scream.

Carlisle looked down at the withering girl in his arms.

How frail she seemed now, more so than usual. . . .

He had to physically pin down her arms and legs to keep them from flailing, and hurting herself.

Not that she would notice anyway.

Though, it didn't stop her head from thrashing side to side.

Or the incoherent mumbles that spilled from her mouth every now and then. . . .

Had it only been hours since the change started?

Carlisle sat through a majority of his family's transformations.

It never got any easier in the slightest.

She kept shying away from him, and he didn't know why.

From the corner of his eye, he noticed Edward flinch.


"Edward. . . ?" He asked him.

Edward shook his head and looked away, his shoulders hunched over in what looked like. . . . defeat?

Carlisle didn't know the entire story. All he knew, was that his oldest son slipped.

Or fell off the wagon, so to speak.

Carlisle looked to Edward, then back at the thrashing girl.

He sighed.

Alice and Esme had already packed important items into boxes.

Paintings, novels, inherited jewelry. . . .

Those would be taken with them to Alaska.

They rest would burn with their house.

Furniture, computers, Edward's piano. . . .

They were going to make it look like a house fire killed them all.

So it wouldn't look suspicious that the Cullens had left hours after Isabella Swan's 'disappearance'.

They lived deep enough in the woods, that hopefully, humans wouldn't notice until everything was burned.


Jasper was pouring gasoline everywhere he could reach.

He briefly wondered whether or not he should set of fireworks in the house. . . .

He scrapped it just as quickly as he thought of it.

Fireworks would cause too much commotion.

He sighed and continued to work, they would be leaving soon.

Rosalie sat cross legged on the king sized bed that dominated the bedroom.

She had been unusually quiet since they arrived at their beach house in California, Emmett noted.

It was on a secluded part of land that they owned.

They wouldn't be disturbed.

Emmett moved to sit behind her.

He began rubbing her shoulders.

Slowly, he moved her silky, golden hair to the side and over her shoulder. Then he began to kiss her neck, while wrapping his arms around her petite waist.

Rosalie shot up off the bed and to the other side of the room.

"Not now, Emmett." She said shortly, stalking toward the balcony.

Emmett sighed and rolled his eyes.

She was ignoring him, that much was clear.

Of course, he knew that she was upset over Edward's situation.

Well, she did make it very obvious. . . .

But just incase he was wrong, Emmett wanted to make sure, before he tried to console her, but just ended up making things worse.

He followed her out onto the balcony.

The night sky was clear, the stars clearly visible, and just as beautiful.

The moon reflected off her hair and skin, giving her a silvery, unearthly glow.

She looked like an angel.

My angel. . . . Emmett thought affectionately as he walked behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist once more.

She didn't pull away this time, but relaxed into his chest, her eyes closing.

Emmett bent down to rested his chin on her shoulder.

He waited before he began asking questions.

He just wanted to be with her for a moment.

Eventually, he turned his head towards her neck, and nuzzled it with his nose.

"Baby, what's the matter?" He asked gently, giving her a little squeeze.

Rosalie sighed, opening her eyes.

She leaned her head against his.

"It's just, what Edward did. . . ." She trailed off, not knowing exactly how to word what she wanted to say.

Emmett understood.

Well somewhat at least.

"Rose. . . .it'll be okay, everyone slips up," He said softly, trying to pacify her.

She pursed her lips, and stood up straight, stepping away from Emmett.

She turned around to look at him, her eyes fierce.

"Then Jasper should have let him drain her! She doesn't deserve this life, Em!" She said defiantly.

Emmett didn't back down.

"Rose, you got Carlisle to change me," he stated.

Her eyes snapped up to meet his.

They had that same brightness, but he could see the love they held as well.

This made him feel better.

"Em," she whispered.

He looked at her expectantly.

"Em, you were already dying," she whispered, moving forward to hold his cheek in her hand.

He leaned into it involuntarily.

She was telling him things he already knew, of course, but allowed her to continue anyway.

"Bella, she was —was!— Alive! She had a chance, to grow up, finish high school, go to college, get married. . . . start a family," she whispered that last part.

And Emmett's assumption was confirmed.

He had been correct.

This wasn't just the fact that they now had to move again because of Edward's mistake.

It was because someone else would suffer the same fate Rose had.

To have her choices ripped away from her.

And Bella still had a chance.

But not anymore. . . .

Emmett despised the term mistake but in reality, wasn't that what this was?

One horrible mistake?

Rosalie stared at Emmett, her eyes blazing.

She hated it.

She wanted to hate Edward for what he had done.

She hated that she couldn't hate him.

Well, she didn't hate him per say, she hated what he did.

She hated that he stole her humanity, her soul.

Emmett stepped forward again, and took her into his arms, again.

She felt safe. At home.

"It'll be okay, honey," he whispered into her hair.

But he was lying.

She knew he was.

Because she also knew, that things would not be okay.

Jasper looking down at the empty tank of gasoline he had stolen from Esso.

He sighed.

He was feeling so many different emotions, all swirling around him like a cyclone.

It suffocated him.

He felt,

Alice's HOPE.


Bella's FEAR and AGONY.


Edward's DESPAIR. . . .

And most of all, his own mixed emotions.

He almost felt GIDDY.

He wasn't the one that slipped up.

It was the oh-so-controlled Edward himself.

But, when he felt Edward's internal emotional turmoil,

Jasper felt GUILTY.

Right now, he wasn't the weakest ling.

It was his brother, and his brother was in pain.

Because Edward didn't just take her blood.

He destroyed her.

Not just physically, but mentally as well.

He drew out the experience, purposely frightening her.

What did happen to Edward that made him lose control so viciously?

And somehow, Jasper knew that all that fear she was feeling, wasn't just because of the fact that she had no idea what was going on.

Somehow he knew. . . .

Jasper sighed again and walked outside to where Edward was sitting on the steps, staring blankly at the starless sky.

He just sat beside him.

Edward didn't acknowledge his presence, but knew he was there.

"They forgive you, you know." Jasper murmured quietly, staring at the tree ahead of him.

There were four beatles crawling up the length of the bark.

Edward's head snapped toward Jasper, before looking away again.

And for once, Jasper felt like he was the mind reader.

Because he knew what Edward was thinking.

Could he forgive himself?


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(9.11.90 — 5.8.09)

Don't Drink and Drive.

Sneak Peek

"What? What do you mean they're gone?" Sam snapped at Jared.

"They're GONE! They just upped and left without a trace, burned the house down and everything," Jared explained, losing his patience with his Alpha.

Sam growled in annoyance.

"The hell they left without a trace. The leaches broke the treaty. We will hunt them down and begin war."

Jared nodded in agreement.