Sally sat in her typical chair at the office.

A newspaper rested in her lap, and her eyes scanned every word of it.

Well, every word of the classifieds. She'd put in an ad for a fella (typical) and hoped for any sort of response.

She felt so… desperate, terribly desperate.

She'd advertised herself on TV shows, through hopeful friends and family and their distant relatives, and now in the newspaper. For the third week in a row.

She heard the door opening, and didn't even bother to look up.

Judging by the footsteps and new, overall feeling of the visitor's silence, she assumed it was Buddy.

"Hey Sal."

Yes, Buddy.

He walked around behind her, and eventually sat down at his typical place on the couch, directly in front of the dart-board.

"What are ya doing?"

Now she looked up, but not much.

"Looking for a response to my ad."

He knew the rest of the story, and thus, no further explanation from her.

Now Rob came in. Sally knew this because now she was actually paying attention.

"Hey gang." He announced, sounding somewhat happier than normal, "You guys free tonight?"

Nods from the other two.

Buddy stood up, and faced Rob.

"Yah, what's the occasion?"

"One of my cousins is in from Colorado, he's a lot of fun, and we're having dinner for him. He loves the show and insisted on meeting the writers."

Sally stood up, leaning an arm as usual on Buddy's shoulder. Neither of them minded.

"Is he single?"

Everyone expected the answer, and Sally found it almost comical to actually say.

Rob nodded, and prepared to go into some sort of detail.

But Sally was lost in her thoughts. She'd found the problem with all her previous dates.

Were they single?

Yes, that was what they had in common. It wasn't her fault at all; there was nothing unsuitable about her.

She had to go out and find someone that wasn't single.

Divorcees? Perfect!

Or not, upon further thought, she knew she'd tried this before as well, to the same outcome.

There was something wrong with those single people, those bachelors. Something about being single made her want them to stay that way.

She felt Buddy's arm pull away from her, and, not paying attention, her own fell to her side, thumping it dramatically.

Buddy moved back, apologized, and she returned her arm to its post, not even thinking about it.

She was beginning to confuse herself with her theory.

If someone was married, they'd be suitable to marry. Just too bad that Sally hadn't gotten to them first.

But if she had, they would've been single, unsuitable.

She looked at Buddy.

"So I don't think he's your type, Sal…" Rob finished his speech on his cousin's love-life.

"Nah, he probably isn't."

Rob was shocked that she agreed.

"I thought you'd take any bachelor, Sal. Give him a chance!"

"That was my problem." Sally told him and Buddy.

Rob continued to look confused, but Buddy's bit of chemistry allowed him to finish her thoughts.

"What, you're into married men now?"

"Maybe…" she turned away, and dug though her purse for something to do.

Her knitting needles weren't there, so, defeated, she looked back at Buddy.

"Depends… are you into single women now?"