Sorry about this but this is not an update that you guys have been asking me for.

The short story that I mentioned at the end of this story is not a sequel but more of an accompaniment to Eternally Damned.

I know you're all waiting for an update but I don't know when that will be I'm afraid. There's been a lot happening over the last year or so.

I've found out I'm expecting, started a new job, had my house broken into and nearly lost my mum at the age of fifty-one so writing has been kind of near the bottom of my priority list unfortunately. I can tell you that my stories will be finished but unfortunately, I can't tell you when.

When everything calms down some, then I'll get my mind back on writing I'll be updating my stories.

I'm sorry I've kept you all waiting for so long, but hopefully, you can understand.

And 'wavey', with regards to your review and subsequent PM, what did you mean by the 'what did I ever do to you to put my name on character to get killed'? The original names in this story are completely random and don't have any meaning. It's just a story.

And if you want a response to a review, enable your PM's.

Sorry again about the lack of updates. I hope to say that there will be one soon but I'm not making any promises I'm afraid. That's the best I can do for you. All I can say is keep an eye out.