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When Edward and I got home from our honeymoon in early January, we were surprised by all the changes that had happened since we had left. Renee had ended up traveling back to Seattle with Esme and Carlisle and was staying with them for a few weeks while she looked for a job and housing in the city. Apparently she was a little more eager to stay around than I had expected, but I later found out it had to do more with a certain Deputy Tyler she met at the station one day when she was in Forks with Kate.

The more surprising news was Jasper and Alice's engagement, which she gushed to me about during lunch a few days after we got home. "We ended up staying at the cabin for New Years Eve and he set up this huge treasure hunt for me. When I finally found the last clue, which was a key, I tried to open every single door in the house, finally finding him in Emmett's bedroom, down on his knee with the box wide open in his hand," she explained to me with a huge smile. I was beyond ecstatic for Alice who had known for years that Jasper was her soul mate, but had been too busy screwing it up for herself to let him come to terms with it. They were already planning a summer wedding outside in her parents' backyard.

My mom made the permanent move back to Seattle in May, ending up in a small place not too far from Emmett and Rosalie's house. Of course, once Renee discovered this fact she and Rose struck up an odd friendship and my mom even offered to babysit on a regular basis if they needed it. Rosalie was a little nervous about leaving my flighty mother watching out for her six year old son, so I ended up popping in to visit them by 'accident' the first time Rosalie had relented and allowed her to babysit. I was a little surprised when I found my mother and Logan watching baseball on TV and discussing player stats. At least if there was one thing my mother knew well, it was baseball.

"Are you spying on us?" asked Renee with a grin as they stopped discussing Ichiro Suzuki's batting average and they both looked at me expectantly.

"No, I'm not spying on you," I lied as my mother raised her eye brow at me, clearly not believing a word out of my mouth. "I came over to discuss some things for the baby shower with Rosalie but she's obviously not here."

"Bella, besides Phil, you are the worst liar ever. It's okay if you are looking out for her and Logan here," said my mom as she ruffled his hair and he took a bite of the cookie in front him, while his eyes remained glued to the game. "Rosalie and Emmett are at their final doctor's appointment before the new one gets here."

"Oh yeah… right," I replied stupidly as my mother glared at me anxiously before patting the couch for me to sit down.

"Have you and Edward given any thought to having kids?" she asked with a smile.

"Ooh, then I would get to be a cousin right?" asked Logan cheerfully before he came to a solemn realization. "Would I have to share my toys?"

"Logan, you are going to have to share your toys when your new brother or sister comes soon anyways," my mother admonished him as he nodded his head. She was actually doing a great job with him today and I felt bad for the thoughts both Rosalie and I had about her capability to take care of him. After all, she had single handedly raised me until I was seventeen, so it should have been no surprise. I turned out pretty decent if you ask me.

"Oh yeah," he replied dejectedly as my mother eyed me up again, waiting for an answer to her question.

"We're not ready yet mother," I explained to her simply. "Edward and I discussed it a little bit ago and we've decided to hold off making any decisions until after our one year anniversary. Anyways, your way too young to be a grandmother."Renee nodded her head in agreement as I threw her own words back at her. Thankfully, that was the end of that discussion and we watched the end of the game in peace.

Rosalie gave birth to Chloe Cullen on June 26th, with a nervous Emmett freaking out in the delivery room. Edward and I had been on hand at the hospital with their parents as we awaited the blessed event but Alice and Jasper were stuck in Dallas due to bad weather after they visited his parents for a few days. Logan was at home with my mother making a congratulations card for Rosalie until he was allowed to come and visit. Chloe had been a bit tiny, but she captured the heart of all the Cullen men the moment they saw her.

"She looks like Emmett," said Edward as he looked down at her and rubbed his fingers tenderly along her head while I held her. She had a small amount of brown hair and the cutest button nose I had ever seen and I immediately wanted one of my own. I felt like Marisa Tomei in 'My Cousin Vinny' when she complains about her biological clock ticking.

"No she doesn't, she looks like Rosalie," I countered as Esme and Carlisle peeked over my shoulder at their new granddaughter. "I take that back. I actually I think she looks a bit like Rose's old mail man Fred."

"Whatever Bella," said Emmett as he took the sleeping infant from me carefully and acted like he had been holding babies for years, when this was only this third time ever. He was a natural father, as evidenced through his interaction with Logan and it didn't surprise me that he and Rosalie planned to add even more to their family in the future. After their wedding of course, because Emmett had finally proposed the night before, which was what brought on Rosalie's labor to begin with.

"Have you guys set a date?" asked Esme as Emmett passed Chloe off to her to hold for a little bit as she sat in a chair beside Rosalie's bed.

"Not yet. We were a little disrupted by Rosalie's water breaking," laughed Emmett as he sat on the bed beside his fiancée and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, kissing the top of her head. Considering she had just given birth a few hours earlier, Rosalie looked radiant.

"I was thinking next spring, maybe in April or May. I don't want to wait too long," said Rosalie as she gripped Emmett's hand firmly and he kissed her again. "I guess you're going to want to call the Olympic to see if we can get their ballroom, right Esme?"

"Do you want that?" asked my mother in law with a wide smile. I knew she wanted to throw someone a big wedding and since it wasn't either of her other children, she was left with Emmett and Rosalie, who both nodded their head as I could already see the wheels spinning in Esme's mind with ideas for the wedding. "I'll call Frank down at the hotel and see what we can get arranged in such short notice."

A month after Chloe's birth, Jasper and Alice got married in a small and intimate ceremony on July 31st in Carlisle and Esme's backyard. It was quintessential Alice as even though the wedding was small, it was lavish. There were less than fifty people in attendance and there were several round tables surrounding the pool which had been covered to use as a dance floor. Each table had a gorgeous hydrangea flower arrangement on it with accents of other flowers, but the scent was overwhelming. Alice looked beautiful in a knee length beaded and embroidered satin gown with tulle overlay that clung to her best assets and Jasper was a beaming groom in his simple black tuxedo. I had never seen him look as happy as he did the day they got married, and I had known him for almost six years.

Thankfully for Alice, Esme was on her best behavior during the entire ceremony. It was during the reception that she imbibed a little too much of the alcohol that was readily available and we later found her making out with Carlisle in the bushes. Actually, making out was probably too simple a term. We found her trying to ravish him in the bushes as he awkwardly tried to push his drunken wife away.

"Esme, this is bloody ridiculous," we heard Carlisle call out from the side of the house as Edward and I nervously went to investigate.

"Are you guys okay?" I asked tentatively as I heard Esme's patented drunken chuckle.

"Can you please lift your mother off of me?" asked my father-in-law as I stifled the laughter that was trying to come out. When Edward tried to pull his mother from his father, she kept pulling on the cummerbund of his tuxedo, trying to keep herself attached to him.

"Carlisle… please," she begged casually as I felt like an intruder in their situation. "I need to get laid baby… get rid of the kids and we can go do it in the back of your Mercedes like the old days. What do you say sexy?" she pleaded drunkenly as I noticed Renee dancing with Deputy Tyler out on the dance floor. I was still in shock that they were still dating after five months, but apparently my mother was a little smitten. He was a little younger than her, so Alice and Rosalie relished in calling her a cougar, but I was just glad that she was happy.

"Esme, this is our daughter's wedding, you'd think you could show a little decorum," explained Carlisle as he tried to fix his suit and wipe the leaves from his hair and jacket. Esme stuck her lip out and began pouting like a child, which was when I finally had to break out into laughter. Thankfully, Edward joined me in finding the humor in the situation.

"We fucked at Edward's wedding… why not Alice's? Shit, we'll make it three for three and do it in a supply closet at Emmett's too probably, so why the reluctance stud? Did you run out of Cialis? You're a damned doctor, prescribe yourself some more," she announced simply as I wished I had run from them when we first stumbled upon them. He ended up whispering something to her quietly once he was composed himself and they disappeared together into the house to not be seen again until the next afternoon.

Not long after Alice's wedding, Edward and I decided to throw caution to the wind and got rid of my birth control. We hadn't really planned to have children so early in the relationship, but we both rationalized that it could take a while to actually get pregnant and since we were both excited about having children, now was the perfect time. We didn't tell anyone that we were trying to conceive because we didn't want the pressure, but we did start looking for a house to raise our kids in.

We ended up with a beautiful craftsman style home in the Magnolia area of Seattle, not far from Puget Sound. The house had magnificent views of the Olympic Mountains, 4 bedrooms, a stunning dream kitchen with dark wood cabinets and picture windows in the living room that looked out over the neighborhood. The master bedroom had views of the sound as well as a fireplace, ensuite bathroom and was enormous. We christened three of the rooms the very first night we moved in and I couldn't have been happier.


The first year of wedded bliss flew by in a blur for both Bella and I. So much had happened within our families in that time, it was hard to comprehend where the year had gone. For our first anniversary, we celebrated the holidays with our family and then I whisked Bella away for a few days in New York City, which was where we conceived our first child. A son named Cooper, who was born on September 20th. Bella had managed to have an easy pregnancy and delivery, but I was a nervous wreck the entire time. I read every book known to man about pregnancy and was always looking out for her, although I think it tended to bother her a bit that I was so overprotective of them. When Coop came into the world, he was anything but easy though. We suffered through our share of sleepless nights, colic and diaper rash during the first few months, but it was worth it every single time I held my son or saw his smiling little face and the tiny bit of copper colored hair on his head.

Late at night when Bella would be catching up on sleep, I would take baby duty and feed Coop his bottle while rocking him in the nursery. It was the best part of my entire day when we spent time bonding. I would burp him when he was done and then just hold him until he fell asleep, usually spouting some words of wisdom to my clueless baby. On more than one occasion, Bella would find me asleep in the chair, with Coop cuddled in my arms and she would wake me up, lay him back in his crib and then we would go back to sleep in each other's arms. Life was perfect.

Rosalie and Emmett got married that April when Bella was pregnant. The entire thing was a little more extravagant than I think either of them planned, but my mother was happy and sober for the entire event. Although, I do think her and may father managed to sneak away to make good on their promise to have sex at everyone of their kids weddings. A few months later, my parents decided to renew their vows on the thirty fifth wedding anniversary, which was in October, in their living room. It was at this point that Alice and Jasper decided to announce that they were expecting twins and they were due the following May.

"Maybe this is a good time to let everyone know Rosalie and I are expecting again as well," laughed Emmett after everyone had congratulated Alice and Jasper. I looked at Rosalie in surprise but she simply nodded her head and smiled.

"Apparently your brother is trying to start his own football team," she said with a laugh as I offered up a big hug followed closely by Bella, who was cradling a sleeping Coop in her arms. Logan was now eight and Chloe had turned one in June, but I was surprised that they had decided to have another one so soon.

"This one was totally planned, unlike the last two," laughed Emmett as I took Cooper from Bella's arms so that she could give him a hug and get a little rest.

"The more the merrier as far as I am concerned," exclaimed Esme happily. "If you each decided to have ten kids, I will be ecstatic."

"Ten is a little over the top," laughed Renee, who had recently moved Deputy Tyler into her love shack. Even they had been discussing getting married, although they were beaten to the punch by Charlie and Kate who ran off to Vegas last New Years and got married by an Elvis impersonator.

They had both been divorced and didn't need a lavish wedding, although both Bella and Esme insisted on throwing them a reception back in Forks to celebrate the wedding. Everyone had proceeded to get drunk that night and the party ended when some on-duty cops had to come and silence us after they had received several complaints from people who lived near the hall we held it at. Both Renee and Kate got a little testy with the cops but my mother thought they were strippers, which made the night ten times more awkward. I think Charlie is still being teased by the other guys on the force.

The very next May, the entire family sat in the waiting room of Southwest Hospital awaiting both Rosalie and Alice to deliver. Alice and Jasper's twin sons Andrew and Alexander were born first late at night on May 15th and a few hours later, in the early hours of the 16th, Rosalie gave birth to her second daughter Amelia.

"Okay, you have an appointment to get to," said Rosalie to Emmett who looked completely confused. "Don't look at me like that. We discussed this and three kids are more than enough for us Emmett."

"You never said I had to get it done today," he said with a sigh as I put two and two together and realized she had booked him an appointment to have a vasectomy. "I'm not sure I am ready yet." Everyone who was in the room with them casually disappeared, including Bella and I, but we could still hear them fighting about it in the waiting room. We decided to head down to the nursery to see Andrew and Alex and some of the other babies instead.

"When do you want to try again?" I asked Bella after she finished her call to Renee to make sure that Coop was doing alright. He was already a year and a half, and a very curious little boy. We had to keep him out of basically everything and had child proofed the entire house, which had cost way more than I expected. When we found out the girls had gone into labor, Renee gladly drove over to the house to stay with a sleeping Cooper to make sure he stayed asleep.

"Whenever you're ready for another one, I am too," she admitted bashfully as I wrapped my arms around her and we watched our nephew sleeping in the small bassinet in the nursery.

"And if I said let's go find a closet and try to have another one?" I asked with a grin as Bella turned her head towards me, a little shocked at my request, but aroused nonetheless.

"I would say lead the way husband of mine," she replied as I grabbed her hand and we practically ran down the hallway until we found a janitor's closet that we locked behind us as we spent the next fifteen minutes ravishing each other to release.

As we walked back towards Alice and Rosalie's joint room, we found Emmett sitting on a sofa in a nearby waiting room with his head in his hands. I asked Bella to head on without me and I sat down beside him, my hand immediately resting on his back. "So, she wants to clip your manhood huh?"

"I can't do it man. Would it be mean of me if I told her I did it even though I didn't?" asked Emmett, the confusion and uncertainty clear on his face.

"Do you want more kids?" I asked him as he took a sip of the shitty machine made coffee that was in front of him. He shrugged his shoulders and was silent for a moment before finally speaking.

"I don't know if I do. I live for my kids, you know that, but I don't want that option taken away from me. I think Rose is petrified that if we do have another one, it will lead to another one and then another one and then we'll be driving the family around in a bus and TLC will get on us to do a TV show or something," laughed Emmett nervously.

"Go tell this to Rosalie. Don't mislead her into thinking you got the damned thing when you didn't. That's just a divorce in the making man," I explained to him easily as he nodded his head and stood up. I made to back to the girls' joint room before he did and when he showed up he clutched a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Alice was fast asleep, so we left them alone and let them work out their issues. He never did get the vasectomy and almost two years later they had their third and final daughter, Ella.

Bella and I continued on with our attempts at conceiving another child and after almost a year of trying, things were getting tense between us. Bella was feeling disappointed that we hadn't conceived yet, especially since things went so easily when we had Cooper. After a few visits to the doctor, they determined that there was no physical reason why Bella and I weren't conceiving, but the stress of everything wasn't helping either. So shortly after we celebrated Cooper's second birthday, Esme and Carlisle looked after him for a week and we took off for a second honeymoon back in Belize.

Despite my best efforts, Bella still seemed nervous after the first few days on the island, so one night while we were lounging in bed; I pulled out some body lotion and gave her an impromptu body massage in an effort to relax her. "Is this alright?" I asked nervously as I worked my hands against her shoulders, trying my best to relieve the tension that was obvious in her body.

"Oh yeah… it's nice," she muttered quietly to me as I moved down her back slowly before moving onto her thighs and calves and then rolling her over onto her back. I had already peeled her shirt and pants off, so she was left in her panties, so I quickly shed those and massaged her arms, stomach and thighs again, this time working my fingers closer to her obviously wet mound.

I took my time and was extremely gentle with her and before I knew it, her body felt like mush in my hands, so I took advantage of her relaxed state and slipped my finger into her wet pussy, causing her to groan loudly. "You didn't think I was going to get you naked and let us not enjoy ourselves did you?" I asked with a grin as she shook her head vigorously and then spread her legs open, welcoming me to have my way with her.

I yanked my boxers down quickly and laid face down on the bed, taking her clit into my mouth eagerly as I rubbed her thighs, continuing to keep her in a completely relaxed state. After her first release, I repositioned us onto our sides and I held her leg up, hitching it up onto me as I slid my cock into her while spooning her body against mine, my other hand firmly gripped on her breast. I continually thrust myself into her and urged her to play with herself as our orgasms were building and when we finally reached ecstasy together, I kissed her neck sweetly and cuddled into her.

Sure enough, a several weeks later, we were pregnant and I had to ruefully admit to Bella that I had done a little research online into positions that were conducive to conception and had tried most of them while we were away. I thought she would be upset with me that I didn't share that information with her initially, but I knew it would stress her out, so I didn't. She was simply pleased that I had gone to the effort to try and help make everything easier on her.

This pregnancy was the complete opposite of Bella's first. Whereas with Cooper everything went smoothly, Bella suffered through gestational diabetes and was on a strict diet and had to exercise a little more than usual, but Cooper and I joined in with her and made things a little more bearable. Things started to spiral out of my control the moment Bella went into labor, two months early.

"It's too soon," I kept mumbling as Bella sat on the edge of the bed, talking to her mother on the phone to come and stay with Cooper, who was fast asleep in his bed.

"It'll be fine Edward," she tried to reassure me once she was off the phone, but I was officially a basketcase.

"What if something goes wrong? What if the baby isn't big enough or developed enough?" I yelled out as I started to cry as Cooper stumbled into the room rubbing his eyes and looking very concerned. I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand and tried to compose myself. I didn't need my two year old son seeing me have a breakdown.

"What wrong?" he asked as Bella opened her arms to him and he quickly shuffled over to her, his favorite teddy bear clutched in his hands.

"Nothing is wrong baby. Momma and Poppa have to go to the hospital so we can have the new baby. Grammy is on her way over to be with you," said Bella, her voice cracking slightly. I knew she was as worried as I was, but was succeeding at hiding it. I knelt down beside Coop and swept him up into my arms.

"Remember how Momma and I told you that when the new baby comes we'll have to go away for a little bit… that's happening now, but I'll be back soon to take you to see your new brother or sister," I explained to him as he nodded his head lightly.

"I want sissy," he stated firmly as Bella kissed the top of his head and I helped him back to his room, where he easily crawled back into bed. I watched him from the doorway making sure he fell back asleep and then went back to Bella, who was now pacing around the bedroom clutching her stomach.

"Are you okay?" I asked anxiously as she nodded her head.

"Yeah… I think I heard my mom's car pull up, let's go get this over with."

Carlie Hope Cullen was born later that day, May 2nd, and was almost two months early. I had prayed that the doctors would have been able to slow her labor, but it didn't happen and when they whisked her into surgery due to the placement of the baby, and I had to toss on some scrubs to join her, I started crying. The fear that both of them could be taken from me completely overwhelmed me, but a heart to heart with my father pulled me out of my depression and I strode into the OR with a big smile and supported Bella as best as I could, by holding her hand and kissing her temple.

Carlie spent the next few weeks in an incubator in the Neo-Natal Unit and had a little trouble breathing and some jaundice, but the doctors were thankful that it was nothing more serious. Bella and I spent every possible hour we could by Carlie's side, with both of our families helping out as much as they could with Cooper.

We were ecstatic in early June when Carlie's doctors declared her healthy enough to go home. Bella and I had been hoping for a few days that they would let us, so every day we went to the hospital, we had a bag in the trunk of the car with everything we needed for her and had the new infant car seat installed. Both of our parents came over to the house that night to welcome us home and help as much as possible with both kids.

"She tiny poppa," said Cooper when we made him sit on the couch and so my father could take a picture of him holding his little sister. He kissed the top of her head and I could hear Bella and Esme both 'awwing' behind me as the photo was taken.

"Of course she's tiny buddy, she was born a little early. In a while she'll be big enough to chase you around the house though," I said confidently as I gingerly picked Carlie back up and sat on the couch, cradling her in my arms like I used to do not that long ago with Cooper who would be three in a few months.

My mother whipped up some dinner for everyone as we sat around, trying our best to relax although I knew Bella was a bit nervous. When we finally slipped into bed that night, Cooper passed out in his new racecar bed and Carlie asleep in her bassinet in our room; I pulled Bella tight to my body and kissed her head. "You've been quiet since we brought Carlie home."

"Sorry, it's just a bit overwhelming to finally have her home with us," said Bella as she lifted her head up with Carlie made a slight noise before falling back to sleep. "We tried to have her for so long and then she finally got her, albeit a bit early, and it's just a miracle we have her home."

"She's perfect Bella, please don't worry," I said as I curled her closer to me so that her head was resting on my bare chest.

"I'm not worried, it's just… how did we get so lucky to have everything we ever wanted Edward?" she asked me as I rested a finger under her chin and tilted her head up slightly, placing a gentle kiss on her soft lips.

"I don't know Bella, but with you Cooper and Carlie, I am definitely the luckiest man alive."

-The End -

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