In Small Packages – Chapter 1 – Newbie

Fixing things one chapter at a time.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters except for the character Nezumi. All of these characters were originally created by Akira Toriyama and most of the dialogue and scenes come straight out of the DBZ English dub, brought to us by Toei Animation, Fuji TV and Funimation. Please support the official release.

"Morning, Mouse!" Sharpner said loudly as a small teenage girl walked into the room. Her real name was Nezumi which means "mouse", hence her nickname. She turned towards her group of friends and smiled.

"Hey Sharpner. Morning, Erasa." Nezumi greeted her two blonde friends as she approached. "Any sign of Videl?" She asked, noting the absence of her black-haired friend.

"Nothin' yet, Mouse." Sharpner said, closing his eyes and folding his arms over his muscled chest. Erasa jumped up and turned toward Nezumi excitedly.

"I heard it on the radio this mornin'! There was a bank robbery downtown!" Erasa said quickly, a twinkle in her blue eyes. Nezumi's brows rose up and confused frown made up her mouth.

"A bank robbery? This early?" Nezumi asked as she pulled a loose strand of brown hair out of her vision. She was used to robberies happening, but they didn't happen all too often in the morning.

"Yep. I bet Videl is looking for this 'Gold Fighter' everyone else is lookin' for." Erasa said, very sure of the events.

"Well, don't keep me in suspense, Erasa! Tell me what happened! You know dad doesn't let me listen to the radio." Nezumi said as she pulled her notebook and a pencil from her grey-and-black striped messenger bag. She then tucked her brown-blonde hair behind both ears and prepared to hear Erasa's story.

"Well, there en't much, but from what I heard, the Gold Fighter has beautiful, glowing blonde hair, gorgeous teal eyes, and he's extremely strong!" Erasa gushed, holding her hands as if she were talking about the most romantic thing she'd ever heard of.

'Weird. Reminds me of the Cell Games way back. Could it be one of those guys?' Nezumi thought, an image of blonde-haired, teal-eyed men standing on the edge of the Cell Games ring. She'd only seen the event as ZTV had broadcasted it, but it was a prominent memory in her teenage life. She turned to her notebook and picked up her pencil, intent on drawing when a certain black-haired, blue-eyed girl walked into the room. "Ah! There's Videl." Nezumi confirmed as her friend approached.

"Morning Videl! I heard about that bank robbery earlier." Erasa said, "What exactly happened to that Gold Fighter?"

"Morning, guys. Yeah, I've been on a search for that 'Gold Fighter' but only one thing came up: he wears an OSH badge and wore a particular outfit." Videl said grumpily as she sat on her desk and glared down at her bare knees.

"No way! That means he's gotta be a student here!" Nezumi concluded. She was both excited and surprised to hear this news about 'The Gold Fighter' whom she'd only known about for less than a couple minutes.

"Oh my! I'd better make sure my makeup looks okay!" Erasa said as she pulled a small mirror and some cherry-red lipstick from her bag.

"You look fine Erasa." Videl chuckled before turning to study Sharpner. He pulled his hair back behind his ear and sat forward in his seat. "Hey, Sharpner, don't tell me you're the Golden Fighter?" Videl asked, not expecting too much of an answer.

"Oh, spare me." Sharpner said with a chuckle. "I don't have time to play superhero. I spent all morning working out my arms." He said, flexing them ever so slightly. Nezumi rolled her eyes and resumed her drawing, not yet sure of what it would end up being; so far, it had a sketchy humanoid shape.

"So Videl," Erasa started, getting the blackette's attention, "you think this guy could be stronger than your pops?" There was a slight tint of worry to her tone, which was easily remedied by the boy sitting in front of them.

"What a joke!" he said, "We all know Videl's dad is the strongest there is. He could knock this 'Gold Boy' out by flexing his biceps." His tone swam with confidence for the world's hero, Mr. Hercule Satan. At that time the door slid open and an aging man in a business suit walked in.

"Look alive guys, the teacher's here." Nezumi alerted her friends and set down her pencil. Though she appeared to be setting up to pay attention to the teacher, her thoughts wandered, as they often do. 'As for the Gold Fighter, I wouldn't be surprised if he was ten times stronger than Mr. Satan. I don't believe that joke's acting for a second…not like I'm ever gonna say that out loud, though…' Nezumi glanced around the class, as if worried someone was telepathic.

"Ahem. Good morning my young…scholars." The teacher, Mr. Burns, said as he set his hand on his desk, "Today we are being graced with a new class member who actually knows how to read. That's your cue, my boy." Burns muttered the last part to the new student waiting outside the classroom. He stepped in timidly and gave everyone in the room a friendly smile. Nezumi absently studied his appearance: a white, long-sleeve shirt, a black vest with a yellow clip in front, red-orange pants, and black shoes, topped off with a black spiky haircut with a small tuft hanging over his brow.

"Eh…oh, good morning." the boy said, "My name's Gohan, nice to meet you."

"Ooh! Look at 'im Videl! He's a cutie." Erasa said, resting her elbows on the desk and holding her jaw in her hands.

'You can say that again, Erasa. Apparently he's smart, too. I wonder if he can help me with my math work…' Nezumi thought as she gave Gohan the once-over and watched as he walked over to where Mr. Burns stood.

"What kind o' name is Gohan? Heh." One of the boys in class asked. Nezumi smirked a bit at his name, remembering that it meant "cooked rice" and "meal", but reasoned it was probably a family name. After all, she was named after the word for "mouse", which also happened to be her great-grandmother's name.

"That's weird, he looks familiar…" Videl muttered. Nezumi looked towards Videl curiously. Nezumi fiddled with one of her several earrings and turned her attention back to the teacher and Gohan.

"Hehehe! He was probably on a TV spelling bee." Sharpner said mockingly, earning a few laughs from the students within earshot.

"Gohan here made perfect scores on all his entry exams. English, math, chemistry…many of you could learn from his example." Mr. Burns said as he scanned the classroom, his eyes picking out the most troublesome kids in the room.

"Example this!" One of the kids shouted as he flipped Mr. Burns the bird and fell back laughing along with several other students.

"He's talking about me, I just know it." Nezumi muttered dejectedly, her head falling forward so her chin landed on the divot between her collarbones.

"Oh, don't beat yourself up, Mouse! Maybe you could get Gohan to be your tutor…" Erasa said, winking at Nezumi at the last part of her sentence.

"What are you implying?" Nezumi asked, eyeing Erasa suspiciously. The blonde girl just giggled and waved off the subject.

"Silence! You kids are an embarrassment to Public School!" Mr. Burns shouted over the noise of the students. When all was quiet he spoke to the new student. "Well, Gohan, you can sit wherever you'd like to sit."

"Eh, okay…uh…" Gohan said, scanning the classroom for an available seat.

"Yoohoo! New boy!" Erasa called out as she waved her hand around. She caught Gohan's attention and signaled to one of the only available seats: the one right next to Nezumi. "Here's one."

"Oh! Sure, thank you." Gohan said courteously. Nezumi squeaked and felt her face warm up as Gohan walked up the steps; she wasn't good with meeting new people, especially the cute ones.

"Erasa, you idiot! I'll just embarrass myself!" Nezumi half-hissed, half-whispered to her friend.

"Oh, relax, Mousie! He won't bite." Erasa said dismissively as she took her seat again.

"Ngh…" Nezumi groaned as Gohan reached their level. 'Damn you Erasa…' Nezumi thought as she looked up to meet Gohan's face; he was smiling pleasantly.

"Nice to meet you." He said politely. Nezumi blushed slightly and nodded with a nervous smile.

"Y-yeah. Likewise." Nezumi answered, nodding in assent. 'Darn he's cute. Like a little kid, but decently grown up.'

"I'm Erasa, with an "e"! And these are my friends: Videl," Erasa said, pointing to the aforementioned girl, "Sharpner, and little Mousie here!" the blonde finished, indicating the muscled blonde opposite of Videl and then the small brunette.

"Er, actually, my name's Nezumi. But everyone calls me Mouse." Nezumi said, shyly fiddling with the three earrings perched in the cartilage of her right ear. Gohan smiled again and nodded as Nezumi turned back to her notebook and continued her drawing. She held the pencil nervously as the new boy sitting next to her stayed totally oblivious.

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