Santa Claus The Movie: Cornie and Joe

It was several days after Santa and Cornie had saved Patch and Joe from certain death after Patch's flying machine had blown up, and Joe was going to stay with the elves, and Santa and his wife. Joe had asked about Cornie as he and the girl had got quite close, though he always blushed when asked about it. After the spontaneous dance that had gone up, there had been some thinking done by Santa eventually ending up when the he decided to allow her to stay with them. In fact the morning found themselves throwing snowballs at each other watched by the elves – they not knowing what snowball fights where. After all that, they had just sat in a workshop window and watched the snow falling.

"Cornie?" Joe said, turning to his best friend.

"Yeah?" the girl replied.

"Wanted to say thank you for being there for me" he said. Joe had a bit of trouble thinking of the right words to say as he had come from the streets, whereas Cornie had had a proper education and everything that Joe didn't.

"Joe…" Cornie hesitated for a moment before pressing on, "I love you. I couldn't live with out you" and Cornie began to cry. Joe pulled her over and embraced her in a hug.

"I love you too" he whispered, not so that he wouldn't be heard, but so she would calm down, "I just never wanted to say a thing in case you didn't like me" he told her patting her on the head.

"Do you think we should tell Santa?" Cornie asked eventually.

"I don't know" Joe admitted, "Why don't you think of something as you have all the smarts" he added.

"You'll be as smart as me soon enough" Cornie said turning to look at Joe.

"Cornelia" Joe began, but Connie made a face.

"You know I hate my first name" she said.

"I know and I'm sorry" Joe said, "But it's just the biggest achievement has been to write my own name out and to read some books meant for little kids" and Cornie knew how sensible he was with his scrap of education.

"Well what do you say we go and practice some more?" Cornie suggested.

"Alright" Joe said, "You're the only one who can ever teach me" he added, and they went back to their little bedroom where Cornie pulled out some books, paper and pencils and she started to teach Joe. For some reason they covered more ground then they had ever done in a session, and by the time that Santa's wife came to tell them that dinner was ready Joe could know read some of Cornie's books – though not many of them but at least it was a start.

"So how was your learning today?" Santa asked as they ate dinner – which oddly enough was stew for the 100th day running. The kids had to talk to the elves about adding something else every so often.

"It was neat" Joe said, "I can read some of Cornie's books now and I can write a lot of stuff as well. Oh yeaaaah, I nearly forgot. I can do sums as well!" and Joe sounded every bit as pleased as he ought to be.

"That's impressive" Santa said, and Anya agreed. When they where done, the kids went to their bedroom and read some of the books that Santa has snuck out of Cornie's Uncle's house, before it had been searched by the cops looking for incriminating evidence for the trial.

"Children?" Dooley stuck his head round the doorframe, "Santa says it time for bed" and he went off trusting them like he always did.

"Of course theres no time here because of the magic surrounding this place" Cornie said as she and Joe put away the books and other stuff. Cornie and Joe took turns in the bathroom to change for bed (Joe being a gentleman and letting Cornie go first), and the pair climbed into their beds which was perfectly warm. As he watched Cornie's sleeping form, he knew he had done the right thing by telling the girl he loved her. It was almost her birthday and Joe was wondering what exactly he could get her as the nearest shop was over a thousand miles away. As he lay awake thinking, he saw her turn over and put her arm out over something that wasn't there and Joe suddenly knew what it was. He crept out of bed and put on his clothes and made his way over to the workshop, and Joe quickly gathered the stuff he needed to do what he wanted to do. He set it all on the workbench furthest from the part where Santa, his wife, Cornie and Joe, and the elves lived and set to work. It was hard work making the dolls head go round, and he wasn't exactly the best toy clothes maker in the world but he was well and truly proud of the job. He had spent almost all night working on it, and only just managed to sneak back into bed before anyone noticed and before Cornie woke up.


So what if it isn't Christmas? I'm posting it now!

This is based on Santa Claus: The Movie and concerns the two kids Cornie and Joe who seemed to like each other very much.

It is set after the final scene in the movie where Joe asks about what will happen to Cornie. Cornie asks to stay and is allowed to do so. I always wondered (even as a 6 year old) what would happen to the pair, so I'm writing this as a sort of continuation. Be re-assured that it will not be as long as "Harry Potter True Friends" will end up being.

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