Harry woke feeling groggy and confused. His moan alerted several people to his conscious state.

'How are you feeling Harry?' the gentle soothing voice of Poppy Pomphrey asked as she checked him over.

'Like I was run over by a heard of hippogriffs while I had to push one out of my ass.' He replied cheekily causing a snort from the man next to him.

'A simple tired and sore would have sufficed Mr Potter.' Poppy replied sternly though not quite as sternly as she had once been. She had been in his place before and she had felt the same though it had been a different part of her anatomy.

'Where's Sev?' he asked Remus who had been the one who'd snorted.

'Here, I thought you might want to meet someone.' He came in holding a bundle of blue blankets, which he lay gently in his husbands arms. 'Congratulations Mr. Potter-Snape, you have a beautiful healthy baby boy.' He brushed a lock of hair from Harry's face and placed a gentle kiss to his lips.

Harry ran a finger along the babe's cheek, 'He's gorgeous.' He blinked back tears.

'He would be so proud of you.' Remus whispered has he pulled his son into a tearful hug.

After a minute the pair pulled apart and as Remus wiped away Harry's tears he asked, 'So does this little ball of activity,' he nodded the sleeping and not active child in Harry's arms, 'have a name?'

Harry glanced at Severus who was sitting next to Harry on the bed, Harry nodded. Before he could say anything though the door burst open and several people spilled into the room. Lucius took his place with Remus, Draco stood with Charlie and the end of the bed, their daughter contently chewing on a pink dragon. A pregnant Hermione stood in Seamus' arms next to Neville and Greg whose adopted 2 year old was dozing on his shoulder.

'So what's his name?' Draco asked, sounding just as eager as they all tried not to look.

'Everyone I'd like you to meet Tobias Sirian Potter Snape.' With that Toby, as he was soon christened, made the rounds traveling from person to person. Like Emily, Draco and Charlie's daughter, and Alex, Greg and Neville's boy, Toby would know the love of all the people in the room.