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The others repeated the details to Carlisle and Esme and Alice told me to go check on Bella.

My face must have been frantic because she laughed lightly and placed a comforting hand on my shoulder.

"She's fine Edward. Don't worry."

I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Than why do I need to check on her?" I asked suspiciously.

"I'm not telling!" She sang. "Besides you know you want to see her again. So just go."

She smirked and promptly began reciting poetry in Arabic. I frowned. She only did this when she wanted to keep my out of her head but she was right. I was quite anxious to see Bella again.


As soon as I turned onto Bella's street, on foot, I heard the slow rhythmic beats of her heart. I would be able to pick that sound out in a room full of people; I was positive. Her breathing was slow and even and I realized she was sleeping.

I followed her scent to the Swan's backyard where she was laying on a blanket. The very few rays of sun dancing across her hair which was fanned out around her head, making her look utterly angelic.

For a while I was satisfied watching her sleep peacefully from the edge of the woods bordering their property but soon I was desiring to move closer so that I could see her more clearly. I fought with myself for what felt like an eternity before my selfish side won out.

A book lay discarded by her side and curiosity got the best of me and I picked it up. It was a compellation of Jane Austen. I was surprised and oddly joyful to discover that she enjoyed the classics.

I flipped to the first story, intending to sit beside her, reading for as long as possible. My head jerked up from the book in surprise as Bella mumbled something unintelligible. I panicked as I was sure she had woken up. What would I say to her if she awoke to find me here? I suddenly realized my actions resembled that of a stocker.

With a new wave of panic I noticed my left hand was resting in the dim sunlight.

But her heart drummed to the same rhythmic pace and her breathing remained low and even. Bella spoke in her sleep?

A smile tugged on the corner of my lips. I would be able to hear Bella's thoughts without her editing them after all…

I didn't think it was possible to get so much enjoyment from watching someone sleep. I had been sitting beside her for an hour, hanging off of every word she uttered. That was a surprising accomplishment as I realized, with mixed reactions, that no woman had ever held my attention in conversation for this long before, non the less while they were unconscious!

Carlisle had been thinking at me consistently since Alice had 'seen' Bella's death. I had been avoiding putting too much thought into it but now I had no choice but to contemplate my fathers words as Bella's talking ceased, perhaps as she shifted into a new dream, leaving me with no ones thoughts to listen to except my own.

I had been expecting my mother to be the one assaulting me with her thoughts of Bella and she was to an extent but I had not been prepared for my father's response.

He had always been exceedingly curious as to why Bella's mind was hidden from me but ever since he had seen my reaction to her impending death

No! I refused to even think those words. I would stop this from happening! Fate wasn't set in stone after all.

I sighed and looked at the sleeping girl beside me. There was no use denying Carlisle's logic I suppose. Begrudging perhaps but there was no way to deny it.

A vampire is a monotonous being, a creature set in their own ways. It takes something monumentous to cause a change in a vampire and when something had affected you in that way it was very nearly impossible to go back to the way you once were. That is what Carlisle had been telling me in his thoughts since the day he saw my reaction to a future that would hold no Isabella Swan. Apparently my family had seen this change evident in me and it was all caused by this seemingly no consequential human girl sleeping soundly beside me.

The sun was just setting on the horizon and I knew Chief Swan would arrive home soon so I pulled myself up from the grass with great regret. I couldn't very well be here when she awoke, or god forbid, when Chief Swan arrived. I told myself that my unease steamed from my need to protect her. There was no telling what kind of trouble would find her when she was left in lonely defenselessness.

I had never stopped to think about how fragile humans were, how little it would take to break them. Now that I did there were millions of scenarios running through my mind. As I spared one more glance at Bella before I turned to leave I calmed my over active imagination by rationally reminding myself that I could protect her from every scenario I thought of. I focused on how I would save her instead…

If she was ever in a plane crash I could kick out one of the windows, wait until we were close enough, and then jump with her enclosed safely in my indestructible arms. We'd stumble around like two of the luckiest survivors in history. That is, of course, the worse case scenario. If the pilot was simply inebriated I would be able to fly the plane.


I froze in my tracks, where I stood a mere four steps away, cursing myself silently for delaying my leave. I turned slowly, even for a human, with a myriad possible excuses poised on my tongue. Bella hadn't moved an inch. Her eyes were still closed, her hair remained fanned out above her head. Her breathing remained low and rhythmic.


My stomach flipped and I swear my undead heart beat a couple of rapid beats as I retraced those four steps. I could be out of sight before Chief Swan even closed his car door after all!

Bella was dreaming. About me!

I would have thought this was impossible, or at the very least I stared in her nightmares. Her blissful smile set that fear to rest. I knew that if Bella knew what I really was, that I was a monster, I would quickly become her nightmare. She wouldn't b e sleeping so soundly with that peaceful smile playing at her lips then but my selfish side told me to bask in the once in a lifetime moment…

And I was essentially a selfish creature.

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