Title: 10 Words or Less fanfic meme: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia/Lithuania
Rating: PG
Warnings: Very, very, vague hints at abuse/rape
Summary: Their relationship was a never ending cycle. And Lithuania couldn't decide wheither he liked this or hated it.
Write 10 different categories of fic, each in 10 words or less.

Saw this meme and went, "Hey, why not." Especially since I need a break from the Poland!angst I'm writing. Somehow, I ended up with more angst, just with Russia and Lithuania.
Haha, I think my friend was right in that whatever part of my brain that lets me write fluff has been destroyed. Oh well. In the end, I was actually only happy with the AU prompt.

By the way, the panda quote is actually from the LJ community, prof_quotes (.com/prof_quotes/profile). Of course, after reading that, I thought of the end of Lithuania's Outsourcing, where he fell asleep talking to Russia and woke up sitting next to a panda.

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (c) Akira Amano

1. Angst:
He let Russia hit him again, and pretended it didn't hurt.

2. AU:
Ivan smiles at the cute cashier.

Toris feels butterflies.

3. Crack!fic:
"Someone told me, to give a panda is love."


4. Crossover: Hetalia and KHR
"You'll become one with Russia, yes?"

Mukuro can't help snickering.

5. First Time:
Lithuania wishes the first time had been the last.

6. Fluff:
The sunflowers, and Russia's grin.

Suddenly, it was worth it.

7. Humour:

"Do you like? I borrowed it from Poland."

8. Hurt/Comfort:
Pain from those hands was real.

Why couldn't comfort be?

9. Smut:
Russia grabbed his head, and smashed his lips to Lithuania's.

10. UST:
They were so close together, and Lithuania couldn't say no.