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Pan's memories

The 17 year old Pan stood under the flow of hot water coming from the shower head; the hot water cascading over her skin.

The small room that housed the shower was filled with swirling steam, Pan sighed as she thought of her life since her grandpa Goku had went away with Shenron taking the dragon balls with them.

She still remembered her grandmas cries as she was told the news that her husband had left again. She herself had cried to, it was one of the very few times that she had shed tears of sadness in her life; of course she had cried much later on in the privacy of a deserted desert so that no one or nothing except the hot golden plains of sand would see her tears.

It had been a good four years since then and she hadn't thought about it in a long while, she turned the handles, turning off the spray of water and stepped out of the shower pulling her towel from the rail and wrapping herself init.

Pan smiled as her thoughts took a pleasanter path as her eyes caught sight of an old faded orange bandana that she no longer wore but had it hung over her small vanity.

She remembered the day she got it clearly; she had been crying because her grandpa Goku didn't look like her grandpa Goku anymore because he was wearing an odd blue gi instead of his orange one which she liked very much.

Her poor grandpa who had not expect the change in uniform to be any sort of problem looked around wildly for something to cheer up his hysterical 5year old granddaughter when a sudden idea came to him; quickly racing into the house and was back outside again before Pan had really registered that he had really left.

He ripped a large chunk off the shirt before using a small and thin ki beam to cut out the shape of the bandana before squatting down and tying it around Pan's head before giving her head a comforting rub saying "There now Pan you can keep that so that you can take that part of me with you where ever you go."

Pan had blinked up at him before fingering the material softly before smiling brightly and jumping into his arms with a shout of "Grandpa!"

Goku had laughed and taken her into the house. She had only been wearing it a couple of days before grandma Chi-Chi had taken it saying that it needed to be sown so that it would fray to pieces and so Pan had watched her grandma sow the bandana and still to this very day it was the best present she had ever received from her Grandpa Goku and Grandma Chi-Chi.

Pan laughed softly as she threw on a deep red gi that was a female version of the orange gi that her grandpa used to wear; it didn't have any symbols on it, at the thought of what her grandma would say to hearing such a thing; she'd probably think that she had a fever and would force Pan to bed rest until a doctor could come over.

Pan quietly left the house with a sigh, she missed her grandpa Goku very much it just wasn't the same without him.

Not that she didn't love her grandpa Hurcule just as much but the man was so different and he was forever lying! He just couldn't help himself; she sometimes silently wondered if he was one of those people who had to lie or something like that.

She never competed in the worlds martial arts contest anymore; mostly because her grandpa Hurcule was always trying to make her take his place; she shuddered away from the image of the afro and clothes like Hurcule's…it turned her right off from wanting to go anywhere near their cause knowing grandpa Hurcule he would find away to get her to be a public icon like him and another reason was because the competition was to easy.

Another person who never went the tournament anymore was Vegeta; he still fought and trained but never for public entertainment.

He said it was because he couldn't stand the crowds; which was probably true but Pan thought that it was also because grandpa Goku was no longer there to oppose him and that took most of the fun out of it for him…but she figured if grandpa said he was coming for a tournament Vegeta would begin a more mad training regime then he already did to prepare for the tournament.

Pan flicked some hair out of her eyes as she flew lazily threw the sky heading in the direction of West City.

Vegeta and herself had gotten a lot closer over the years since Goku's departure and it had begun a few weeks after her grandpa had left.

Pan had been sitting outside to study enjoying being out in the sun soaking up some vitamin D at the same time when she had felt the Vegeta's ki coming towards them at a fast pace. Pan shrugged it off though thinking that Vegeta wanted her papa to train with him therefore having nothing to do with her.

So it had been with great surprise when all of a sudden Vegeta was standing right in front of her with a furious scowl on his face as if something was bothering him.

Without saying anything Vegeta had taken her arm and they were flying threw the air Pan had used her ki so that she wouldn't feel like she was going to fall if Vegeta let go…and so that the wind didn't knock her around so much.

They landed outside Capusle Corporation and practically dragged her inside and threw the building where she saw that Trunks, Bulma and Bra were watching with amused eyes at her surprised and slightly scared expression as 'Uncle' Vegeta dragged her into the gravity room.

It wasn't until Vegeta had slammed the door closed to the gravity room that she was told why.

The day before grandpa Hurcule had come by looking for her announcing that since Goku was no longer here that he would be taking over her training!

Of course Vegeta could not leave someone of the saiyan bloodline be trained by such an idiotic man that he had decided in that moment to take over Pan's training the next day.

Vegeta's training was completely different then her grandpa's not in the essentials but in strictness and was tougher too.

It was during this time that Pan started calling Vegeta Uncle for a couple of reasons;

1: to annoy him,

2: because his facial expression when he first heard it was so undeniably funny although the pounding that followed that was suppose to be a sparring match was decidedly painful and not funny in the slightest.

But Vegeta had gotten used to it he even smirked with pride when Pan had turned super saiyan for the first time and gave her a gruff one armed hug.

Vegeta had tried to get his daughter Bra to train and into the gravity room but Bra had given him a horrified look and before turning around sharply saying that she preferred to not be one of those muscular females that all the boys were scarred of whilst walking away.

Vegeta of course did not give up that easily and followed Bra around for a good hour before finally giving up for the moment and walking away muttering that he wanted all the weakling earthing boys to be scared of her.

Luckily for Vegeta no one but Pan had heard it as he ordered her into the gravity room and even though she had finished her training with him for the day she hadn't complained like she had wanted to thinking that Vegeta had been pushed enough for the day.

Pan smiled it hadn't been long after this that Bulma had discovered that she had inherited Gohan's brains and soon had her working in the laboratory; doing minor things at first and slowly working up.

She even helped Trunks occasionally when he came into the lab…which wasn't often.

Trunks also didn't compete in any tournaments anymore; he never really trained much either, however that was changing as he had more free time having quite being the CEO of Capsule Corp. and as a result he was spending more time in the gravity room and so he was beginning to regain the muscles he had lost.

Pan smiled slightly as she touched down just outside West City; Trunks had been her best friend and brother for as long as she could remember and ever since she had finished school (Chi-Chi had convinced Gohan to start her schooling a year early) she had lost contact with all her high school friends as most of them didn't have the same interests as her; plus working with Bulma and Trunks and training with Vegeta didn't leave much time for a social life outside the Briefs family and her own.

The result of this was that her closest friends were Trunks and Bra; even if Bra's personality could be a bit much at times.

Pan made her way through the city slowly; she happened to be really early this morning and to avoid more time training with Uncle Vegeta then was strictly necessary she planned to dawdle as much as she dared.

Pan's soft footsteps slowed even more as she allowed her thoughts to wander again this time in the direction of her Uncle Goten.

Her Uncle Goten had moved out of grandma Chi-Chi's house a year ago much to Chi-Chi's dismay; and now lived with his high school sweetheart.

Pan laughed as she walked remembering grandma Chi-Chi's face when she found out that her youngest baby was moving out; it had been a scary thing to behold.

Pan was excessively glad that Vegeta had demanded that she over to make up lost training time from the day before and so had excused herself hurriedly so that her sensitive ears missed that screaming that was sure to come.

She stopped walking and took in her surroundings before turning around she had gone two houses too far and had to retrace her steps.

She stopped just outside the front door to Capsule Corp. and checked her watch and groaned 'Just great I'm here an hour early and I can't leave now without Vegeta knowing that I came and left oh man am I going to be in serious pain tonight.' Pan thought with a sigh as she imagined the delight Vegeta would take in beginning her training earlier than usual.

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