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Sneaking out

Pan watched the 'sleeping' Trunks figure intently through the little light that was in the room that came from the moon through the window.

It had been another week; equally exactly two weeks of nothing but lying in bed and she was sick of it. Granted the first week she had done nothing but sleep but her muscles were itching to be moving around and going through her training exercises would solve that but Trunks and Bulma refused to let her out of bed yet and she was going to die of boredom and laziness.

Satisfied that Trunks was really asleep she pulled her covers from herself quietly. Pan effortlessly swung her feet to the floor the coldness of the tiles making her blanket warmed body shiver slightly. Pan's legs wobbled under her weight slightly after two weeks of not using them, she clutched the bed until she was sure that her legs could handle her weight.

Pan put a hand to her head in an effort to stop the sudden dizziness that came from getting up to quickly it soon passed and Pan confident that her legs would be able to carry her out of her make-shift prison much like Goku did all those years ago after his first fight with Vegeta.

Pan flinched slightly when the door whirred open impossibly loud and she checked behind her to make sure that Trunks was still asleep before she walked through the door not stopping to wait for the door to whirr closed behind her.

Pan made it down the hallway easily enough and was confidently turning the corner when she jumped back into the previous hall and held her breathe hoping that the robot had not seen her minutes past and Pan risked a peak out into the adjacent hall that she needed to get through to get to the back door.

Pan breathed a sigh of relief as she made it out the back door and on to the grassy backyard, grateful to be outdoors for the first time in weeks.

It was the middle of the night and Pan's sayain enhanced senses could see fairly well. Pan wasn't put off by the time, she loved the night almost as much as she loved the day, the feel was so different to when the sun was shining brightly overhead and Pan loved the feeling as even the shadows of buildings seemed to come alive in the dim light of the moon.

Pan shifted her right arm around experimentally thanks to her sayain enhanced healing Pan's right arm was no longer in a cast but just a sling and bandage to prevent her from moving it to much.

Pan smiled when she only felt a small amount of pain from the moving muscles the arm was almost fully healed. Slipping off the sling and unwinding the bandages Pan let them fall at her feet.

She started to go through some of her less strenuous warm up exercises from when she was just beginning as a martial artist.

Pan winced at the slow cumbersome movements her body was making nothing at all like the grace of a martial artist, Vegeta would not be pleased if he saw this and would show her the consequences of being 'lazy'.

Pan shuddered at the thought continuing with her warm up being careful not to put too much strain on the still healing muscles in her arms and legs. She didn't want to set back her recovery and be forced to another week of bed rest.

Pan's thoughts drifted to a more painful subject; the reactions of her friends and family to her sudden and unexplained disappearance.

She had thought about it a lot during the past two weeks of being confined to bed, how were they coping, if they were worried yet, how much trouble she would get into when she got home…if she got home…

Pan shifted into small exercises as her stiff muscles relaxed a bit from the two weeks of doing nothing.

She hadn't told Bulma or Trunks which timeline she was from yet. She knew she should but something always held her back.

They had talked about things from the weather to fighting techniques but still she hadn't told them not even when they had brushed close to the subject.


Trunks jolted awake surprised that he had fallen asleep and quickly glanced at the bed were he saw the covers thrown aside and an empty bed. 'Great I fall asleep for two minutes and Pan's taken off, doesn't that girl ever sleep.' Trunks thought with a disgruntled sigh before heading out the door not needing to be a brainiac to know where Pan would go.

Trunks walked through the halls heading for the back door using his ki sense to pin point her location.

He existed the building to find Pan not far from the back door going through training exercises. Trunks huffed "Come on Pan let's get you back to bed." Trunks called to her.

When he got no answer Trunks moved forward coming closer and closer until he was standing in front of her and had to block one of Pan's punches finally bringing her out of her thoughts.

Pan blinked her eyes becoming focused and Trunks saw her gulp before a hesitant smile played on her lips and a nervous laugh escaped her lips.

'Good she knows she in trouble.' Trunks thought pleased.

Trunks unceremoniously tossed her up onto his shoulder being mindful of her injuries and ignoring her muffled protests as she struggled against his grip.

When they got back to the med room trunks dumped her on the bed.

Trunks quickly checked over her wounds "Well you were lucky Pan no further damage was done, so you'll get out of bed in three days time." Trunks said walking over to a cabinet and pulling out a fresh sling and bandages as he had left the old ones out in the garden.

Having re-bandaged Pan's arm Trunks called for a pot of coffee, the wait was made in silence Pan sulking slightly at being caught and Trunks had nothing much more to say.

When the coffee pot arrived Trunks poured himself a steaming cup before sitting down coffee pot within reach obviously settling in for the night.

Pan glared at Trunks until the power of heavy eyelids lulled her into sleep.