"My, look at what the cat dragged in. And from Patrol too," Tim smirked. It was weird seeing him after all these years. "What are you doing here?"

"I've come to see if Lieutenant Caine will hire me," he replied with a shrug.

The older male was speechless. "You're…you're kidding, right?"

Ryan gave a slight smile. "Oh yeah totally. You know what a huge joker I am…"

Tim gave a snort. "I didn't even know you were back in Miami. Why didn't you tell me?"

"I figured you had your own life by now. Figured you didn't want me to come in and mess it up again…"

Tim shook his head, a slight smile on his face. "You could never mess my life up. We're family. We gotta stick together…"

Ryan couldn't help but smile. "Yeah, I guess."

"Look, I gotta run, but I'll see you later. Good luck…"

"Team, I'd like you to meet our new CSI, Mr Wolfe…" Horatio said to his team. "He's come up from Patrol, so some of you guys may know him from various scenes…"

Eric and Tim exchanged glances. Patrol officers weren't often remembered, since there was always so many; it just got hard keeping a track of them all. Tim was still smirking at the 'Mr Wolfe' part.

"So, Ryan, today you'll be working with Eric…" The redhead turned to the Cuban. "The car's waiting for you in the garage…"

Calleigh didn't look too pleased to hear this, though she tried to hide it. After all, the car to be processed was her father's, as he was the main suspect in a hit-and-run.

But being the Southern Belle that she was, she gave a polite smile, and replied. "Nice to meet you Ryan… Tim, I'll meet you in the evidence locker…"

Ryan could instantly tell the team weren't all that pleased to have him there.

It looked like they were all close to each other, sort of like a small CSI family, and they didn't seem too pleased at his arrival. But then, what else was new?

He hoped these guys would actually come to accept him. Horatio was right, he had seen them around, and they all seemed like really cool people. And for once, he craved to belong. If not anywhere else, then here.

As he sat in the locker room at the end of his shift, he ruminated on the events of this day. He really hoped he'd proved himself, at least somewhat. His crime scene processing skills had definitely surprised Calleigh and Eric, although the latter was still mistrusting towards his new colleague.

"So…Mr Wolfe…" a voice smirked from the doorway. "How was your first day?"

Even without looking up he knew who it was. "It was fine. Mr Speedle."

Tim sauntered up and went to look through his locker. "I see you went back to your original surname then."

"Well, I couldn't go around being Ryan Speedle, could I?" Ryan retorted. "Even if those two did get married…"

Tim grinned at this. "Oh you were such an adorable ring-bearer," he teased, thinking back on the memory. "All dressed up, and oh so serious…"

"You tell anyone that here, and I shall kill you," Ryan replied with a smile.

"Your own surname suits you better…" Tim stated, pulling on his jacket.

"I didn't want to go around in your shadow again…" Ryan said after a moment.

"Or be known as 'Speed's baby brother'…" Tim grinned, pulling out his helmet.

Ryan's eyes grew wide, "Don't tell me you still have that same old motorbike?" he asked, referring to Tim's first bike.

Tim gave a chuckle. "That old thing? No way. Although that was a pretty cool college graduation gift…"

Ryan rolled his eyes. "All I got was a suit. I think that was Mum's subtle hint to try and get an office job instead…"

Tim couldn't help but laugh. "Come take a ride with me. I've got a spare helmet…"

It took Ryan only a moment to make up his mind – he's always liked Speed's bike.

As the two left, they didn't notice that someone had come in the middle of their conversation. Putting his glasses on, and leaving the room, Horatio smiled to himself.

Ryan was definitely going to be an interesting addition to the team.