One of my few tries at Avatar fan fiction. (Okay, way more than a 'few') But this is the only one I'm comfortable enough to post. I love Tokka, but one-sided!Tokka is fun to write. Look, no Suki bashing!

DISCLAIMER: There would be another season if I owned it. All rights to Bryke.

I was once in love. At least, I thought I was. I was young, I was in love with my best friend, he was older than me, and it was one-sided.

He had already fallen for some girl he met long before me. That hurt like salt on fresh wound. A broken heart never seems to beat properly again.

That broken heart kept me alive until the wedding. As a bridesmaid, I suppose I should've acted happy for his sake. But I hate dresses and my best friend was marrying someone he seemed to hardly know. Combine those and you get an angry, grumpy, growly bridesmaid.

It truly felt like I died that day. I'm just glad that I couldn't see the "happy couple". Being blind does have its occasional advantages. If I had seen them, I may have stopped my somehow-still-beating heart on purpose. How on earth I'm still alive is anybody's guess. My heart failed me years ago.

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