AN~ My submission to the The Beauty of It challenge. I'm doing BriarxJake, slight AU. Edited.

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Briar sat at the kitchen table, enjoying herself. She was watching Jake's family interact while she waited for him to get ready, always something she enjoyed, along with the irony of the fact that he took longer to prepare for their dates than she did. Sabrina and Puck were arguing, as usual, while Red and Daphne played with Elvis in a corner. Relda was bustling around the counter, making some strange concoction for everyone else's dinner. Honestly, it didn't surprise Briar how much Jake liked to eat out. Sometimes she wondered if he did it to spend time with her, or just as an excuse to eat something normal.

She leaned back in her chair, thinking. So much had changed since Jake had come back to town. He'd affected her life so much, it was almost as if she were a different person, or as if she were living someone else's life. It seemed almost too good to be true, like it had to end soon, as if she were unfairly happy, especially in the midst of everything else that was happening.

But she was depressing herself again. Time to think about something else, something happy. Like... the day she met Jake.

He'd come to the coffee shop one morning, less than a week before Christmas, brooding over his family and the past few years. It was time for her break, so she'd sat down and talked with him. She'd felt bad- he'd come back to the town and nobody had remembered him, and just days after his return, his family had rushed off again. They'd sat there for hours that day, just enjoying each other's company.

They'd hit off from there. He'd asked her out for New Years, and they'd spent a pleasant evening, just talking, as she'd hurriedly assured her godmothers upon her return.

She was immersed in the memories now- even if she'd wanted to, she couldn't have stopped reminiscing.

Months of dates, just talking with each other, enjoying the company of someone whom they could identify with completely.

The first time he'd told her he loved her, exactly one month after they'd first met.

Their first kiss, after Jake had returned from one of his Goldilocks searches, and was particularly depressed.

The first time she'd told him she loved him back, at the end of another adventure, when she was sure he was safe.

And now, another date. He'd told her to get dressed up, he was taking her somewhere special. Because there were so many special places in Ferryport Landing. She blinked, snapping out of her reverie on that sarcastic note, as Jake walked into the kitchen.

"Briar?" He asked.


"I'd meant to ask you this after we ate, but I can't wait. Will you-" He pulled a small velvet box out of his pocket. "Will you marry me?"

Briar grinned. "Of course!" She said, as Jake slipped a small diamond ring onto her finger.

They walked out to the car amidst Daphne's energetic squeals, both on cloud nine, and for once, Briar didn't even have to try to think of something happy to chase away the premonitions.