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(solitaire3 prompt #5 – lady paramount; anything you can do)

"I didn't know the club actually had a record."

"C'mon, Kei-chan, what's the point of playing games day after day if you don't even keep track of who wins?" Mion asked flippantly, not even pausing in digging through the thin closet.

There was a grumble to the effect of "picking on me" and "crossplay" from behind her, but Mion decided rather magnanimously to ignore it. Luckily for Keiichi, she laid her fingers on the binding of the notebook then anyhow and drew it out, dusting it off.

"This's gotten pretty messy over break," she observed to herself, and opened it. "Alright, Kei-chan, have a good look at this old man's personal scoreboard."

Keiichi took the proffered notebook with a bemused expression on his face, and Mion grinned as his eyebrows shot up and his eyes went wide.

It had originally been Satoko's idea, once the game club had been running for about a week and she'd perked up a little. If they were going to be playing games, then shouldn't they keep score? She'd seen the kid's point, although she'd had to laugh and point out that a scoreboard might be a little painful for Satoshi (who'd blushed, gone "Muuu", and protested that it was a good idea).

"Jeez, no wonder they call you the Game Master," Keiichi said. He sounded too impressed to even remember to be grudgingly admiring.

Mion folded her arms and tilted her chin up in pride.

Messy lanes of pen divided each page into rows, marked with each club member's name; notes to the side illustrated the type of games played and an X rested in the victor's row. The lanes got neater as the pages went on, then tighter as Keiichi's lane appeared, and Shion's, and Hanyuu's.

"Man, I've got a long way to go," Keiichi said so low it was almost a mumble.

"Well, why d'you think I'm showing it to you?" Mion prodded.

"To show off?"

She kicked him lightly in the shin, only grinning wider at the thought of the Xes marching down her own row, page after page, with a few interruptions here and there.

"No, to show you the gap you've got to fill."

Keiichi set the notebook down and raised an eyebrow at her, looking confounded. Mion leaned against the wall, folding her arms.

"Well, you know I'm graduating after this year, don't you? Shion and Satoshi and I. That leaves the question of who I'm leaving the club to as a deputy head while we're away. I wanted to leave it to the highest scorer, but if you take out our victory records," Mion nodded as Keiichi grabbed the notebook again and started leafing through it, "that means my candidates are Rena and Satoko. Satoko's a little bit young for this, and Rena's a good choice 'cause she's got an even head on her shoulders, but…"


"Rena's more of a second-in-command type, and…" Mion pushed off the wall and planted her hands on her hips. "The only person I think I'd really trust with my outfit is Kei-chan."


"Of course, that means you've got a bit of a hole to haul yourself out of, so if you want the position at all, maybe you should start trying a little harder?" Reaching out, she tapped the tip of his nose; Keiichi reddened and pushed her hand away.

"Well, maybe I would if you actually gave other people half a chance first!"

Mion laughed.