Heyo! It' s a new VK Fanfic! THis time I paired up Kaname and Ichijo. I don't think this pairing has enough love. -sighs- but I must revive it! -laugh- okay well read on.

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Ichijo stood in the window of his room, unable to sleep, yet again. He didn't mind the daylight as much as the others did. Hearing a stir from the room next to him, he pressed his ear to the wall that seperated his and Kaname's room. Sure enough he haerd it, the president was awake as well.

"President Kuran?" Ichijo said ever so quietly outside of the presidents door.

A few seconds of silence, and a single creek of floor boards later, Kaname answered the door. "Come in Ichijo."

With that Ichijo opend the door and closed it in one swift move, he stood in the door way. "Is something wrong President Kuran?" He asked holding his place by the door.

"No. I just was having a hard time getting to sleep this morning. Then I heard you stirring and it didn't quiet help to put my mind at ease." Kaname said resting on his velvet laiden, intricate black love seat. "Come sit down with me."

"Actually, I don't know why I was awake," Ichijo said taking a seat next to Kaname "I heard you and came to see if everything was okay, and here I am now."

"Ichijo, I think we should talk more often. I'm not comfortable letting my guard down around others, and I like being able to confide in somebody."

Ichijo nodded, "I think I can do that."

Kaname stood up and lightly brushed his hand over Ichijo's head, a slight flush went across his face. "Good night Ichijo." He said as he crossed the room to his bed.

Getting up Ichijo went to the door and left. He touched his hair where Kaname touched it, a chill went through him, but he just dismissed it and went to his own room.

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