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Chapter 1 - Start of an Adventure

While I'm off chasing my own dreams,
sailing around the world,
please know that I'm yours to keep,
my beautiful girl

It was a particularly busy evening in New York City. Although it always seemed to be filled with cars honking and people hurriedly attending to whatever business they may have.

Even the harbors stretched across the long city were hectic. Men were loading boats with goods and supplies for journeys to far countries and voyages across the ocean. Ships and steamers, big and small could be seen up and down the shore, smoke pouring out the tall stacks. Most of the men lining the harbors were older and looked rough and dirty, although there were a few younger men working among them.

A disruptive horn rang through the bustling dock.

"Two thousand...c'mon Englehorn, it's a deal! Will you take a cheque?" A short and slightly rounded man was arguing with a taller and rougher looking man.

"Do I have choice?" The other man replied dryly, a German accent gracing his words. They stood in front of a rather small, beat up steamer. Compared to the other ships around them it definitely wouldn't be anyone's first choice.

The words 'Venture' were placed on the side of the ship.

Dehnam turned bright red and looked slightly embarrassed as he turned to the beautiful scarlet waiting patiently behind him. She looked rather intrigued by the ongoing argument between the two older men.

"Can we talk about this later?" He asked him in a higher voice, "Can't you see we're in the company of a VIP guest?"

Englehorn bowed his head slightly, "Ma'am."

"Ann Darrow," She responded hesitantly.

"So, are you ready for this voyage, Miss Darrow?" He asked, glaring ever so slightly in the Dehnam's direction.

"Sure," Ann replied shyly.

"Nervous?" He suggested, striking a match and lighting his cigarette.

"Nervous? No," She paused, confusion written on her face, "why should I be?"

"Not every woman would take such a risk," Englehorn informed her, an all knowing smirk on his face as he exhaled the smoke from his lungs.

Ann looked uneasily to Dehnam, who now looked desperate for an escape from this conversation.

"Preston!" He called out to a young man standing nearby, he wore glasses and looked a little too clean to be a regular in these areas.

As if reading his mind, he introduced himself to Ann and swept her aboard the ship before she could ask another question.

"Phew," Dehnam sighed in relief. That could have ended badly.

Englehorn opened his mouth to say something nasty to him, but was interrupted by an angry voice behind him.

"You better have a good explanation for this Dehnam."

Standing behind Englehorn was a young woman, who could be no older than seventeen or eighteen. She had long dark brown, with loose curls, that reach her mid-thigh and wide blue eyes, the color of the ocean. They complimented her pale face beautifully. She wore a long light violet dress and a dark grey jacket that looked as if it had seen much better days, but it certainly was appropriate for the chilly winter weather. She held two very large suitcases in each hand and look severely pissed off.

"May! How wonderful to see you again," He laughed nervously and walked over to help her with her luggage, "Where's Thomas?"

"He already went on, looking for Mike I think," She explained harshly.

Englehorn raised an eyebrow to the strange young woman, "And who might this be? Mr. Dehnam we never discussed bringing these woman aboard."

May gave him an angry glare, clearly not happy by the way he referred to her, "Why am I here if I am not wanted here Carl? I would be more than happy to go back home."

"No, no, no, no!" He exclaimed in protest, "We need you here May!"

Englehorn looked on, unimpressed, "Besides, I do not think your bags will fit in your room."

May, now looking even angrier, began to turn around. But Dehnam walked in front of her and put his hands up, "Please, without you our movie will not become what it is meant to be, we need you May!"

She sighed in defeat, she hated when he guilt tripped her doing things.

Dehnam looked around her shoulder to a very confused Englehorn, "This is May Beaulieu, she's the photographer, best in the entire city!"

"You only like me because I'm cheap," She muttered angrily, turning now to face Englehorn, "These suitcases are mostly filled with my equipment; I would have brought less but..." She glared at Dehnam once more.

"We need to make sure we get great shots!" He exclaimed, raising his hand in defense, "Now Englehorn! Time for us to go! Cast off! Hoist up the man sail; raise the anchor, whatever the hell it is you do. We gotta' leave!"

Englehorn, too annoyed to continue arguing simply nodded. "I hope you have a good trip Ms. Beaulieu." He said quietly to May as he walked by her, a strange look of warning set deep in his blue eyes.

May did not know what to make of this, so she ignored it. She said her final goodbyes to New York and followed Carl onto the steamer.

"Does anyone know where Jack is?" Carl yelled as soon as they were aboard, he rushed away and was soon out of sight.

May sighed, "This is going to be a very long trip," she was sure of it. Standing on the deck of the ship, facing the city, the engines of the steamer began to move and soon enough they were drifting farther and farther away.

She was not sure if she was going to miss the city, she had lived there all her life, but her life had not exactly been a wonderful one. She reached down, unbuckled one of her suitcases and pulled out one of her favorite cameras, The Vollenda, a German made camera from Nagel. She adjusted the lens and arranged the camera to face the bright city. A sharp click echoed throughout the deck.

'I wonder what Singapore is like,' She thought peacefully. Perhaps this would be an amazing trip; she would get to see the wonders of the world. There would be no tall dirty buildings and pollution. The ongoing depression would seem practically inexistent. Maybe she wouldn't want to return.

It was then that May decided that she was glad she was leaving.

But her thoughts were rudely interrupted by an angry voice cursing loudly beside her.

"Goddamnit Carl!"

May turned to see a man with a terrified look on his face. He actually looked like he was going to jump in the water for a minute, but he seemed to decide against it. Suddenly Dehnam came up behind him.

"I keep telling you, Jack, there's no money in theatre." He said knowingly, with a smirk on his face, "You're much better off sticking with film."

The man gave Dehnam an exasperated look, "I don't do it for the money, Carl, I happen to love theatre."

Carl gave him a mocking look of disbelief, "Oh you don't," He looked with more seriousness out to the docks, "If you really loved it you would have jumped."

Looking out to the shore once more, May noticed that police cars now seemed to be lining the docks.

She shook her head in disbelief, 'Typical.'

May picked up her luggage and walked over to them both, "What exactly did you do this time Carl."

Jack turned when he noticed her approaching, but Carl just stood with a wide smirk on his face, looking out to the men cursing loudly on the dock, which was now very far away.

"Jack did I ever introduce you to May?" Carl asked enthusiastically.

Jack gave a small smile to the young woman, who looked slightly concerned for Carl's sanity.

She sighed, ignoring Carl for the moment, "May Beaulieu," She said warmly, with an attempted smile, "I'm the photographer."

He held his hand out and shook hers momentarily, "Jack Driscoll, I'm the writer," He informed her sadly.

She stared at him with wide-eyes, "You're Jack Driscoll?"

Jack looked surprised by her reaction, "Yes, have you heard of my work?"

"Yes, I have seen a few of your plays," May grinned, "They were spectacular."

Jack chuckled quietly, "Thanks, its nice to know some people still appreciate theater." He glanced in Carl's direction, where he was now smoking a pipe.

"The world of film is bigger and better than ever!" Carl announced dramatically, "And my film..." He looked to them both, "Our film, will make history!"

May sighed, too tired and annoyed to put up with him. "I'm going to go find my room, I'll see you two later," She looked to Jack and exchanged a small smile, before picking up her luggage and walking to the door that went below deck.

"You shouldn't have dragged her along Carl, shes young, she should be going to school and doing whatever else it is girls do at that age," Jack mumbled the last part, before shaking his head with a chuckle, "Am I really that old?"

"Older!" Carl smirked, raising a finger in the air, "She finished school early, smart one she is. Besides, I'm doing her a favor! She's being respectively paid for her photography services, believe me, she'll get any client after this film." He inhaled from his and puffed out rings of smoke.

"Yeah yeah," Jack sighed, waving the polluted air around his face, "I wish you wouldn't smoke those things around me."

"You truly are a strange man, my friend," Carl laughed, before succumbing to a vicious cough.

He raised an eyebrow at him, before turning to the door that May had just disappeared down, "Might as well start on the rest of that script, where's my room?"

"Oh, uh, Preston should be down there, he'll show you your room!" Carl explained with a nervous grin, "Tomorrow I'll introduce you to the star of m-, our film!"

"Already met him," Jack raised his lip in disgust, "Worse than I imagined he would be, all actors are the same," He shook his head and pulled a hand through his hair.

Carl responded with a creepy chuckle, "Oh no, Jack, the lead in this film is a woman."

Jack turned back around, "What? You brought another woman on board? Fantastic, I bet you the crew will love this."

"And so will you! Beautiful and smart, the perfect women, you'll realize this when you meet her tomorrow."

"There's no stopping you is there Carl?" Jack smiled weakly before turning around and heading down to meet Preston.

May looked out the small window in her cabin, admiring the clear night sky, full with stars and the moon shining brilliantly.

She had found Thomas, her assistant, or rather mentor, standing in the empty hallway below deck. He had been one of the most helpful people in her difficult life at the moment. He helped her with her suitcases and showed her too her small cabin that reeked of fish and tobacco. After wishing him a goodnight, she emptied her suitcases and decided to get some sleep. But she had found it difficult with the constant movement of the ship waking her up.

Finally, May came to the conclusion that we was not going to be sleeping anytime soon. So she left her room, a camera in her hand, and made her way back up to the deck.

There weren't many people on deck in the late night. Only a few of the men were still working on the ship.

May walked across the deck, in her flannel blue nightgown fluttering in the cool breeze, her old grey coat wrapped snugly around her shoulders. She walked slowly, until she found a small area away from all others, facing the beautiful crescent moon. She appreciated the beauty of this world far more than any other stuck up city girl ever would.

She held up her camera and took a few shots of the sky.

"Too bad I have to wait until we get back to develop them," She muttered in disappointment, "I can't wait to see how they turn out." She took a couple more shots.

"Oi! Who's down there?"

May jumped at the loud voice echoing through the quiet ship. 'Where did that come from?' She thought.

Suddenly, she looked up to what she assumed was the crow's nest and noticed a dark figure sitting way up there. It was slightly difficult to see him because of the darkness engulfing the ship.

"Um, I'm sorry, I couldn't sleep." She called out nervously, she was afraid of how the men on this ship would react to her being on board.

It was silent for a couple of minutes, until she could hear the loud laughter of a young man. She raised her eyebrow in confusion.

"I thought you were a ghost!" The voice said softly after the laughter died away, "I didn't know any women were coming along." His voice sounded younger, and not as rough as the men she heard speaking earlier.

She couldn't help but giggle at the thought, "A ghost? Why would you believe it to be a ghost?"

"This ship's really old, who knows what kind of spirits haunt the deck," His voice sounded menacing.

"Oh really?" She smiled brightly, "Well in that case I guess I'll have to watch out."

He laughed once more, although softer this time. "Anyways, I really should be going back to bed, Dehnam will be furious if I'm not up tomorrow morning." May told him sadly.

"I'll see you tomorrow then? My name's Jimmy by the way," He offered, she could almost hear the bright smile on his face.

"Yes I do hope so," She chuckled, "My name is May."

"Well g'night May, don't let the bedbugs bite." His chuckled again, although she was pretty sure he was serious.

"Goodnight Jimmy." She whispered.