The Side Effects of Unoriginality

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Chapter 17: The Throes of Passion



"You're staring."


Gippal and I had been playing a sort of game and had been doing so for nearly three months. It was our version of dating. I would make up an excuse to be alone with him somewhere and he would do the same. it wasn't that everyone from here to Luca didn't already know about our relationship. Rather, it was something for us, something that he and I did together. Sure, we'd spent our entire lives knowing one another, but we had only ever been friends. This was something new for the both of us. We were an item.

As it were, he and I were browsing through some store or another for yet another modification to his beloved aircraft. I didn't mind; it was our baby, so to speak. I was helping him to find the, and I quote, perfect steering wheel cover. I had to stare at him strangely as we walked out of the temple. Now he's just playing with me, I thought at the time. Sure enough, I was right; he wasn't even the navigator!

Still, there was good news all around. The day Gippal told me he loved me—that day in his office—I had nearly fainted. He rushed me into his room and brought a cold rag to rest on my forehead. Waking up to him was a wonderful thing; his one good eye was staring down into me with worry and concern. I took great joy in reaching up and kissing him softly, if only to feel him tense above me before returning the kiss. His hands roamed over my body possessively, a moan escaping between us, lost in the rustling of our bodies against one another. Our pleasure was short-lived, as Turrang knocked on the door and entered with a wide grin on his face. And do you know what his only response was?

"Took you two long enough."

Directly afterward, Turrang surprised us with a party. Every one of my friends had been there to congratulate us. Even Rosemary and Pops made it; I couldn't hide the happiness. Gippal hardly left my side, his arm wrapped protectively around my waist. It was only then that I realized how humungous idiots the two of us had been. On hindsight, it should have been obvious how we felt about one another. And yet, it had taken nearly a year of silently pining and nearly leaving for us to realize the truth, the absolute, unadulterated truth. We loved one another, purely and simply.

"Hey, Cid's girl, come here," Gippal called from the other side of the store, drawing me from my reverie.

I walked over to where he was and waited for him to show me whatever it was he was pouring himself over. I cleared my throat to catch his attention, all but growling when that failed. I pushed past him and glanced down at the steering wheel cover he found… It was adorable! Tiny little chocobos had been stitched into a sky-blue background!

"Oh, Gippal!" I gasped. "It's perfect!"

"I thought you might like it," he said, a cheesy grin plastered to his face. I couldn't help but smile, kissing his jawbone and walking off. "So, I'm gonna get this, all right?" he called.

"Sure," I called back, losing myself in a pile of pre-used machina parts. It was like a resale heaven! I was so busy looking over the machina parts that I only barely heard the cheesy conversation going on in the aisle beside mine.

"…Big strong man doing in a place like this, huh?" a woman's voice purred softly.

"Buying machina parts, of course," the male replied, sounding very distracted. "It's a machina store, after all, lady."

The woman laughed, sounding every bit the beautiful seductress I had imagined her to be.

"That may be, but surely there are other things worth more than machina junk," the woman murmured softly. She slunk closer to the man, her heels clicking softly against the tiled floor. "Come on, don't you want to…"

That's just my luck! I strained to hear the last bit of the conversation, but couldn't. Either the woman was whispering into the man's ear—which made them perverts—or she wasn't whispering into his ear—which still made them perverts. Either way, I had to satisfy my curiosity. I just had to. I backtracked and found the end of the aisle. Unfortunately, the man whom she'd been talking to was no longer there. only the woman was there, fuming angrily. She stomped her foot on the ground and stormed past me angrily, leaving the store in a huff.

"I guess there's always option three," I murmured softly.

"That there is," a familiar voice murmured against my neck, his arms wrapping themselves around my waist. "Some people, I swear."

I smiled in spite of myself.

"Let's get outta here," I said, leaning back so that I was staring up at Gippal.

"Wherever you want, princess," he smiled back at me, kissing my forehead awkwardly. I giggled.

Gippal pushed me into the room he and I had begun to share, his mouth hot against mine as his heated passion grew. I was already weak in the knees by the time his hands traced my sides. His body pushed against mine, the bulge in his pants hard to ignore. I moaned into his open mouth, his tongue taking advantage. It slid against mine, prodding softly against the insides of my mouth. I suckled his tongue, earning myself the delightful sound of his moans.

His mouth found the side of my neck, biting and kissing softly and roughly, his hands running through my hair. I tugged my fingers through his hair, pressing his teeth into me. I needed to feel him so painfully against me. I nearly came undone when his teeth found my earlobe, my moans escaping in hitched breaths.

His hands reached up my body and tore my bikini away, before his mouth latched onto my breast, his other hand massaging the free one. I moaned loudly, tossing my head back. he would switch his admonishments, lapping happily at one breast while gently palming the other. I found his lips again, sliding my tongue into his warm mouth. He groaned happily, pushing my body against a wall. He pinned my wrists to the wall, grinding his bulge into my center. I sighed in contentment.

As his right hand reached down the front of my skirt, my hands trailed across his chest, tugging at the cloth that kept our bodies separated from one another. I tore it away, gently scraping my nails across the slightly sweating skin. I bit down softly on his nipple, pulling at the erect flesh teasingly. I felt him tense up, his hands frozen at my hips. It was a sensitive spot for him and I was told that it did crazy things to my blonde.

He pressed his mouth to mine fiercely, hiking my leg up around his waist. He pressed into me, rubbing against my core. I moaned into his mouth, arching into him. I pulled him closer, running my fingers through his messy hair, eliciting a moan from his mouth. I swallowed it in a heated kiss, throwing my other leg around his waist. He pressed into me once more, an explosion running through my veins as the last of my reserves came undone. I was a mess in his arms, as he had been moments ago.

I felt him moving backwards as his tongue slid against mine once more. We collapsed onto the bed, my legs still wrapped around him.

For nearly three months, he and I had been like this. We were fiercely passionate, desperate to feel one another. It never progressed any further than full-on body touching and kissing, but it was enough for us to just to be in one another's company until we collapsed. We would spend the rest of the night in one another's arms until finally drifting off.

"Rikku," he murmured, pressing his mouth against the side of my neck.


"I love you, kiddo," Gippal said sleepily.

"I love you, too, machina man," I said, sounding just as sleepy.

"You jerk!" I hissed angrily. "What the heck were you thinking?"

"What was I thinking? Did you see that guy—he was practically throwing himself at you!" Gippal yelled back.

As with any relationship, there are ups, where everyone's all blasé skippy-do, and there are downs, where people can't stand one another and would rather shove a spoon in their ears than have to listen to one more word. Likewise, Gippal and I had our ups and downs. Today was a down.

Like always, he and I had gone out shopping for something. Of course, the thing we were shopping for wasn't important; hence I can't recall what it was. All I know is that it was something for that damn ship of his. We walked into a store the same as always. Only this time, there was a male cashier there and not some woman trying to put the moves on Gippal. It's funny how when things are reversed he gets his panties all in a bunch. The idiot. Of course, the situation did maybe get a little out of hand…

"Good morning," the male cashier said. "How are you?"

"Hey there!" I called back, waving. I squinted, trying to read his nametag. "Rhaza?"

"That's correct," he said with a smile. "Anything you're looking for in particular?"

"Nah, I think we're good," Gippal said, walking in behind me. "But I'll let ya know if we do."

"All right."

Gippal and I began perusing the many aisles in the store, humming thoughtfully when we saw something we liked. We grunted when we found something we didn't like. We would meet up at the end of each aisle and nod or shake our heads. If we nodded, the other would go down that aisle and investigate. If we shook our heads, it was onto the next one.

As I walked down on particular aisle, I found a chocobo-decorated keychain. I removed it from the hanger and examined it.

"A chocobo lover, are you? That's quite interesting."

I nearly jumped out of my skin, the voice too close for me to react calmly. When I turned around, I found Rhaza staring at me intently, his wide smile encompassing most of his face. I gulped down my breakfast nervously, giving him a toothy grin.

"You scared me, Rhaza," I said, holding my hand out to push him away. "Don't you know it's rude to walk up on a girl like that?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, Rikku."

"How do you know my name?"

"Everyone knows the names of the three women who helped to save Spira. Among the three men, there were three women: Yuna, Rikku and Paine. Even if you hadn't helped save Spira, you are still the Al Bhed Princess. It would be rude for me not to know who you are," Rhaza said with a smile.

He bowed formally, which made me rather uncomfortable. I didn't like being treated so politely. It was the main reason I avoided going to political functions with Pops. Everyone knew me there and it made me uncomfortable to have so many people staring at me. But the way he was looking at me, it was different. It felt invasive, as though he was looking into my very soul. I wanted to run away, to shield myself from his piercing gaze.

"That's nice, Rhaza," I said, edging away from him. "Uhm, I'm gonna finish looking through the rest of the store, ok?"

"Please, let me know if there's anything else that I can help you with, Princess Rikku," he said, smiling softly at me. I nodded and left the aisle.

Gippal and I picked out our purchases and made our way to the cashier. Gippal had some heavy-duty things in his inventory, while I was only getting a few smaller things, like my keychain. One of the Al Bhed cashiers began ringing him up. I caught movement from my peripheral and saw Rhaza waving me over. I smiled at Gippal and went over to check out.

"Decided on the keychain, did you? It's a good fit," Rhaza said, bagging it along with several other goods. "Tell me something, Rikku."

"What is it?"

"The man you are with, his name is Gippal, correct? Former leader of the Machine Faction?"

"Yeah, what of it?"

Rhaza smiled and placed his hands over mine, giving me a tight, reassuring squeeze. "You two are a good match," he said, then returned to ringing up my items.

As I walked out of the store, I glanced up at the sunny sky. It was a good day; it was the kind of day that inspired couples to spend their together sunbathing on a beach. It was the kind of day that didn't need to be wasted with menial shopping errands and last minute adjustments on a ship, no matter how magical said ship was. no, today was the kind of day that was best spent in the company of friends and loved ones alike or, in my case with Gippal.

I waited outside for him to come out, wondering quietly how much junk a man like him needed to add to his other junk. I chuckled to myself. When he came out, I rushed over to him, wrapping my arms around of his stronger, more muscular ones. At the time, I didn't know how tense he was.

"That Rhaza guy was pretty nice," I said politely. Gippal only grunted, sparing me the simplest of smiles. We continued walking in silence, almost out of sight of the store when it suddenly dawned on me what Rhaza said. I smiled to myself. "You know, he said that we were a good match."

Gippal stopped suddenly, jerking me forward from the momentum. I turned and glanced at him curiously. There was something odd about the way his face was set, the tension in his jaw much stronger than it should have been. I didn't understand the numbers on his face; I was never very good with math. Maybe if I had been, I would have foreseen the next flow of events.

The man whose arm I held clutched to my side tore away from me and stormed back towards the store. I had to run to catch up and barely made it. I was in the doorway when it happened. Rhaza was stocking a few shelves and probably heard the ding when someone walked in. he turned around, his face coming into contact with Gippal's right hook. The impact was strong enough to knock the man to the ground. Blood spurted from what I would assume was a broken nose, several of his employees rushing over to assist him.

I rushed over to help Rhaza to his feet, putting a cloth to his bleeding nose. Two of the other employees there took him to the back room, whispering their thanks to me. I apologized to them on behalf of my barbaric counterpart. Once they had gone, I turned my attention back to Gippal and glared at him.

"You jerk!" I hissed angrily. "What the heck were you thinking?"

"What was I thinking? Did you see that guy—he was practically throwing himself at you!" Gippal yelled back.

"You idiot! He was trying to help!"

"Help himself to you, maybe," the man growled, his back to me. Even though he wasn't looking at me, I could tell what had set him off. I just couldn't believe it. Was he really that much of an idiot? Oh boy, was he. "Who the hell does he think he is, saying you two would be a good match," he growled angrily.

"That's what this was all about?" I asked, frustrated that he was being one of "those" guys. I massaged my aching temple, waiting for him to turn around. When he did, I fixed him with a glare that would have sent Sin and Vegnagun running. "You selfish, pretentious, asinine, jealous jerk! He said that we were a good match, as in you and me! No one else! Everyone thinks we're such a good match! Hell, I thought we were a good match, too."


I stared at him for a long minute, thinking my next words over carefully. He was so unstable. He was so compulsive. He was determined. He was a leader. At times, those were good qualities, things that I admired in him. It was the main reason he and I could work so well together. But when we're together…

"Maybe we're not as perfect together as I first thought…"

I was holed up in Rosemary's house. I hadn't left for nearly a week. It was taking me a while to cool off after Gippal's completely asinine behavior. The nerve of that jerk! To think that I allowed myself to be aligned with such an immature, selfish, outlandish, cocky meanie! What had I been thinking?!

…Of course, that was four days ago. Since then, my anger had cooled down considerably. And yet, I stayed in the empty house, babysitting it while Pops and Rosemary enjoyed one another's company. But that wasn't why I stayed. My ego—my pride wouldn't let me go back to him. I refused to bend, refused to give into him. I wasn't going to apologize for what I said when it was the truth. He was a complete jerk! I wouldn't apologize.

As I crept through the house, turning off lights and making sure all of the windows were closed, my mind began to wander. I was thinking of him again, wondering if he even noticed I wasn't with him in Djose. I wondered if he missed me. I wondered if he wanted me back. I wondered…if he needed me. If he did, why hadn't he apologized already? He knew that he was wrong! Surely he knew that much…right? My pride was preventing me from going back to him—what if his was doing the same?

And that was what I feared. What if he never said sorry?

"Maybe I should—"

A knock came to the door, a knock that startled me from my sleepy daze; the moon was full to my left and the night sky was a hazy purple-blue. I looked up at the door through the hallway and got up, slowly dragging myself to the front. The latch rattled under the ferocity of the knocker and I sighed, unhooking the door with little effort, pulling the wooden door away from the frame, annoyed. While I expected to see either Brother or Yuna, I was surprised to see none other than my lover.

"Gippal…" I breathed as he walked in, closing the door behind himself. "What are you doing here?"

"I owe you an apology, Rikku," he murmured softly. "I shouldn't have…reacted the way I did. It's not you. It's just…this whole thing is so new to me. But I didn't mean to upset you so much. But I just—"

"It's all right," I whispered, placing my hands on his forearms. It relieved me to feel him again, to know that he was still real. My fingertips trembled as I stroked his arm, trailing my hands up until I grasped either of his shoulders. "Gippal?"

"Hm?" he hummed, staring down at me with his one good eye.

I bit my bottom lip, hesitating with the words now seemingly caught in my throat. I glanced up at him nervously, hoping that I could somehow mentally convey to him what was on my mind. He was so unbearably close to me, his scent clouding my judgment. I could barely decipher up from down. Luckily for me, Gippal was a mind reader.


He pressed me against the wall slowly, kissing my lips, my neck. His hands traced my sides, pulling at the seams gently as he removed my bikini top from my body, tossing it to the side along with my headband and frilly arm sleeves.

The man sure knew how to caress a woman and soon, he lifted me, pinned me against the wall and spread my legs, his hand pressing hard against my aching center. He was teasing me, and I crumbled under the pressure like an old pillar. A moan escaped my lips and ran smack into his neck; my tongue licked salty skin and suckled honey sweet lips that had been gone for what felt like ages. He laced his fingers in mine, pulling me closer into him as our bodies felt like molding, becoming one.

"Gippal!" I screamed as he bit down into my breast gently, nibbling softly at the nipple as I tore away his shoulder pads and let them fall. He suckled gently like a child to my breast, sending shivers all throughout my body, feeding the hunger that was slowly growing between my legs.

The man standing before me knelt down slowly, trailing kisses from my breasts to just above the rim of my skirt. I looked down at him, my face flustered and my eyes half-lidded; with a nod, I gave him permission. Slowly he unfastened my skirt, trailing his hands underneath to touch my legs. I bucked when his hand grazed over my center, biting my bottom lip in frustration. He smiled to himself, pulling my skirt, forcing it to my knees and then to my ankles. He reached his hand slowly between my lower thighs and worked his way up, gently caressing the skin beneath my silk panties, teasing my clit. Another shaky moan left from my lips, provoking him.

Gippal lifted me into his arms, my skirt falling to the floor as he walked me into my bedroom. Everything that was within this room, I knew. And yet, this was not the same. This was not the Gippal I had known all of my natural life; something I thought I knew was different. There was something fierce within his eye, something that was determined. He laid me down slowly, crawling in between my legs until our shoulders were leveled and I pulled him down, kissing him roughly. The passion was almost too much for me to handle; it had never been like this before. Something had formed while he was away and I was beginning to understand something about him.

My hands traced his armor, traced the strings and removed the obstacle that was in my way until my lips touched pure, beating flesh. He threw his head back, a relieved sigh pouring from somewhere deep down within him. My legs wrapped around his back, pulling him down as my feet began tugging at his pants. He looked down at me with his one good eye and kissed me slowly, tenderly. He pulled away and stared at me softly, his eye so full of compassion.

"Gippal I—,"

But he stopped me, pressing his lips to me once more. I gave into him, my body becoming his plaything once more as he unbuttoned his pants and slid them off, casting them to the floor.

His hands gently traced over my silken underwear, a smile coming to the corners of his lips as his finger pressed against the spot he knew to be my opening, eliciting another moan from me. Gippal smiled, slowly peeling them from between my legs and throwing the dampened material to the floor beside my bed. I reached up and kissed him gently again as he spread my legs once more, guiding himself into me slowly.

"Are you ready?" he asked huskily. "Rikku are you sure?"

"Y-Yes, p-please," I stammered, my entire body shaking—aching for him to fill me.

Gippal leaned over me, slowly pushing himself in. As he penetrated, I could feel my heart throbbing against my chest as if something had been unleashed deep within my heart. He leaned down and kissed me, swallowing my scream before it ever left my lips. It took a while, but before I knew it, I was trying to rock against him, trying to encourage him to move inside of me. He pulled away from me, a curious hint to his face. When I nodded, he smiled.

I held him close to me as he pulled out and thrust deeply once more. I cried into his neck as he held me up, pulling me into his embrace. Another full thrust and soon he began rocking into me slowly, going as deeply as he could, eliciting so much from me while at the same time, I could hear him returning me moan for moan.

The night raged on for hours…

The next morning, I woke up in Gippal's arms. I snuggled closer into his warmth, smiling softly to myself. He shifted against me and planted a kiss on my forehead. When he pulled away from me, I groaned at the loss of comfort. I heard him chuckling in the distance.

"Come back to bed, machina man!" I complained playfully.

"Sorry, Cid's girl," he called back from the bathroom. "I've got a meeting with Nhadala about some machina or another that's been terrorizing my workers. Can't slack off and let them get the wrong idea about me, ya know. I've got an image to uphold."

"Oh, fine," I pouted, finally crawling from underneath the covers. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched him get dressed. "Will you be back for lunch then?"

"Probably dinner. Feel like goin' out tonight?"

"I don't really feel like going out, Gippal. So, uhm, can we stay in?" I asked nervously, trying to avoid his gaze. It did me no good; my cheeks were on fire from remembering how many times we had explored one another last night.

"You are insatiable," he chuckled, kneeling in front of me. He kissed my forehead, then ravaged my mouth before pulling away with a wry grin. "Fine, I'll make dinner, but you're responsible for desert. How does that sound?"

"Banjand!" I said, swatting at him playfully. "Pervert."

"Yeah, yeah," he said. He pulled my to my feet and kissed me again, smiling as he pulled away. "I'll be back for dinner, I promise, kiddo."

"Bye, machina man," I called sweetly, walking him to the door.

"Later, Cid's girl."

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