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It hadn't been long since Dean and I were together. In fact, it had only been a whole month and it was as if nothing ever happened between us. We acted like we usually did, friendly, a little flirting here and there, with just kissing added into the mix. What was wrong? I mean I know that Dean the man Winchester isn't used to the fact that he now is settling down with one girl, but I would've thought that since he knew me and has known me for a long time that it would be a little different than it was now.

I sighed as I leaned back into the Impala's backseat. Oh, did I mention that riding arrangements were the same as usual? Considering that I'm going to be bringing this up soon since we are hitting a motel a good few miles into the next town for a hunt, we don't even have our own room apart from Sam. Nope. Same, same, fucking same. Yet again, I ask the question, however a little differently, what the hell is wrong with this relationship that doesn't seem to have taken off?

There was absolutely nothing to do on car rides anymore, I finally got sick of reading Vampire Academy for the fourteenth time, not like I was counting, and when I got a new book series, The Mortal Instruments, I just couldn't seem to find myself able to pick it up. Now what is the matter with me? Seriously, everything has appeared screwed to Hell and under. I wanted desperately to be in the front where the air conditioning was, Sam asleep in the back where I currently reside, and maybe me holding Dean's free hand as he drove. Is it too much to ask to actually try and take a step into the pool of you know…being a couple like we were?

"Hey, Adie, you alive?" Dean asked, snapping me out of my thought process of all the problems going on at the moment, mainly involving him and I. I swear, if the man doesn't make a move, I will.

"Yeah, just thinking. What'd you want?" I asked, staring at him through the rearview, our eyes meeting for a while before his averted back to the road.

"Looks like Sam decided to get his own room, so it's just you and me this time." Well, that solves that little bit, but why all of a sudden did Sam have to be being the one to get another room when it should be us?

"Reason as to why the sudden change?" I know I should be happy that I get anything close to time alone with Dean at all, but I was curious and something must've been up.

Sam didn't answer and neither did Dean, confusing me even more. Did I miss a valid part of a conversation while I was talking to myself?

"Motel, left," Sam pointed out as Dean turned on his blinker and turned into the parking lot.

The car was soon empty of the brothers and they both were heading to the main office to get a room. Understandable now that Sam was getting his own room, however, Dean could've just asked for two rooms, making up some stupid excuse to the manager as to why he needed the extra space. If Sam had stayed behind to let Dean do that, I could've gotten away with flooding the tall hunter about my concerns and such.

Me, equals…alone. Dean and I equal…unclear for the time being.

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