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The headache before the blinding pain of light in the eyes. I don't really like being messed with this way, let alone at all. My eyes opened to find myself sitting before my mother and my little sister. Seeing Dean not too far from me in the living room frozen, unable to move and there were no bindings. "Brinkley?" I voiced, searching the room.

He had to be there, he just had to be…there was no one else that would have an interest. It was instinct I guess, but I had to learn to trust it from living with the brothers. When he came out from the kitchen, looking way different than when I first saw him, he was almost like a Greek God with his appearance. Well dressed and clean shaven, hair immaculate and smiling. The jig was up, now the main mission was to figure out how to get back and figure out why the hell he was doing this to us.

"Am I that transparent?" he asked.

"I wasn't sure until the dust. I didn't think that faeries used that."

"Some of us don't, at least not the younger generations."

"That makes you how old?"

Brinkley's orbs twinkled, a secret that I was never going to discover. So instead he just walked to the chair in between Dean and me off to the side. "Wait how do you know each other?" Dean piped in, I could tell he was confused beyond belief, but meeting Brinkley I knew we weren't going to explain. Would make it worse for his brain.

"You two have drifted apart since I last saw you. I thought what I did helped…at least get you on the right path."

Dean rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Don't tell me you are some kind of destiny freak."

"Don't mouth at me because you got stale."

The remark made me pierce me lips from smiling and laughing. So there was an angle here. Why would a faerie be so concerned with two hunters, two humans more importantly, and a possible love life? They weren't necessarily cherubs with bow and arrows that sang songs of conception or whatever it was. Now I was the one more confused than Dean. "Why do you care so much? I thought faeries were mischievous and really sought out jokes and their own gain."

Brinkley seemed to take that in, dissect that words to better find a way to reply to me. "What if I told you this did provide me gain?"

"What are the two of you talking about?!" Dean exclaimed.

"I can see why you got mad at him." Brinkley brought his attention to the male. "I put you two here to rekindle that fire within. Love. Lust. Whatever you want to call it but it is there in some form or another…or even both. This was a reminder. How you two met, the first sign that you both found feelings…love at first sight. I have a few friends in high places that write the destinies. My job was to get you two to really act on them and the only way I could do that was lead you to me with a hunt. Now my new job is to counsel, find out if this path was correct or not. If it isn't then time will be re-written and you both will never meet each other or have met each other."

Wait, what? A complete redo? I was about to protest then stopped. What if it really wasn't supposed to happen with Dean and I? I dropped my gaze and knew Dean was probably thinking too. He did say that when we got out of here he would give me an answer or at least try. This forced that answer. Raising my head I stared right at the man I thought I loved. "How do you determine that?"


Everything was out on the table. There had been no hiding and though it was difficult to even get anything out of Dean Winchester, it was to be expected but the wound was open, seeping blood, raw and salt had been poured onto it to sting. I can't stop thinking about not ever knowing the brothers. What life would have been like…I would be lying if I said I had never thought about it throughout my entire time with them. Being exposed to it all. Would my family still be here? Would I?

"This is seriously fucked up. There is no way to diagnose if we should be around each other!" Dean was furious and I could tell, the flinch came and I knew that he was right but I couldn't help but think about me.

When have I ever thought about myself in all of this? When have I chosen my path? Make decisions that were only about me and not about guarding myself from the brothers and what they brought with them in a huge overwhelming package…I remembered when I wanted to see my family and I wasn't allowed. I was supposed to cut all ties because it was safer, I understood then and still do but I could get it all back. They wouldn't be dead just for knowing Dean and Sam. But Sam was my best friend and Dean was as well…Dean just happened to be the man that I fell for and had sex with.

I can't believe I am even considering not knowing them. Something must have tipped Dean off because now he was speaking to me and it was then I felt the tears rolling down my cheeks. "Adie?"

Blinking furiously I hated that I couldn't wipe away the waterworks. "Have you completely thought this through Dean?"

"Have you? You are considering it aren't you? Adie for fuck sake don't do it."

"What if it's for the best? Did you ever think about that? Where would be the constant look over your shoulder at a girl that wants to be with you and can't? I wouldn't put you and your brother in danger if you ever had to choose and I would never be able to live with myself if I came between you two or let alone your job. Death is the job Dean and I am just an obstacle that could screw it all up. I am thinking maybe he is right. The ones who brought us together were wrong."

"Don't say that. You are a great hunter and I have never had such faith in you…in anyone besides Sammy."

Why did he have to go and say that? Why did he have to say Sam's name that way? If he were here he'd get mad at him for doing so. I almost wanted to laugh. "Have you ever loved me the way I loved you though? Could you? Would you? That is the point along with other things. My life was not meant to be this way, I can't help but feeling that now."

There was a long silence that seemed to suck the life out of everything. His eyes were showing me just how much this hunter's heart could break. Windows to the soul. Dean was going over what I was saying, what all was said before that and it was reflection. He shook his head and I finally met Brinkley's orbs. "Well fuck…I think I just about died there." He found me and stared hard. "You really are too good for him. Are you sure this is what you really want? I have already made my decision but it does come down to the both of you."

Tears began to flow freely from my eyes and I was having a hard time from even going through with this…was I sure?


The answer surprised even me as it had come from Dean. He was letting me go. My own answer in agreement came out as a shaky breath. Brinkley stood and went to move towards me but I stopped him with my voice. "I know it is pointless and we won't remember anyways, but can I say goodbye? Please."

Brinkley hesitated before releasing the hold on us. I practically crashed into Dean like a child to their mother. His arms were around me and I looked up to his face. I would have loved to remember his features. He always laughed at me when I said he had the appearance of an angel. The kiss was unexpected and if we could have gotten closer we would have. Soaking in every flavor, every memory, eyes squeezed shut as tight as could be and when I opened my eyes…


"Sam come on let's get the show on the road!"

I glanced over the parking lot of the gas market to see who was speaking. Today was my sister's birthday and my mom had come with to go on a road trip for a present. Out of the places she wanted to go to Boston, the little history buff. I knew that someday she would be a serious heartbreaker and a genius in college. The guy who had yelled got into the car after filling his tank, brown leather jacket and many layers of shirts. He was handsome. My mom definitely thought so as she elbowed me and I laughed and shook my head.

Entering the market I apologized as I ran into a tall brick building of a man. Brown shaggy hair and the sweetest eyes. "Have we met before?" he asked, his brow furrowing in thought.

"I don't think so. Out of state."

That seemed to be enough as he walked to the very car I had been staring at. Watching them a bit more I could see they were brothers with how they animatedly spoke to each other. "Bitch."


Oh, to be in that car with them…would be a crazy ride.


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