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Silhouetted by the moon, a solitary figure stood atop a cliff with his head bowed low and eyes shut lightly in concentration. A soft wind blew through the air that night causing the figures long silver hair to dance. The moonlight danced over his hair and skin, highlighting his perfection. Slowly, the figure raised his head and opened his golden eyes to stare over the land before him.

"Come," the deep voice of the figure called. With that one command, the aura around the male began to flare; it spoke of a great hidden power and demanded complete respect.

A few miles away, the figure of a sleeping woman suddenly stirred. Her bright blue eyes spotted with silver darted open as she sat upright upon her futon. Her small frame shook from surprise, fear, and excitement all at once. While inspecting her surroundings, she noticed nothing that would cause her instincts to react as they were; however, after a few seconds had passed, she heard the wind carrying a whispered command to her, "Come!"

Her eyes widened at the command the wind had carried to her. Looking to her side, she noticed that the slumbering child's dreams had not been disturbed. Again the wind blew and again it carried the command.

Her heart was racing inside of her chest, 'Is it time already?'


Her entire being stiffened as that single word echoed throughout her mind. Instantly panic began to set in as she tried to recall what night it was. Could she have really lost track of the time so easily? Gracefully the woman stood up and moved towards the small hut's opening. Pulling away the makeshift door, the beautiful woman waited and listened. Once again the same command as before was carried towards her by the wind.

'It must be time,' she thought to herself as she gazed up at the full moon. Indeed, her time in this village was over and she would have to depart soon. The thought brought nothing but despair to her but she had no choice.


This time, instead of a whispered request, it was a harsh demand. She could tell he was growing impatient. If she didn't hurry, he would come to the village and rip it apart looking for her.

Once again she looked toward the young child and smiled, "I'll be back for you tomorrow!" With that said, she leaned down and placed a kiss upon the child's brow.

Standing up, she dressed herself quickly and gathered her things. There was nothing new about tonight as there was any other night. She would travel from place to place and wait for him to call. When he did call, she would have to leave the place where she was staying and leave the people she had befriended behind as well. Walking out of the small hut, she took one last look around the kind village that had offered her and her companion free boarding for the past few nights.


He was growing impatient and his resistance was diminishing. Taking a running start, the young woman ran toward his last call. Soon her pace quickened as she felt his breaking point grow closer then ever; it seemed as if she was outrunning the wind itself as she ran.

His eyes were now a deep crimson red and they were getting worse with every second that she wasn't here. A low growl was released from his throat as he called out to her again.


His eyes scanned the forest below the cliff edge for any sight of her but there was none.

"You called?" came the voice he had longed to hear for quite some time now.

Turning around he faced her and took in her disheveled appearance. Her hair was on the wild side from running, and her kimono had fell open slightly revealing some cleavage a long creamy leg.

"What kept you?"

"I had to gather my things before I left! I can't just stay awake at all times and wait on your beck and call," she said as she set down her things and fixed her Kimono.

"I do have my own life yo-" she tarted but was interrupted by his brutal kiss.

At first she struggled and tried to push herself out of his arms; however, she knew it was futile. His grip was too strong and he was too powerful. Giving up all hopes of pulling away, she wrapped her arms around his neck and responded to the kiss.

He pulled away slightly and stared down at her small frame. How could such a small scrap of a demon evoke such needs and wants from him? Every time he thought of her his need grew and it only made him want her more badly then the last time.

"You are my mate and thus your life is tied to mine," he whispered against her lips before he moved his mouth to kiss and nip at her long slender neck.

Something inside of her snapped and she was able to push him away. "If I am your mate then why am I forced to go from each human village and lay in wait instead of staying at your side? Why do you hide the fact that I am your mate? Why must you constantly get what you want from me but I can never get what I want from you?"

This struck a chord somewhere in his being. His anger grew at the thought of her questioning him but at the same time confusion bit at him as to why he WAS hiding her. She was beautiful and strong! There would be nothing to be ashamed about; it's not like she was a human. Nevertheless, he let his ego answer for him when he slammed her up against a nearby tree and pushed his body to hers, "Because you are MINE and you do as I say. I will not tolerate this rebellion any longer if you continue to provoke me!"

"What if I don't want to be yours!" she said in reply, anger and hurt clouding her judgment of what she should say.

Suddenly his control slipped and his grip on her arm tightened, "Do not EVER speak to me like that AGAIN!" With that said, Sesshomaru released her and watched her slide to the ground.

She sat down at the base of the tree with her head bowed in sadness and a hand covering her now rapidly bruising arm. Unnoticed tears slipped down her face slowly.

"Stand up!" he ordered.

She did as she was told but kept her head bowed down so he would not see the tears and consider her weak.

He took a step forward and looked down at her. Taking his clawed hand, he lifted her face up so that he could look down at her. His crimson eyes stared down into hers for a moment before he bent his head down to hers and licked away the wet and salty substance that was falling from her face.

She did nothing but stand there and let him do as he wished. There was nothing she could do about it anyway. No matter how much she tried to deny it and no matter how hard she resisted she would always love him. Unfortunately he didn't seem to feel mutual about it. She was just something for him to use every now and then. Why couldn't he hold her and tell her he loved her like others did with their loved ones?

Soon his hands found themselves slipping into her kimono and sliding it off gently as he kissed his way back down her neck. She was beautiful and most considered her a celestial being because her beauty was not that of human or demon alike!

Her small hands found themselves removing his armor and opening the upper part of his kimono. No matter how many times this happened, she just couldn't control the beating of her heart when he touched her. You would think by now her heart would realize that this was nothing more then usual and that it would be its normal pace. Unfortunately, no it had to be complicated and it had to make her fall in love with him.

Their mouths met in a searing kiss as he lowered the both of them to the ground. His massive body was atop of her smaller frame as he continued to kiss her. Soon his kisses made their way further down her body and both of them became lost in passion.

The full moon up above shined down upon the two lovers as their bodies molded together. Their bodies becoming one as their souls intertwined with one another.

"Lady where are you, lady?" were the cries that awakened the sleeping woman from her peaceful sleep.

"The villagers are-" she started as she turned to where her lover should have been, but the only thing there to give proof of his appearance last night was a new kimono for her.

Sighing lightly, she stood and dressed herself quickly. He had once again left her without as much as a goodbye! Turning to her things, she noticed that he had also left her with enough supplies to last her and her little companion to their next destination.

She bowed her head down low and let her tears of shame fall from her slender face. Why did she continuously let him do this? Why couldn't she summon up enough strength to push him away and order him to at least TRY to love her?

"There you are Lady!" the little girl she took care of cried out in happiness as she ran over to the woman.

"Hello Rin," she said as she embraced the small girl in a tight hug.

"Where were you lady?" the little girl name Rin asked curiously.

"I came out here to think last night and didn't want to wake you from your pleasant dreams, young one," she replied as she moved some stray hairs out of the little girls face.

Rin smiled a toothy grin as she started to pull the lady's hand toward the village, "Everyone is looking for you!"

The lady's eyes widened a fraction. The people of the village were looking for her? Never had that happened before! Usually, villagers were happy to see a demon like her gone, "Okay Rin . . ."

With that said she stood up, gathered her things, picked Rin up, and balanced her on her hip, "Let's not keep the villagers waiting!"

"Master you have returned! Where have you been my master?" the voice of a weak demon question as he ran up to his master.

The master gave the small demon a light glare before he started to walk toward his next destination.

"Oh please forgive me my master! I shouldn't have asked so rudely," the small demon responded while grabbing the reigns of a two-headed demon. With a quick tug, the toad like creature lead the larger one to follow their lord and master.


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