Chapter 1.

Hidan kicked a stone into the road, while walking home from school, cursing his life. Everything that could have gone wrong… did. Hidan had been going out with Kakuzu for what seemed like forever… until now. Hidan was mooching off of Kakuzu until he could find a new job, since he got laid off from his old, after getting caught, drinking on the job. One of the perks of working in a bar.

So now, he was royally jobless, loveless and now homeless. Because Hidan couldn't pay his half of the rent in the apartment, and he couldn't pay for his tuition for college, he was out… for good.

Hidan sighed as he passed the park watching the swings sway to and fro, and listening to the ever present squealing of the metal chains. Looking away, and beginning to walk again, Hidan swore out loud as it began to pour.

Twenty minutes later, he arrived at the apartment he (usto) share with Kakuzu, only to find all his belongings were packed in a couple suitcases and sitting outside the door, waiting for him… mocking him.

Hidan began to pack his stuff in the trunk of his car. The thing was a piece-o-crap, but it was his piece-o-crap, and that made Hidan smile for the first time in what seemed like forever.