Chapter 13

(Note: this is a lemon chapter, meaning if you don't like yaoi, BoyXBoy please don't read)

Nearly five hours later, Hidan and Deidara finished eating, and all their homework.

"Jashin, I Hate college!" Hidan sighed as he fell back on Deidara's bed. His messenger bag, packed neatly, and ready to go for school tomorrow.

"Me too un" Deidara said, collapsing next to Hidan, and hugging him tightly. Hidan kissed his boyfriends neck lightly and smiled as Deidara giggled. After a few moments, Hidan rolled onto Deidara and kept kissing his neck.

Deidara closed his eyes slightly and moaned as Hidan slid his fingers up his thin shirt, and lavished his neck with both lips and tongue. Deidara wrapped his arms around Hidan's neck and tugged on the back of his shirt.

The albino got the idea, and pulled his shirt over his head and off when Deidara needed a breath of air. Deidara's fingers traced Hidan's muscles and down his back, making Hidan moan from the slight touch. Deidara pulled Hidan onto his body and he started to kiss Hidan again. Both boys' pants started to get tight, as lips crashed together, and as fingers trailed along smooth, glistening skin.

Deidara moaned (like an uke) as Hidan nipped and licked at his collar bone, as his fingers ran through the gelled hair, his own blonde locks beginning to stick to his forehead. Hidan tugged at Deidara's belt loops, silently asking the pants to come off. Dei got the message and obliged, moaning again as his painfully erect member was freed from its denim prison.

Hidan looked down, surprised as he smirked lightly and he started to lick and kiss his way, down Deidara's smooth chest and stomach. Before he knew it, Deidara was squirming all over the bed, as Hidan began to pleasure him, tongue flicking in and out over the tip of Deidara's erect cock. He nearly screamed as Hidan took in Deidara's entire length and swallowed.

"Ugh Hidan!!!" Deidara moaned as Hidan's head began to bob up and down along the pink skin. Hidan expertly sucked, licked and bit every inch of Deidara from tip to stomach. The blonde wrapped his legs around Hidan and squeezed as he groaned, almost ready for release.

Hidan smirked again and pulled his lips away from Deidara and he began to pump his hand rhythmically along Deidara's pulsating member. Deidara moaned loudly as the cold air hit the saliva and moaned even louder when he felt Hidan kissing the inside of his thighs. Hidan kept pumping harder and harder, until he knew Deidara would release. Soon enough he stopped and cupped his hand over the top of Deidara's cock and kissed his lover's stomach lightly. Deidara groaned as he bucked his hips into Hidan's hand as he cummed, letting his hot fluids cover Hidan's pale hand.

Hidan slid his pants off with his clean hand, and kissed Deidara over and over again as he began to rub the cum all over his own painful and freed member. When he was sure, both his cock and hand were covered with Deidara's seed, Hidan pulled away and kneeled between Deidara's legs. He lifted Deidara's legs slightly and positioned himself at the tight entrance. He looked up at the slightly quivering, and panting Deidara, who simply nodded, his blue eyes sparkling with excitement.

Hidan gently pushed the tip of his cock into Deidara who groaned with pain. Hidan remained still for a while until Deidara, ordered him to move. Hidan slowly slid the rest of himself into Deidara's amazingly hot and tight entrance. Hidan moaned as he felt himself slide into Deidara, he almost released just from how tight Deidara was.

He began to thrust, sticking slightly and the two both moaned in pleasure. Deidara's softened cock was becoming more and more erect with every pounding thrust from Hidan's hips. Deidara's eyes squinted with pain as Hidan kept going, faster and harder. All of a sudden, Deidara screamed in pain as Hidan hit a sweet spot inside him…

"Ugh, again there Hidan!!!!!" Deidara gasped, his cock now fully erect once again and throbbing. Hidan began to pump Deidara's cock in time with his thrusts, getting ready to send Deidara over the edge. Hidan kept going faster and faster, pounding into Deidara harder and harder, hitting his prostate each time.

"Deidara, I'm gonna!!!" Hidan grunted as he almost hit his release. After about five more thrusts, Hidan cummed all inside Deidara's tight ass. Within seconds, Deidara cummed as well, all over Hidan and his own stomach's.

Hidan collapsed on Deidara, kissing his uke softly. He pulled his softening cock out as he rolled next to Deidara, lying on his side, trading sweet kisses. Hidan was panting as Deidara said;

"Thank you Hidan"

"You're welcome Dei, but why thank you?"

"You took my virginity from me" Deidara replied sheepishly, pulling hair from his face. Hidan looked surprised for a moment…

"Dei, you should have told me, otherwise I wouldn't have been so hard on you."

Deidara giggled and hugged Hidan closely.

"It felt good un" Deidara said, kissing Hidan's cheek.

Hidan and Deidara were both exhausted and the two fell asleep together for the first time as a couple. They both slept peacefully, not having any troubles or worries… All they had was each other.