Memories Dreams and New Beginnings

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Chapter 1: After (a couple of months after Edward left)

Bella POV: I awoke from another terrible nightmare and yet again realized that he's gone, my Romeo, never to return. The truth in my thoughts hurt me still, even after these passing months of my

awaiting his return. This time though, when I woke up, it felt different, like I was truly awaking, not just from a sleep but more from my zombie-like state.

Sitting up in bed, I looked at the clock, 7:00 am. I'd decided that today is the day I will make changes in my life, and face the fact that my fairy tale is over, the prince had lost interest, but I felt

something forming in the back of my mind, a plan perhaps and I prayed that it would be useful.

After all this time, I couldn't bring myself to feel any hatred towards Edward, *wince* well I guess that's another thing to add to the list of changing, so let's see: 1. today is the last time I feel sorry for

myself, 2. That was the last time I called him by his real name, he doesn't deserve to have me thinking about him, and finally 3. I will now focus on everything else in my life and forget Edward Cullen!

Crap, err I think I'll just stick with him. Well if he wanted me to live, I guess it is bye-bye old, timid Isabella Swan and hello the new me who isn't afraid to do anything. And that is when the idea hit me,

it was crazy but it just might work, I had a feeling in my chest that I couldn't quite identify.

Shrugging off the feeling, I dressed for school quickly, but for once caring what I looked like took time to choose an old Alice outfit that I'd never consider wearing before, the old me would probably

would say it looks too slutty but the old me didn't work out well now did it?

I made my way down stairs. Charlie was probably already gone, trying to escape my sad attempt at living like he wanted, but like I said before; he wanted living well I plan to live a lot now. I sneered

at what I had planned as I walked into the kitchen.

To my surprise, Charlie was sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal.

'Morning Dad'

I called, with a smile on my face, it may have been forced but it was more than I was used to and actually made my cheeks hurt. Apparently it was more than Charlie was used to as well, and I think he

may have almost fallen off his chair.

'Err, morning Bells what's got you looking so happy this morning?' he finally replied, his words slightly distorted due to the biggest grin I think I'd ever seen plastered on his face. Just looking at it made

my cheeks hurt!

'Well, nothing much actually, I've just decided to change my perspective on life and live life to its fullest.' My voice sounded different, perhaps more lively, and I discovered I liked it.

'Well that's great! I'm glad to see you moving on' If it was possible, his grin got even bigger as he took my words to understand I was moving on from him, and for some reason I got an dull ache at

the bottom of my stomach, and I felt like I was about to be sick. I wasn't sure why, but I had a pretty good idea 'All well, I better stick to my original plan' I thought to myself as I pulled up chair next to


'Um dad, I was wondering if it was okay that I go out tonight with Jessica or someone, I haven't been out in a while, and I'm missing my friends?' I tried to smile as I said this, but it came out as a

grimace, because my words were the farthest from the truth, perhaps the only thing I missed about my friends was Angela and the entertainment I got from them when I was dating him, but I couldn't

keep thinking like that so I stopped my racing thoughts and concentrated on Charlie's answer.

'Of course Bella, but now that you're seeing friends...' his face looked weird, almost embarrassed for the person he was speaking about.

'...Well do you remember Billy Black, and his son Jacob?' I nodded; I hadn't seen Jake since prom.

'Well I was just hoping that you'd go see Jake sometime, he apparently keeps asking to come here, but Billy told him that you weren't ready' his smile was sheepish at the end, and I'm guessing there

was more about what Jacob had said that he was editing out, but I wasn't sure I wanted to know.

'Yeah, okay' I wasn't sure what to say, or what that entitled but a simple answer seemed to satisfy Charlie, so I walked out the door for school, leaving Charlie grinning like a fool . and that 's when I

identified, the feeling I had in my chest earlier, and I realised why I couldn't recognize it before, because I hadn't felt it in so long I thought I had lost what it was.

The feeling was hope.

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