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As I made my way into the parking lot, I noticed that all of my "friends" didn't even acknowledge my presence and that kind of hurt!

'Well, I guess I'll just have to see about that won't we' I thought to myself as I made my way over to them.

'Hey guys' I said, cheerfully, my smile this time genuine awaiting their reactions

They didn't disappoint, Jessica's face lit up along with Tyler's, Angela's and Mike's –who looked so happy he looked almost in pain!

Their whole conversation stopped as they all greeted me with a 'Hey Bella!' Lauren's face was hilarious, the conversation obviously had been previously centred on her,

but all attention was focused on me now, everyone's mouths were literally hanging open! Her face looked so mad I thought steam would come out of her ears any minute!

'Hi Bella' she said shortly later, her nasal voice coated in disgust and loathing, and for some reason Jessica glared at the back of Lauren's head before returning her gaze to me, with a small smile on

her face. I could feel the smile on my face spreading into a grin, 'so that's why Jess was so happy to see me, her and Lauren are no longer best mates' I thought to myself happily, I just wonder why.

'Wow, you look err different?' Mike said, but more as a question, still with I goofy grin on his face.

'Yeah, I thought I'd, you no, make a change and move on from err things' I hoped they get the hint that I didn't want to talk about the subject. I glanced at Angela and I knew she got where I was

going, and she gave me a small smile and a little nod. But Mike, 'good old Mike' -I thought to myself with no humour- obviously didn't get my drift and continued.

'Oh good! So you got over that prick Cullen then?' I could feel the tears building, along with my surging anger. Lucky Angela noticed and stepped in before I slapped that stupid grin of his face.

'Mike, don't talk about Edward like that! He never did anything to you, and I think Bella is trying to move on, not dwell on the past.' I gave Angela a thankful smile and turned to the others.

Just then, Ben walked up and put his arms around Angela's waist.

'Oh! hey Bella!' he said once he realised my presence but went straight back to whispering things in Angela's ear.

'Hey, Ben' I muttered more to myself.

I suddenly felt a searing pain in my torso, jealousy and decided to begin my last chance plan.

'Soo, has anyone got plans for tonight, I was wondering if anyone wanted to go see a movie or something?' I asked calmly, looking to Mike first, knowing I had the best chance with him.

His face fell dramatically, as if he was remembering an unwanted chore, and for some strange reason, Laurens face lit up.

'Err; sorry Bella, Lauren and I kind of have a date.' That's when I looked at Jess to see she was glaring daggers at Lauren, and I realised that she was jealous of Lauren and Mike.

'Wait Lauren and Mike, when did that happen?' I asked, genuinely curious.

'Err, well...' Mike began, but was cut off by Lauren.

'Well, not long after Cullen dumped you actually!' she sneered, I could feel tears working their way up, but I forced them down. I looked to Mike, and he wore and apologetic expression.

Then my eyes met with Jess, she smiled sympathetically at me before stomping down extremely hard on Lauren's foot.

The screech that came next was deafening and we all put our hands to our ears.

'What the hell Jess?' shrieked Lauren in Jess's face. Jess just sneered and said

'Sorry, it slipped' the sarcasm seemed extremely obvious to me, but apparently no one else picked up on it, or if they did, they didn't seem to care.

'Um okay, that's fine, I hope you guys have fun' I turned next to Angela and Ben and winced, their lovey dovey couple stuff hurt but I tried not to let it show.

'So what about you guys?' I asked, my voice shaking slightly

'Ohhh Bella, I'm so sorry, but tonight's our anniversary exactly one year today.' Then they looked into each other's eyes and I had to turn away.

Um, Tyler, Jess? Don't tell me you guys are together too?' they both went red, and shook their heads.

'Phew, good so can you come?' Tyler looked like he was about to say yes, but suddenly seemed to find something over my shoulder extremely interesting. I turned and saw Mike glaring at Tyler,

'I guess Mike still wanted me available ayy?' I thought to myself dryly.

'Umm, nah sorry Bella, It looks like me, Erick and Austin all have something on tonight.' he smiled sheepishly, as he realized i saw Mike.

I looked to Jess exasperated and was relieved to see her nodding with a small smile.

"Sure Bella, I'll come with you" I discovered that I kind of missed Jess in a way, now that she was without Laurens evil influence.

Just then the bell rang and we made our way to our classes. I was relieved to see Mike had given up walking me to class. Instead he had his arm around Lauren,

but with a sort of pained look on his face. As I made my way to English, I thought about what I had missed these couple of months, and smiled.

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