An: ok so here's the next bit dealing with Pyro's reaction, Little bit of Psylock's past, some Sabertooth being evil, Pyro being a pyro, Remy being unhappy, and Logan being oblivious. Also Nightcrawler! who is pretty much my favorite mutant though I've never written him before. its slow going but the story has a complete direction now and I am still slowly but surely hashing it out.

Warnings: Little humiliating hazing, some unwanted sexual attention from Sabertooth (but no rape), Logan being OOC and my own inability to write a female character that i like. also Nightcrawler is a Catholic and im not going to portray him as some evil jerk just for angst sake...

And here...we...go.

Sabertooth allowed the newest flavor to slip by him without comment. The boy was sweet and young and was sure to taste…divine. That this 'Geppetto' had once belonged to Wolverine would make everything that much more satisfying.

"Tomorrow, we travel," Magneto told the small group of assembled mutants. Their leader liked to keep things close to the chest but like most 'thinkers' needed someone to appreciate his vast mind and so Mystik and Saber both knew they were headed back to the manor to deliver Geppetto back to the X-men. Of course Mystik disapproved. She thought they should keep this Wizard close where they could use him, though she was too devoted to ever put up more than a token protest.

Saber didn't care either way; he just wanted a taste before the end.

"Spike will remain here," Magneto said and lifted an eyebrow when Spike latched onto Eros and declared, "I'll go where he goes."

Eros patted Spike's arm and said, "You need to stay here." Spike settled down, happy now the order was coming from Eros. Saber decided he'd keep clear of this Eros. He could usually throw off most of the influential gifts but he already served too many masters to risk another.

"Sabertooth, you will also remain," said Magneto absently before setting a time and sending the rest off to rest. Saber kept track of his prey, seething.

"It's too bad," Mystik taunted. Her scent fanned Saber's lust, dark, dangerous, amused. "You'd better make an impression before the delicious Wolverine gets a hold of him."

"Planned on it,' Saber told her. She snatched his elbow and he shrugged it off. She ignored his hostility.

"Don't touch him," She warned and Saber snarled. It galled but he would obey Magneto's orders on this. His punishments were always imaginative and long lasting.

Psylock was smoking outside her tent and winced as he approached. He smelled her neck as he passed enjoying the scent of her fear and disgust. "He's not a healer." She told him, a waver in her quiet voice.

"Oh?" He asked, pausing to prolong her torment. He had tasted nearly every new recruit and Psylock was no different. Very powerful now, when she'd joined them she was weak and he'd taken advantage of it. Now she was too terrified of him to ever stand against him.

"He can heal, but that's not all he can do."

Saber latched onto a long lock of hair and pulled her head back to lick a wet stripe along her throat. He was aware that Magneto used him as an enforcer, someone to be punished with, and Saber loved it. Telepathy only barely worked on him, Psi powers didn't at all, and he could heal from anything physical. There were few mutants who could put him off. It's what made him so valuable to so many people.

"He won't stop me. No one can." He told her and let her go with a shove.

"Forgive me," she whispered into the night and Sabertooth grinned as he pressed into the tent.

Pyro woke to grumbling words he could barely make out. Heavy with sleep his eyes were hazy. He'd slept away from Angelous, unsure about…everything after what happened in the woods. He'd been a virgin, or was still. Pyro wasn't sure. Angelous hadn't ever actually touched him so did it count as sex?

Sabertooth was in their tent, growling to a terrified Angelous and….beating off! Sabertooth was a scary dude, matchless by any save Xavier or Wolverine and only Wolverine because he was so unbreakable.

Pyro could hear what Saber was saying, sick disgusting things about how worthless Angelous was and how he was only good for one thing. He didn't interfere. Not only would he be killed but there was sick justice in watching the one who'd held him helpless made helpless in turn.

"You're lucky that Magneto wants you untouched for now. I'd love to show you what the Cajun got. Maybe you can ask him if he ever takes you back. Not sure he will. He hates betrayal, that swamp rat; got that from me. It's not the only thing he learned from me. Maybe before he'll take you back he'll show you some of the more painful things I taught him." Angelous whimpered, his eyes screwed tightly shut so he wouldn't have to see the meaty dripping cock right above his face.

Saber rolled him and Angelous didn't fight it. He lifted Angelous hair up and came, splattering Angelous' neck and back with long ropes of feral seed. Saber then patted Angelous hair back down over the mess. "Doubt they'll take you back smelling like me. They'll be too afraid to take what's mine. Not that I'm claiming you. You're not worth it. No one would claim you." Angelous just whimpered again and Saber left with one ominous wink at the gaping Pyro.

Slowly, so Angelous wouldn't startle, Pyro crawled over to sit beside him, not touching, just close enough to feel his body heat. "Jesus," Pyro whispered, his mind practically blown.

He gently patted Angelous' leg, not wanting to touch the mess on his back. "Are you…" Pyro hesitated, guilty over his previous feelings of justice, "Hurt anywhere." He finished finally.

"No," Angelous rolled over headless of the wet squish that made Pyro want to vomit. "I'm used to it."

"Yeah! Well I wasn't," Pyro said hotly before flushing. He'd promised himself he'd forget it ever happened.

"And are you now?" Angelous questioned tiredly.

Pyro flushed brighter. "Just don't do it to me again."

Angelous rolled away, "I thought you'd like it." There was no guilt or uncertainty in his voice. As if it didn't' bother him at all.

Pyro didn't answer immediately, thoughts crashing together in his mind. He had enjoyed it, but it still felt wrong, and that felt immature. Pyro wasn't sure how to feel and resented a little that his previous illusions of sex and love were shattered, which also felt naive. "Just don't without permission," Pyro said at last only to realize Angelous was sleeping. He'd tell him again in the morning.

Psylock slipped in and flinched when Pyro looked at her. "Is he ok?" She whispered. Her eyes were red, like she'd been crying.

"He stinks, and needs a bath, but Sabertooth didn't touch him," Pyro told her. "You knew it was going to happen?"

She dropped her gaze. He hadn't been trying to make her feel guilty, he was just curious. "He picks a new recruit every time. When I came here it was just me." Pyro winced, catching on.

"And Magneto did nothing?"

"Magneto encourages it. He knows that trauma makes our powers stronger, and wants us to be strong." A purple glow enveloped her hand and a long sword made entirely of purple light formed. "I couldn't do this until after…" She let it die. "It wasn't worth it."

She rolled over so her back was to Pyro and he couldn't ask how she'd done that. He fell asleep wondering if everyone in the whole world is raped at one point or another.

She didn't fall asleep at all.

In the morning Magneto lead them to the road where he immediately caused bedlam. Surely it didn't' take this much death and violence to steal one car big enough to seat the eight of them.

It was fun, Magneto was laughing and conducting the crashing cars like it was an orchestra; flipping his wrist to and fro in a rhythm only he could hear. Calypso and the boy introduced as Quicksilver laughed and cheered. Eros, Psylock, and Angelous hung back but Pyro followed Mystik into the fray and began causing his own mayhem. He threw fireballs at the crashed cars, melting the bodies inside and felt buoyed by Magneto's approval. Finally Magneto stopped, picked a large van, and they all piled in.

"Aren't the authorities going to investigate?" Eros wondered, "Won't that lead them to camp?"

Mystik said, "We'll have to move camp anyway. You three know where it is." She glared at them as is if this was a huge crime. Magneto chuckled.

The drive was boring, Angelous appeared to be meditation, and all Pyro's attempts to start conversations with the attractive female mutants were quickly shut down.

Pyro settled on watching the cars they passed and the scenery. A little boy in the back of a car stuck his tongue out at Pyro. Insulted and bored, Pyro sought a way to get back at the kid.

He rolled down his window, the wind briefly making Angelous twitch. A flick of the thumb lit Pyro's lighter and he controlled the flame with two fingers. A thin blue line of concentrated heat passed between the moving vehicles and the upholstery beside the kid exploded in a blaze of fire. The kid screamed and his mother swerved, crashing into and through the guard rail. They plummeted over a cliff and their car exploded as the mutants drove away. Pyro was interested to find out he lost control of his flame as soon as it left his sight.

"Don't do that again," Pyro jerked expecting Angelous but it was Eros glaring at him.

"Do what?" Pyro taunted winking at Quicksilver to bring him in on the joke. The other boy laughed but he was the only one. Calypso rolled her eyes and Psylock sneered at him.

"What? They're only human." In the front seat Mystik and Magneto grinned which pleased Pyro.

"I will stop you," Eros said quietly beginning to truly dislike this brotherhood and their casual cruelty to humans. They were like Death Eaters.

"You'll use your power on mutants but not humans? Do you even know if you're strong enough to affect humans?" Pyro mocked.

"Oooh burn," Quicksilver laughed and then laughed again at his pun.

"I'm strong enough to stop you," Eros affirmed darkly.

Seeing Quicksilver getting bored and Angelous glaring at the interruption to his meditation, Pyro relented unhappily.

"Can you affect wizards?" Magneto asked Eros who nodded.

"It's what got me caught. There are potions that block Veela abilities that don't stop me."

"Have you met a veela?" Mystic asked and Quicksilver asked, "What's a Veela?"

"A veela is a creature, usually female, that puts out an allure that attracts males. When angered they turn into fireball throwing harpies," Eros told them. "And I've seen one, but only been close to a quarter Veela."

"Do they affect you?" Mystik asked with a snide lip curl and Eros flushed. Not being affected by Veela usually meant you were either a very weak wizard or gay, and it was an insult to insinuate either.

"Not since I graduated," Eros hissed uncharacteristically. All the subtleties of their banter were lost on the other occupants of the van.

"You know a lot about wizards," Angelous commented after a pause.

"I lived with them. I was all set to go to Hogwarts, the wizard school, when I woke up this way, better," She insisted, "they kicked me out."

"Who did?" Pyro asked.

"My parents, my witch mother and human father, hypocrites both of them. She got disowned to be with him but neither could stand the product of their union." Eros was shocked, and happy to finally have someone who understood to hear his betrayal.

"Dumbledore preaches equality. I spent seven years listening to him talk about how muggleborn are just as good but he took one look at me and locked me up," Eros ability flared and made them all want to comfort him, Calypso turned around in her seat to pat him gently on the hand. He smiled at her and then blushed and reigned in his gift. Calypso jerked back her hand and wiped it on her leg. "Sorry," He told them.

Magneto was pleased to discover the helmet that protected his mind from Charles also kept him free of Eros' control. He believed it wouldn't stop any influence directed by physical contact though.

"The wizards squandered their chance to rule. They allowed cowardness and weakness to lead them into hiding. Now we have come and they have joined with our enemy to destroy that which they fear. They fear us because we are superior," Magneto told them, keeping his eyes on Angelous as he didn't need to be watching to road to control the metal vehicles around them. "It is because of this fear that they seek control, and it is because of this fear that we will win."

"You want control too," Angelous said, his voice quiet but powerful, "What do you fear?"

Mystik sneered at the implication that Magneto had such a weakness.

"I fear that dissention will lead to our destruction before we can properly gain our rightful place in this world."

"The professor says that we can live in peace if we all…"

"Charles is a fool," Magneto interrupted Pyro. "they will never let us live in peace." He pointed at Angelous. "They have already begun this war but we will win it." He pensively rubbed the numbered tattoo on his arm.

Remy hadn't awakened under trees since his days on the streets. It was safer to sleep on roofs then be caught by snakes or alligators in the marshes. It was surprising to discover himself on leaves covered by only a thin blanket and the smoldering body heads of a slumbering Wolverine.

Pleased, Remy snuggled in using his charm to ease Logan back to sleep. Logan snorted and grumbled but settled quickly. Remy pressed gentle kisses on the solid arm that held him down. He felt safe showing his heart because Logan was deeply asleep, at any other time Logan would surely push him away and Remy's poor Cajun heart couldn't take that.

So Remy would be sneaky and carefully plan his needs around moments of weakness to better guard his heart. He had no desire to hear the uncomfortable but brutal put downs that would come should Remy make the mistake of telling Logan how dependant he was on the older mutant - especially since Remy new better then to have gotten attached in the first place.

Carefully Remy turned over Logan letting him cover more completely. Logan snuffed into Remy's hair while soft gentle kisses were placed along Logan's throat and shoulder.

"Morning" Logan grunted making Remy jump. Logan tightened his grip to keep Remy from rolling away. He'd hoped Logan would stay asleep or at least stay feral.

Plying on the charm Remy smirked, "good morning mon lupe." He licked and nibbled on Logan's neck making it as lude and overt as possible. Logan snorted with amusement and sought Remy's lips with his own. He pulled away after a chaste but lingering kiss and rolled to his feet leaving Remy shivering with want and sudden chill.

"The pup's coming back today," Logan yawned clearly eager and Remy nodded. He should have known better. At least Logan wasn't being unduly cruel as he shoved Remy's' feeling aside. Any and all affection was for Angelous, and not wasted on ruddy little Cajun boys who are good for sex and not much else.

They cleared up their makeshift camp quickly and in comfortable silence. The fire doused, the blankets folded, and their clothes righted they headed back to the manor.

As they left the forest, Remy still obsessing over Logan's amusement and what it could mean, they heard hard, angry voices.

"I hear her screaming, not you. I hear her crying, not you! She suffers and you say she deserves it! She's had enough."

"It has been only a few days."

"Didn't your Jesus teach forgiveness and compassion?"

"Forgiveness without penance is worthless."

They were shocked to see Kitty and Kurt arguing and so clearly about Jean. The sharp ricochet when Kitty slapped him echoed in the courtyard and only made Kurt's face barely move but for the violet forked tongue that licked his split lip. Kitty reached back to sack him again.

"That's enough," Logan growled and Kitty took off running towards the manor.

Kurt sighed, "She has soft heart, sometimes too soft. Accept my apologize for ruining your morning."

Remy linked arms with the downtrodden mutant boy, "Is all the more pleasant with ye 'ere ma petite," He winked. Kurt blushed, his sharp cheeks dusting pale blue.

"Come on lover boys," Logan smirked ruffling Remy's hair. Logan was not good at affection and though he enjoyed Remy's gentle handling as he woke, Logan wasn't good at accepting affection either. Everything was better when Angelous was there to sooth their inconsistencies.

Kitty was giggling at the attention several younger boys gave her. She smirked at them as they passed. Kurt winced.

"Do you ever get jealous, zince der is three ov you? Do you compete vor hee's attention, or eachozers?" Kurt asked them. Logan jerked having never even considered it. What if Remy was jealous of his time with angelous? What if he wanted the boy all to himself? Stupid Germans making him second guess himself, it wasn't like him. But then again, rape wasn't usually his style either.

"Our Ange' need different tings and only together can we give 'em all 'em needs. Logan; 'em is safety and stability. 'e gives de rules and Remy 'e esplaines 'em." He winked at Logan in jest and Logan snorted. "Remy is compassion and affection and we be all 'em needs, together." He grinned wide, happy with being able to explain to someone what was so clear to him.

"How'd you know we're…you know?" Logan asked trying to come up with a descriptive phrase for what the three of them had that wasn't girly or queer.

Kurt laughed; his sharp white teeth stark against his blue skin. "It is obvious you are being in love, zat each has claimed ze other'z hearts."

"And you don't mind?" Logan pressed ignoring for the moment the whole heart claiming business. "I'm pretty sure I heard something against that when I was a young pup."

"Each man is gifted with a struggle, mine is acceptance of self and others. You battle rage and violence and your troubled past; to not succumb to your nature. Remy fights corruption as he manipulates to protect himself and his loves and to trust that he has worth and merit on his own." He looked away from them, afraid of their reactions to his frank words. "Wee child Angelous fights off self hate and his anger at what was done to him. Any ease in the struggle zat is zis life is a gift from on high."

The gate that kept the outside world separate from the manor opened emitting one sparsely scorched van. The trio hurried to join the group waiting by the doorway of the manor to greet them.

The van rolled to as top and Logan and Remy stepped forward unsure if they expected to greet Angelous or attack because he wasn't there. Magneto slid regally out of the driver's seat followed by Mystik who leaned sexily on her door while the others climbed out with less grace. The little brat that stole their Angelous climbed out and Logan stepped forward growling only to stop when his limbs refused to move. Magneto lowered his hand "no need for violence, you're wizard is returned."

Cedric stepped aside leaving room for Angelous to crawl out. His head was dipped, eyeing them from under his unkept hair. Clearly he hadn't looked after his hygiene. Every mutant save Mystik- who couldn't' care less - held their breath as Angelous slowly approached them.

Logan and Remy stepped close and drew him tightly to them.