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Last Time:


"Heh, I guess I know your weakness."

"That would be…?"


Hana threw a paper bomb at Hinata and then Hana disappeared.




Hinata's P.O.V.

I am in shock….. I-I can see my horrid past flashing before my eyes….. I see …. Everyone….. Everyone doubting me, calling me weak….

No…I need to stop…. This has to be some sort of Genjutsu…. I must stop it…….

Ok…Focus… Focus….Focus …… Byakugan!

Neji's P.O.V.

"Hinata! "

How could I have let Hinata alone…? I am….. Horrible……

"Aw… Well, aren't you sad…?"

"Y-You killed Hinata"

"Silly boy, didn't you hear me before… Orochimaru wants Hinata, alive and unharmed. Did you actually think I would've killed her?"

"What does he want from Hinata?!? She hasn't done a single thing wrong!"

"Orochimaru doesn't want what's on the outside…. He wants the power she has inside. At first look, it seems like she doesn't contain anything but innocence inside of her…. But once you look deeply into her…. You'll see that the innocence inside of her will soon turn to evil. There is nothing you can do…. She will soon figure out her destiny."

"I once was like you…. I didn't notice what the whole time…was there. I thought my destiny was to kill Hinata and have hatred towards the main branch…. I wanted more and more power…. I hated my teammates… I would use them as a shield but then Hinata showed me the light…. I thought of my comrades before me…. I cared and protected Hinata…. I made friends. My friends changed my destiny and they told me that I can make my own destiny… My destiny is to kill you and protect Hinata." I told Hana

"Aw. Well, isn't that sweet. I guess I'll make my own destiny too…. I'll make sure you die today."

"Go ahead…. I'm not scared of you….. I can kill you at whatever time pleases me."

"When will that be? 6 years from now."

"Nope. Right now."

"You're on, lover boy."


Hinata's P.O.V.


"Yes! I was freed from the genjutsu…"

I looked around and noticed that I wasn't where I was before…. I was tied to a tree.

"Lovely. It's made of chakra….. I should've guessed." I said to myself

What if…… Hmm… Hell yeah…. That'll definitely work!

Ok… Focus my chakra on the crust of my body…. Focus…. Focus!

Suddenly, the rope broke and Hinata was freed.

"And now to look for Neji…"


"Ok…Not there… Not there…. Bingo! He-He's about to fight Hana….H-He'll get killed… she's too powerful!"

No… I can't let him… I have to be the one fighting her…. The only thing that can beat her jutsu … is the jutsu she wants…..

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply…. It's time to kick some ass.

I started running at my full speed and then I noticed something…..

"W-What happened to Temari? She should've killed that bug master by now."

Temari's P.O.V.


"Where is your friend?"

"You mean-I'm not saying!"

"I guess I'll have to kill you then."

"Go ahead…. Hinata's my best friend. I would never bust her cover."

"You're very brave. Very brave indeed."

"It doesn't mean anything to me when you say it." I said gritting my teeth

"Little Temari… I won't kill you… but I'll definitely kill your siblings. Let's start with Kankuro."

"But he's not he-"

"TEMARI! GET OUT! NOW!" Yelled Kankuro



"If you escape, Temari, I'll just have to kill Gaara too." Said Orochimaru

"N-Not Gaara! He's just a kid! Take me instead!" I said, crying

"Temari! Don't be stupid! Gaara and I can handle ourselves! You just go!" said Kankuro

"F-Fine." I said and then I concentrated my chakra to my fist and I bust the roof open

"Hmm… I'll have to get that fixed…" said Orochimaru with a smirk

Neji's P.O.V.


"I'll be kind and let you attack first."

"I never attack first."

"Well, ok but you're gonna regret it."

Then at that moment, Hana made some hand signs and the two fire dragons were coming toward me.

"You're not gonna pull that trick again…."

I dodged them and they seemed to keep going the same direction

"Hm. That's nothing…. Wow."

"That's it! You're pissing me off! DRAGONS! ATTACK!"

"What are y-"

The first dragon bit Neji on the back and sent him falling to the floor

I groaned in a pain and noticed that the dragons' teeth were made of up sharp shuriken. After some of them were stuck to my back, their teeth grew back in seconds.

"As you see, my jutsu is undefeatable. There is no way you can survive with that wound on your back… You'll die with the loss of blood."

"No…I won't…. I never… give… UP!" I said, running to the dragon with my heavenly spin.

Btw: the heavenly spin is supposed to be a protection but, because the dragon is made of fire, the wind that blows off the spin, blows the fire away.

"Maybe, you are powerful….. But the second dragon is always the strongest because it absorbs the first dragon's chakra. There is no way you can beat my other dragon… not even with that little jutsu you just used."

Btw: Neji is on the ground holding his wounded arm and is breathing heavily due to major loss of chakra

"Oh, look at you… Your almost out of chakra, your arm is broken, and your losing gallons of blood. How can you survive with that?

"Like I said before, I won't die without killing you first. I may not be able to use gentle fist due to my arm but I can still dodge attacks and use my Byakugan"

Then I activated my Byakugan and noticed something.

"Dodging won't do any good and how can you kill me if you can't use any jutsu."

"I may not have my jutsu… but I have friends that'll help me out."

"What is that supposed to me-"

"EAT THIS!" Yelled Naruto coming from behind a tree with his rasengan


As Hana disappeared, Naruto attacked the tree branch that Hana had been standing on.

"W-Where'd she go?"

"I think she teleported." Said Kiba

Sasuke and Lee followed Kiba from behind the tree

"Neji, You alright?" asked Naruto

"Do I look alright?"

"Well, no…. what did she do to you?"



The dragon was about to attack Naruto

"CHIDORI!" Yelled Sasuke as he attacked the dragon

"W-What the hell was that?"

"It's one of Hana's jutsu. I defeated the first one but she says the second one is indestructible."

"These sound Ninja are starting to irritate me." Said Sasuke

"You almost went with them so I wouldn't be talking." Said Kiba

"But I left after 3 weeks because I realized that I made a mistake and Orochimaru didn't need me anymore because he found someone more powerful than me."

"Hey guys, what happened to Lee? He was here a few minutes ago." Said Naruto

"Don't know…. Do you think Hana took him?" asked Kiba

"No, she would have made more noise than that….." I said

Then, I started coughing up blood.

"I think we should take you to the Hospital. You could die." Said Kiba

"No, I must look for Hinata."

"Fine." Said Kiba

"Are you sure you can walk?" asked Naruto


"Geez… Sorry."

"Whatever. Let's go." I said

I started to get up but a tall figure showed up in front of us.

"Miss me?"

Hinata's P.O.V.


"Oh GOD, Lee! I thought you were someone else! What are you doing here?"

"Well, we were about to kill the enemy but then she disappeared and I heard something from over here so I ran here and yeah."

"Oh…Is Neji ok?"

"He looked like he was in bad condition…. He was holding his arm in pain….I think it was broken…. And his back was bleeding really badly and he is almost out of chakra."

"Oh my god! Take me to him! I have to help him get back to Konoha!"

"That is a great idea, Hinata!"

"Come on! Let's go." I said

Neji's P.O.V.

"Y-You…I thought …. Y-you… l-left…."

"I wasn't gonna run away… and besides… this is the perfect time to kill you. You can't even move…"

"Yeah! But we're here! So take this!"

"NO! NARUTO! DON'T!" yelled Sasuke

Naruto ran at Hana with his shadow clones and some shield formed around Hana and zapped all the shadow clones including the real Naruto.

"Naruto! You idiot!" Said Kiba

"Ow. Jeez…That really hurt." Said Naruto

"Your friends are right…. You are an idiot…. Even they know I am too powerful for pathetic little clones." Hana said with a grin

Naruto growled in anger.

"Naruto…. You shouldn't attack her with clones… she'll just eliminate them….. You're wasting chakra." Murmured Kiba

"Well, I better finish my business here."

Hana brought out a sword made up of fire and lifted it above Neji.

"It's time you die."

I was in too much pain to dodge or move. I knew that this is the end….. Hinata will be safe. It is time I die.


As Hana lowered the sword, approaching my body, Hinata came and stabbed her in the stomach with a huge sword.

"No one….Hurts…. NEJI!" Hinata lowered the sword more into Hana and took it out

"You…. Little….. Brat… "Said Hana, falling to the ground

"H-H-Hinata…." I said in disbelief

"Never leave me Neji…. Never…. Leave ….. Me…." Said Hinata, fainting

"HINATA!" Yelled Lee

"Where did you come from?" asked Naruto

"I was with Hinata."


"No, Naruto… YOU thought he was dead…. WE knew that he was ok."Said Kiba, rolling his eyes

Naruto mumbled something that no one could understand.


Kiba walked to where Hinata was laying down and put his ear to her Chest.

"She seems to be breathing ok. She's probably in shock because Hana almost killed you."


"N-N-Neji…." Said Hinata quietly

"Hinata! You're awake!"

"A-A-Are you ok?"

I smirked.

"I'm perfect."

"Well, come on guys…. Let's leave those two alone and go back to Konoha. I think Tsunade may need our help." Said Kiba

"Right!" said Naruto running into the woods

"Wait, Naruto! I cannot be beat!" yelled Lee, chasing after Naruto

"Let's go Sasuke."

Sasuke and Kiba ran into the woods.

"Hinata…. Please tell me you're ok."

"I should be asking you that question even though the answer's obvious."

"I'll be fi-"

"No… Look at your arm. It's broken."

"It's a simple break… No big deal…. It'll heal through time."'

I gave Hinata my arm and she examined it.

"It's a clean break… with a cast…. It'll heal quickly."

"Are you ok?"

"Yes… Hana was able to wound my arm…I healed it a little with the rest of my chakra but I'm almost out. But it's ok… It'll heal…"

"Hinata…. I thought you would be dead…If I hadn't stalled Hana."

`"What about you…. I need to get you to the hospital immediately and Tenten too."

"Wait… "

I removed all the shuriken on my back.

"D-Does it hurt?"

"Not anymore….. Because you're safe and here with me."

"I am so glad you're ok."

"So am I… Come on… Let's go back to Konoha."

"That sounds like a great idea."

"Well…. Hello…. Long time no see, eh?"

At that moment Hinata gasped and then fainted.

Temari's P.O.V.

Where could she possibly be? I've checked everywhere!



"Why are you here?" asked Naruto

"Because I wanted to take a walk- WHY DO YOU THINK I'M HERE, DUMBASS!?"

"I really don't know…"

"Idiot" said Sasuke

"Dude, it's simple…. Saving Hinata…" said Kiba

"Oh! I get it!"

"Wow…. You're really a dumbass…" I said

Why are THEY here?

"Why are you guys here?"

"We are here because the Leaf and sand Village are under a level 3 emergency because once Orochimaru drains Hinata's power, he's gonna eliminate the major villages and make them his own." Said Lee

"I picked the wrong time to buy an apartment in Konoha…."




"To be closer to my friend every once in a while…. You got problem with that?" I said


"Excuse me?"

"Never mind…"

"You little… I'm not even gonna beat you now because I am looking for Hinata but when you least expect it….. I'll REALLY hurt you…"

"I'm not scared of you…"

"Man… I ought to….. UGH! … Where is Hinata, Lee?" I asked, changing the subject

"She was helping Neji get up…"

"Neji? What happened?"

"We got here a few minutes ago but I think Neji took on Hana-"

"Who's Hana?"

"Orochimaru's preferred Sidekick…."

"Ok…Carry on…"

"Neji took on Hana and she hurt him pretty badly…. So Hana was about to kill Neji but Hinata came in with this lightning sword and got Hana in the heart so Neji wasn't killed…. Hinata fainted of shock….. But she woke up and then we left to let them have some time together and-"

All of a sudden there was a scream…. A scream that sounded like someone was dying...


"Come on! Let's go!" I said running into the distance

"Hinata is hurt! I must help her!" said Lee, running after Kiba and Sasuke who were already running

"WAIT FOR ME!" Said Naruto

Hinata's P.O.V.

"N-Neji……A-Are you o-ok?" I asked

"Awww…. I'm so truly sorry… You killed my partner so now I am gonna kill yours." Said Kabuto

"Shut up… JUST SHUT UP!"

Kabuto had put a sword through Neji's stomach area and instead of him screaming in pain it was me….

"It's weird….. You were the one that screamed in pain when it should've been him….. You really love him…. Gives me all the more reason to kill him and make you suffer."

"L-L-Leave H-Hinata A-Alone…" said Neji as he gasped in pain


"I cannot leave Hinata alone until my lord tells me to."

"You mean Orochimaru? Well guess what? I'm never leaving Neji's side! If he dies...I die…."

"Aw. How sweet…..I guess it's time to die then… right?" He looked at Neji, who growled

"No…. You can't kill Neji…. If Orochimaru wants me…." I breathed out violently "Then he'll have me…"

"Excellent." Said Kabuto

"NO ONE IS GOING TO OROCHIMARU AND/OR DYING TODAY!" Yelled someone from the woods

"Yeah…. What Temari said…" said Naruto

"NARUTO!" I yelled

"OH MY GOD! HINATA…. ARE YOU OK?" Asked Temari

"Stop yelling and no… I'm not ok…"

"What hurts?"

"My heart and soul…."

"I'm not sure I understand…..."

"Neji…. Look at Neji..."

"Ok but- OH GOODNESS!"

"Neji! Are you ok?" asked Lee

"Of course he's not ok, Lee….. He can barely talk….. I wish I had enough chakra to heal him but I need it for battle."

"So you just lied, eh? I guess I'll have to kill your friends…." Said Kabuto

"You wouldn't dare…" I said, growling

"Watch me…"


"Naruto… Sasuke… Long time no talk….Last Time I saw you was about 3 months ago…."

"Yeah… so?" asked Sasuke

"I bet you're a little stronger…. Right?"

"You betcha!" said Naruto

"How about you prove it to me…." Asked Kabuto

"HELL YEAH!"Said Naruto forming his Rasengan

"Hm." Said Kabuto with a smirk

Naruto started running at Kabuto with his rasengan and Kabuto attacked at the same time with some sort of Chakra and the result of them clashing caused there to be a huge explosion.

"Uhh!" I yelled as I was thrown into a tree

"H-Hinata!" yelled Neji before I fainted


"Hey…Hinata…. Wake up…"

"H-Huh?" I said opening my eyes and seeing Naruto, Temari, Kiba, and Sasuke standing above me

"W-Where am I…" I asked

"The Hospital." Said Sasuke

"What? Weren't we in the middle of the woods and there was an explosion and Neji… OH GOD! WHERE'S NEJI?!"

"We'll answer questions one-by-one." Said Kiba

"We were in the woods but after the explosion, Kabuto got hurt so he tried healing himself, While I did my wind jutsu and hurt him some more. Eventually after we all did our jutsu on him, we took Tenten, Neji, and you back to Konoha as fast as possible because Neji was losing a ton of blood and your head was bleeding pretty badly." Explained Temari

"Is Tenten ok?" I asked

"Yeah… hers were the most minor-"

"And Neji's were the most critical." I guessed

"Um… Yeah…" said Kiba, looking down

"Am I allowed to get up?"

"Yeah…" said Temari

As I got up, I knew that all I wanted to do was see Neji.

"Guys, do you think I can go see him..?"

"Who?" asked Naruto

"Who do you think, you idiot?" Asked Sasuke

"Come on… I'll lead you to him." Said Temari as she walked out the door

"I want to come too!" yelled Naruto

"Naruto, she wants to talk to him alone."

"Oh. Right."

I knew that I was nervous to see Neji…. I really did love him….



"I may not be in his room too long because I get really nervous and freaked out when I see one of my friends hurt."

"Ok…I'll wait out here then. His room is right here."


I breathed in and opened the door.


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