Today was supposed to be normal.

But then I met you.


Edward Cullen.

And you met me.

Bella Newton.

I'm not supposed to be in love with you.

You are my daughter's.


You are 17.

She is 17.

I am not.

I am 38.

I am married to your girlfriend's, my daughter's, father.


And here I am thinking about you.

Edward Cullen.


Chapter One-Your Eyes Caught Mine


Thursday April 12


Right now I was putting on my make-up. Mike was at work and Tanya would be coming home from school any minute. She was 17. Her birthday was two days from now. My little girl was growing up so fast. She would probably have some ideas she wanted me to approve for her party. Expensive and elaborate ideas. I never complained, we were rich. We had millions. That's why I married Mike. My mother wanted me to marry a rich man so she would be set for life. So she could be happy. So she wouldn't have to work to support my poor family. But they are happy now, with the money I had sacrificed my own happiness to give them.

"Mom!", I heard Tanya shout. "Mom! Mom! I need to talk to you!" She sounded happy. That was a good sign. I walked down the stairs and saw her in the kitchen putting her bag down. When she caught me looking at her she smiled.

"Mom, uhm, you see there's this guy. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I accepted. He wants to meet you and Dad. Tomorrow."

"What's his name? Is he cute? Is he smart? Sorry, I am excited for you I remember when-"

"Yeah…Mom, lets not start with that again. Ugh. Can he come over tomorrow?"

"Of course dear. Whatever makes you happy. Just make sure you tell your dad."



Friday April 13

"Ok he's right outside,so you guys ready?"

"Dear, please just open the door. Nothing is going to go wrong." She was hesitant as she opened the door. Tanya was such a worrywart. Just like me.

"Mom, Dad, this is Edward" I smiled as he walked in.

"Hello Ed-" My breath got caught in my throat as our eyes met. He was beautiful. His bronze hair was playfully messy. His face looked like it was sculptured by angels, and his eyes, oh those eyes. They were a beautiful green, and I couldn't stop staring. Already I was thinking of being Tanya, being his. I was in love.

Even thought it was wrong, I loved him.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Newton. I'm Edward Cullen." He was hesitant as he spoke and has he said those words he never took his eyes off mine. I was blushing. We walked into the dining room to eat. He was holding Tanya's hand and they were walking ahead of us. I stared at them, even though Mike's arm was around me. Edward turned his head to look at me, and caught me staring. I smiled and he smiled back a beautiful crooked smile.

As we ate, he talked and joked around about his life. It only made me love him more. He was good for Tanya. She would be happy. How do I know? I know. Trust me. The night went on until he had to go home.

"Thank you again, that was great. And I promise I'll take care of Tanya."

"I know you will. Please come again." Mike and Edward shook hands then he looked at me. He gave me a half hug and I wanted to hold him there forever. When he let go we just stared. His eyes drowned into mine. I felt a note in my hand. I smiled. He kissed Tanya on her forehead and left.

"That went well. Thanks, he means a lot." He means a lot to me too. If she only knew.

I walked to my room and checked the note.

Your eyes caught mine. I saw how you stared. I know you feel the same way I do when we touch.

Listen for pebbles against the window tonight. I love you.

Edward Cullen

I bit my lip and smiled. He loves me! Oh no,he loves me. There goes that blush again.