Epilogue- Angel

"Tanya that was a dumb move."

He pulled the trigger and I closed my eyes waiting for death.

But nothing happened.

"No mom! Mom! Mike you bastard!"

I opened my eyes and saw Bella on the floor-

I stopped my thoughts right then and there.

I couldn't think of what happened that night, it was all too painful.

My beautiful Bella, gone, forever.

And 6 years later it still affected me.

Instead I thought about what Zachary had said earlier in the day.

"Daddy I want a mommy. Everyone else in class tells me about theirs."

"Zach, your mother is in a better place now."

"But why did she leave us?!"

"She didn't, she will always be with us. One day we will all be together again."

"You promise?"

"Yes, I promise."

"Dude. Why aren't you over there with the ladies?" Emmett asked me.

"I didn't even want to go clubbing in the first place." I mumbled.

Emmett sighed. "Edward. Zachary needs a mother."

"He already has one! She's just-"


Pain ripped through my chest.

"You have to move on, what would Bella want?"

"For us to be happy." I said, knowing I lost the conversation.

"Then be happy. I bet you will find another girl and-"

"I will never love another girl."

"Just think about it ok. I need to go over to my girl."

I rolled my eyes.

I stood up ready to go when I saw her.

Well a younger version of her.

I raked my eyes over her beautiful figure.

"Bella." I whispered.

She caught me staring at her and she blushed.

Was I dreaming?

I looked at her big brown eyes.

"Bella." I whispered again.

"She's the one." I heard Alice say to me.


"Her, that girl who looks a lot like Bella. Go to her, she's the one. I can feel it."

"Alice. I can't just waltz over there and say hey you look a lot like my dead ex girlfriend. Marry me?"

"You don't have to just wait."

I watched as the beautiful girl made her way over to me.

"Hello. I'm Bella."

I turned my head to look at Alice who had her mouth wide open.

"I'm Ed-"

"Edward." She said.


She chuckled.

"I've missed you." She whispered and then she wrapped her arms around me and crushed my lips to hers.

Oh Bella, she never fails to amaze me.

The End


Get it?

She Will Be Loved

All her life, Bella never found happiness.

She met Jake, but they took him away.

She met Edward, but she died.

So God granted her one wish.

She got Edward, I mean it's only fair.

She never got what she wanted, ever.

And so she get's to be young again, and she get's to have Edward.


She Will Be Loved


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