Something More

by PencilHeart

(aka: honda)

A.N: This fic is going to be just a bunch of different drabbles and oneshots about the relationship between Beckett and Castle. Some will connect, most will not. I just wanted a place to put them all together. And if anyone has any suggestions or ideas about future chapters, please, feel free to add them. My plot bunnies hop in mysteries ways.


i. Lollipop fest






Kate threw her case file down hard on her desk and turned to look at Rick. "Castle," she said through gritted teeth, "I am not getting you a lollipop."

"But I hurt myself," said the fully grown man-child perched on the edge of a chair across from her. Rick held up his arm and pointed to a tiny scrape right above his elbow as proof. "See, look."

Kate pretended to look. "What I see is someone who disobeyed my orders –again- and who didn't stay in the car like I asked. Again."

"But I had to get out. My stomach was growling and the hot dog stand was across the street. It's not my fault those bicyclists came barreling down at me like James Bond on a mission.

Against her better judgment, Kate found herself fighting back a smile. "You know, there's a phrase that comes to mind whenever you're around."

"Yeah?" Rick raised an eyebrow and grinned, bringing the full effects of his dimples out in force –not that Kate noticed or anything. "Are the words charming and irresistible involved?"


He laughed. "Too bad."

Kate went back to filing her case files and for a moment, there was silence in the room. Until Rick spoke again. "So about that lollipop..."


"Beckett," he replied in the same dry tone.

"What would your daughter say if she saw you right now?" asked Kate, finally looking up from her work.

"Alexis?" Rick paused. "She would have gotten me a lollipop."

"For the love of-"

Muttering to herself, Kate pushed away from her desk and got up, walking briskly into the next room. She returned a minute later with a handful of different colored lollipops. "Here," she said, shoving them in Rick's direction. "Take your pick."

"Thanks," said Rick brightly, his eyes lighting up at the multicolored feast in front of him. "Now what color do I want?" He asked himself, putting a finger to his chin as he pondered. "Blue? Red? Green?"

Kate shook her head at his enthusiasm and sat back down. The next few minutes were quiet except for the sound of Kate's fingers moving across the keyboard and slight rustling of paper being unwrapped as Rick dove into his candy. Kate had almost forgotten he was there until a large shadow fell over her.


Kate looked up to see Rick grinning down at her, the remnants of a blue-flavored lollipop in his hand. "Thanks."

He took her by surprise as he bent down and brushed his lips slightly against her cheek. Straightening up he threw her a huge smile. "I feel better already," he said as he winked and stuck the lollipop back into his mouth. Kate turned in her seat to watch him walk out of the room. Unconsciously, she brought her hand up to her cheek, only noticing when her fingers touched wetness. Damn.

That man did stupid, stupid things to her.