Numbers. Order. Equations. How does this work, what is this one's function. How many and how much, how far and simply how. Can I fix this? Yes, I can (No sir, this time I can't.). Numbers. Order. Order. Numbers. The radius times radius times 3.1416. Cause and effect. An artificial wormhole that extends from one point in space to another. Ripples in the event horizon. Order. Numbers. This shouldn't be possible. Distance times the velocity.

Numbers are concrete. Equations have to be equal to something.

Sir, what I was going to say back at your house...

Order. Without order, there is chaos. Numbers are organized. Numbers are order.

Sir, just go!

Rules and regulations. What time is it? 0200 hours left before detonation. Rules are good, rules are order. Order. Numbers. Equations. Solar fields, magnetic field density. It's all relative. You can blow up a sun if you have the right amount of force to exert relative to the size of the planetary body. The right equations. The right numbers and letters and notations and it has to equal something.

I'm having second thoughts about the wedding.

Numbers. Order. Equations. Order is good, very good. Order is organization.

Thank you for being here for me.

Order. Order. Order. Z-axis. Vectors. The singularity of a black hole. Order. It must have inertial dampeners. Order. Order. Order. Order.

He cares about me a lot more than he's supposed to.

He's against the rules. Against the regs.

He's unobtainable.

Then where does he fit?