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Btw, this takes place like for their ages in kh2, Kairi's got the longer hair along with Riku and Kairi's pink dress, it's when Kairi and Sora would be 15 and Riku would be 16 because in kh1 Sora and Kairi are 14 and Riku is 15.

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SePOV=Selphie (still not sure if I will ever do her POV though)


I will list more as new characters come into play!


"Mornin' Kairi, what're you up to?" Riku asked, sitting down with me on the warm sands of Destiny Islands. I glanced over; he was studying my face intently smiling slightly. "Good morning Riku. I'm just watching the sunrise; it's beautiful, isn't it?" I replied, shifting my gaze back to the miles of water and sky before me. "Yeah, it's great." He replied lying back closing his eyes. I giggled and pushed him lightly in the side, "Tired again, are we?" I asked rolling on my side and leaning on my elbow.

Without opening his eyes, he replied, "Gimme a break, Kairi. Besides, it's still early!" I laughed again and lay next to him looking at the sky above me. Suddenly, Selphie's face appeared above me, smiling.

"Hey lazy bums, what's happenin'?" she asked loudly, and anxiously. Riku's eyes shot open and he looked irritated, "Can't even get a couple minutes of quiet in the morning before you come, can I Selphie?" he asked as she sat down in front of us. I giggled and Riku and I sat up simultaneously. "How are you, Selphie?" I asked stretching my arms out in front of me.

"Great as usual! However, I'm irregularly bored!" she replied standing up stretching. I stood too, and looked down to find Riku drifting in and out of sleep. Selphie followed my gaze and laughed, "How much lazier could Riku be in the morning? He's always sleeping at first!" she said standing now by the top of his head. She knelt down and put her face just inches from his. She paused then shouted very loudly; "RIKU!" she immediately stepped back because his eyes shot open and he sprang up to his feet. He blinked, "Selphie, you are going to be very, very sorry you did that!" he exclaimed, chasing her across the beach.

I watched, laughing and enjoying watching my friends mess around. Those two are always doing this and they are so close, they should just be a couple. Suddenly in my peripheral vision, I saw something black in the distance. I turned and squinted, it's a boy, in black pants, yellow shoes, and a black jacket, floating on a wooden board. He appeared to be unconscious. Suddenly, I had the instinct to swim the distance and tow him to land. I glanced at my friends, still running around, oblivious to the mystery boy unconscious in the water. I looked back at him, his form still drifting there. I reached down and threw off my purple shoes and ran through the shallow water as fast as I could and swam as soon as it was waist high. I swam my hardest to the boy, when I finally reached him; I flipped him on his back on the board and put my ear to his chest. He had a heartbeat, after I realized that, I also realized you could hear him breathing. I mentally smacked my forehead for not noticing that. I put my arm over him and grabbed a hold of the other side of the board so he would have my arm as a form of seatbelt and he wouldn't fall off the board as I swam back to the beach. When the water was waist high, I began walking through the water. That was when I realized Riku and Selphie were no longer here. They must have gone to see Wakka and Tidus or something.

When I reached the shore finally, I slid the board out from under the boy and looked at him, trying to figure out what to do. Maybe he's asleep, though I doubt that would be it…What if he needs CPR? I know how to do it but I don't want to start and then find out he doesn't need it!

I decided to try waking him to ensure he wasn't asleep, if that didn't work; CPR was my only other option. "Excuse me?" I said gently, shaking him. I didn't know what to call him. "Boy? Guy? Kid? Wake up please!" I said louder and shaking him slightly harder. I suddenly felt his hand twitch by my leg. I blinked, surprised and spoke again, "Are you okay? Wake up, please! Hello?" I asked frantic, for some reason, it was like; I needed him to wake up. He kept his eyes closed but squeezed them tighter and then opened them slowly. What do you know, he was sleeping. I sighed in relief, "Oh good, you are okay then! Who are you?" I asked anxiously. He looked at me and blinked a couple times. "My name is Kairi, what is your name? Do you know your name...uhm...Boy?" I asked him again.

"My name is…Sora." He began sitting up, I reached behind him and helped, giving him a little boost on his back. "Thanks, Kairi." He smiled when he said my name for some reason. "Who are you? Where did you come from?" I asked curiously. He hesitated, "I'm not sure, all I can remember is my name is Sora, I'm fifteen, and I lived in this place called…uhm…Holl…Holly…Hollow…something. Hollow something" he replied seeming confused. "Really? That's interesting, but so sad. At least you remember who you are though!" I said, trying to cheer him up a bit. He smiled at me widely, "So who are you Kairi? And what is this place?" he asked seeming interested.

"Well, I'm Kairi, fifteen just like you! This is Destiny Islands, it's my home. It has been since I was born. Two of my friends—Riku and Selphie-- were here but by the time I was almost out of the water with you, they were gone. They didn't know I came in after you, they were too busy running around." I told him studying his face.

"Interesting…who are they?" he asked pointing to my left at Riku, Selphie, Wakka, and Tidus, running to us quickly. I smiled, "My friends. They are going to be very curious about you. Especially Selphie, she's like a ball that never stops bouncing, so get ready." I informed him quickly. He laughed, "Thanks."

"Kairi! Who is this? Where did he come from?" Selphie asked plopping down right by Sora and me, looking straight at Sora. "Some manners Selphie!" Riku said sitting on my other side. She stuck her tongue out at him and I laughed. "While you two were running around, I saw Sora," I said pointing at him as I said his name, "floating unconscious in the water so I took him to shore. He only remembers he is fifteen and came from somewhere name Hollow something." I explained, speaking for Sora.

Selphie never removed her gaze from Sora, she seemed very intrigued. "Whhoooaa! Hi Sora! I'm Selphie! I can't believe you actually are here! Especially that you floated here unconscious!" she told him so fast it was almost hard to catch. Sora and I laughed, "Hi Selphie." He said.

"This," I said pointing out my friends, "is Riku, Wakka, and Tidus." I explained as Sora looked at each and they all waved in their own characteristic way. "I can tell we are all going to be great friends." I said smiling widely at Sora as he smiled back, looking into each other's eyes.

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