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Meeting his new Manager.

Jeff's Point of View

I was heading to my new manager's locker room. I couldn't see why I needed a new manager but it's cool. I arrived at their locker room door and knocked. The door opened slowly to reveal a young lady with long brown hair and brown eyes.

"Hi, I'm Michaela Torres and I'm your new manager." She said smiling.

"Hi can I come in please, it's awkward standing here." I replied.

"Sure, come in." She said stepping out off the way.

I entered the room and looked around. She had everything sorted perfectly like how The Undertaker would sort his gear. I had been in The Undertaker's locker room before and it was exactly how Michaela's gear was sorted.

"Michaela, why is your locker room sorted in the exact same way as the Undertaker's?" I asked intrigued.

"Maybe because 'Taker helped me sort out my locker room." Michaela said, her brown eyes sparkling.

"Really? Only your first day here and you somehow got the most respected superstar on the roster on your side." I responded, smiling. This girl obviously had something because Taker was not one to take interest in a nobody who he saw had no future as a champion and he normally steered clear of the divas as he found them annoying.

"Yeah, really. Not only did he help me sort my locker room, but he's also agreed to train me." Michaela responded. Yep, this girl definitely had something.

"Wow, lucky you. You know most people would kill for a chance to be trained by the Undertaker. You excited for tonight, Michaela?" I said.

"Yeah I am but I'm a little nervous at the same time. You can call me Mitchie by the way." She responded cheerfully. This was going to be fun. I ran my hands through my blue, green and purple hair. I then clicked her last name was Torres just like Eve's. "Mitchie, you hope you don't mind me asking but are you related to Eve Torres?" I asked intrigued.

"Yeah, I'm her younger sister." She answered.

Mitchie's Point of View.

"Wow, Jeff is cute. I am so happy I get to work with gorgeous men and am paired with Jeff." Mitchie thought. She realised then this was definitely the way to move on from the Shane relationship fiasco.

"Wow, so following in your sister's footsteps and becoming a diva then." Jeff said. The guy was a little kid in a man's body. He was so full of energy and life.

"Yeah, it was Eve that suggested I join." I responded, laughing. Jeff just had a field around him that made it almost impossible to be unhappy around him.

"Oh and my match tonight that you will be managing has a special referee, Shane Grey." Jeff said. I groaned, that was what I'd hoped to get away from. Shane and his drama. I really didn't need to have him here while I was making my debut.

"What's wrong?" Jeff asked curious to why my mood changed at the mention of Shane Grey.

"Shane is my ex boyfriend." I replied not wanting to go into more detail at the moment.