Chapter 8

Two hours later House was at the end of his tether. Wilson hadn't shown up but he refused to think of the possibility that Wilson was dead. It couldn't be, he was sure he'd be aware if Wilson was no longer with him. Sourly he scolded himself for this stupid thought – of course it was only his inner desire for Wilson's well-being.

He had been sitting on his sofa quietly – if you don't count the sobs - for the last two hours, frozen to a standstill. He blinked, then laboredly hauled himself up to his feet and limped over to the ugly book. He glared at it before he finally bent down with a pained hiss and picked it up. He thumbed through it but couldn't understand anything because it was written in a language he didn't know. Probably a European language but one he wasn't skilled in. The book seemed to be pretty harmless, though House couldn't really say considering that he didn't have a fucking clue to the content. He squashed the impulse to throw it again – instead he started to carry it over to the coffee table.

Suddenly House's hair stood on end as some kind of electric tension built up around him, causing House to drop the book to the floor as Wilson materialized out of nowhere. House gasped; about what exactly he didn't know. Maybe because of the tension and Wilson's sudden arrival. Maybe because of Wilson's appearance – he looked ruffled, a long gash covered his forehead above his right eye and his clothes were torn in several places.

Both men began to walk to each other simultaneously, relief and gratefulness at being alive showing clearly on their faces. Finally they were standing right in front of each other, none of them sure how to cope with this situation when Wilson suddenly hiccuped. House gave in to the overwhelming desire to cradle Wilson in his arms. He spread them and invited Wilson in.

Wilson didn't waste time and with another hiccup flung his arms around House's neck while House pulled him close to his chest, hugging him and blabbing nonsense. They didn't see the golden streaks of pulsating energy building up around them, weaving a web-like pattern. They did however realize that House's hands were resting on Wilson's butt all of a sudden whereas Wilson's hands were tangled in House's hair. The most interesting part was that they were exchanging kisses; open-mouthed, tongue-included, wonderful kisses. It seemed to be the most natural thing to do.

They didn't speak, the only noises came from the smacking sounds their lips made, interrupted by occasional sighs and soft moans. In silent agreement they shuffled in the direction of House's bedroom, never losing the contact between them. House got rid of Wilson's torn shirt and roamed his hands over Wilson's naked torso. His hands tingled immediately and his eyes widened. In awe he watched little sparks of energy bustling where his hands touched Wilson's skin. The younger man shuddered and whimpered before he suddenly tore at House's shirt. He gave a frustrated mewl when it clung to House's body, denying him the desired skin-on-skin contact. House chuckled breathlessly, then pulled it over his head and threw it carelessly to the floor.

Eagerly they pulled at each other, groaning as their bare upper bodies touched. A variety of multi-colored sparks ignited between them, joining the increasing pattern of energy-lines surrounding them, adding a glittering quality to it.

They jumped in each other's arms when a big bang resounded next to them. They stayed in their embrace but searched for the noise in bewilderment, their hearts beating fast. The small ugly book levitated, strands of golden lights interwove around it until no gap was left. Seconds later the interwoven net flashed up brightly and the book had changed its appearance. It was now folded into an indigo-blue velvet cover; silvery letters were embroidered giving it a majestic look.

Wilson couldn't hinder a whimper from escaping his mouth as his worst fear became true. The book revealed itself to the chosen seeker. Dizziness, exhaustion and understanding took its toll on Wilson, causing his legs to buckle.

House wasn't slow on the uptake either. Many emotions fought within him - hurt, surprise, fear and sorrow were only a few of them. "So, you are the chosen one. Guess you need to find your other half then." He pushed lightly against Wilson's shoulders thinking he'd gotten so close to what he'd always wanted. Clearing his throat he tried not to show his despair.

Wilson blinked before he replied softly, "Did you lose your diagnostic skills somewhere? YOU are my other half."

House stiffened in Wilson's arms, then stared at him. Wilson began to feel awkward after a minute and nervously licked his lips. Very slowly a small smile tugged at the corner of House's mouth, pulling his lips upwards. "Didn't you say something about a bonded pair? Do we have to perform a certain ritual, like exchanging some droplets of blood to achieve a blood brotherhood?"

Wilson shook his head, tittering a bit. He also blushed rather furiously and hastily rested his head against House's chest, trying to hide his embarrassment. "The bonding happens through sex," he mumbled.

Wilson flinched when House quipped, "Sex? Seriously? Is there something special expected?"

Wilson swore that he could feel House grin like a mad man while he ducked his head even more in embarrassment. "You … you have, um, you should …," he trailed off, scolding himself for acting like a chicken.

"What? Blow you? Fuck you?"

"Fuck me," Wilson whispered. He trembled all over now and House was too stunned to speak or come up with a witty reply.

"Uh, that's … unexpected. Don't know if I have all the required supplies on hand. It has been a while for me."

"We … we just need some, um, kind of lube. I … I have," Wilson cut himself off and let out a shaky breath. He straightened up and looked at House as he continued, "I need to absorb your seed with my body. Then the bonding will be complete. Only then will I be able to read the book."

House had to give Wilson credit for not squeaking or running away. Only the purple color on his cheeks gave away how much this admission had cost Wilson. As soon as House tilted his head a tad and kissed Wilson again the slowly rotating streaks of energy around them picked up the pace. As if a button was pushed they continued their way to House's bedroom, losing the rest of their clothes in record time. There were still thousands of questions bouncing around in House's head but for now he pushed them aside.

Somehow they managed to crawl on the bed with Wilson straddling House above his waist. Wilson couldn't stop the trembling and the goosebumps rising all over his body, he couldn't concentrate on one single feeling. He seemed to feel every possible emotion a human being could be capable of all at once. He was gasping and trailing kisses along House's jaw, chafing his lips at his stubble while House prepared him carefully. It had been a long time, a very long time, since Wilson was on the bottom and he'd feel much better if his body didn't show his emotional turmoil that openly.

He craned his head to hide his face in the crook of House's neck but House tugged at his hair and eventually cupped his face between his hands. He coerced Wilson into looking at him. Wilson gulped and blinked whereas House searched for an answer, "Did you ever do this before?"

"Yes, but it was a long time ago and I … I …," he trailed off while thinking "And I want to trust you. I want your permission to be vulnerable and not as strong as all the magic-crap seems to make me. I want to be held, want to feel secure in your arms but I'm scared."

The strands of energy around them picked up the pace even more, tightening and plugging up the holes. The web of energy was finally woven entirely as soon as House was completely sheathed in Wilson. It was awkward and it hurt a bit for Wilson but they managed. Suddenly House said softly, "I got you. You're safe, trust me."

And Wilson did. He relaxed, allowing House to guide him with his hands on his hipbones. Wilson rolled his hips slowly in small circles, getting used to the feeling of House moving inside him. All restraint went to hell when House hit Wilson's prostate gland for the first time, causing Wilson to gasp and clench his butt muscles around House's length. A yelled "Fuck!" from House and they were moving in sharp, hard up-and-down motions, groaning and loving each second of it.

The web around them threw beams of different colored lights, each one shining more brightly than the one before. It exploded with a soft 'Plop', emitting multi-colored sparks when House's climax hit him, plunging deeply into Wilson and emptying himself. The sensation within him and around him took Wilson over the edge too. He cried out House's name, shocked by the intensity of his orgasm. When he came back from his endorphine rush he focused on House's face. Pleasure still rippled through his body, shaking it and causing his and House's muscles to quiver. They were sweaty all over, drained beyond belief but feeling more alive than ever before. Before Wilson draped himself over House they smiled at each other, telling each other without words exactly how they felt for each other.


The explosion of the energy-web around them didn't go unnoticed. All Empaths gasped in surprise and relief, knowing that the bonding of the special pair was done.

Not only had the Empaths noticed the bonding but also The Evilarc and his companions. They hissed in anger, disgust and … fear.