This is what happens when I wake up at one in the morning, wide awake, and then accidentally drink iced coffee thinking it was chocolate milk. I didn't get back to sleep for several hours, by which time I was in science class. Just a random idea that doesn't really fit in anywhere particular, a sort of 'what if?'.

Suzie never remembers her dreams. Which, in some ways, is a blessing, because they are suddenly full of monsters and horror and blood. But in some ways it's a curse, because there are messages in the dreams, lessons that she needs to learn, that only the dreams can teach her. And she learns. In the dreams she can do everything she's meant to.

She just doesn't remember when she wakes up.

When she sees two people grappling in an alley, the man biting at the woman's throat, his face grotesque and twisted, she runs away and calls the police. They arrive too late, of course; finding only the blood-drained body of the woman, and her attacker gone without trace. Suzie's dreams are full of thousands of years of women killing creatures like this one, and she knows how to save people like the woman in the alley.

But they are in her dreams, and she doesn't remember how.

When Suzie sees a girl's face morph into a twisted, raised parody of the original, she assumes that she's a student practicing for drama class – an impersonation, perhaps, or acting the part of the evil enemy. She knows that she should kill the girl, 'dust' her, as it were. And she knows how; has been shown uncountable times how to kill creatures like the strange-faced girl, by the army of women in her dreams.

But she doesn't remember, because she only dreams about it.

Suzie knows she's suddenly healing too fast, suddenly top of her class in sport, and the bullies she hits back at actually get hurt. But she puts this down to the fact that she's been going to the gym with her mother for the last month, trying to spend more time with her. She's been told that her newfound abilities are supernatural, given to her for fighting supernatural powers.

But only in unremembered dreams.

She's called to be the Slayer, but she's called in dreams, and when she wakes up, she never remembers. And because she never takes up the mantle, when she dies in a car accident sixty-four years later, she can't pass it on. The chain of Slayers is broken, ended forever in Suzie's dreams. Nobody is there to stop the forces of darkness, nobody called to guard the doorways out of this world and into another. Suzie never remembered, and the memories that should have been passed down were forgotten.