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Beep, beep, beep.

I groaned and turned my alarm clock off.
"Wake up!" Alice chirped in my ear.
"Go away Alice!" I groaned putting the pillow over my face.
"It's you're first day of college! Come on we need to get you presentable get up." She said removing the pillow from my face.
I sat up and shot her the death stare. "I'll be down stairs you have 5 minutes to get ready." She said throwing some clothes at me.
I got ready quickly and went down stairs to see my family all sitting in the living room.
They really wanted to see me on my first day off college? They will probably all follow me to school as well like weirdo's.
I shook my head and went into the kitchen to find something to eat. I grabbed a bowl off coco pops and ate them quickly.
"Whoa we need to sort that hair of yours out." Alice said coming behind me and messing with my hair.
"Alice..." I moaned.
"No Jackson. Up stairs my room now." She demanded disappearing.
"Hello Jack" My mum said coming into the room and hugging me.
"Hi mum." I smiled and hugged her back.
My father was behind her and he gave me a hug as well.
I shivered from the fear that was up stairs.
"Mum! Tell her please." I begged
"I'm not getting involved." She said serious and left the room.
"You suck." I sighed.
"JACKSON!" Esme shouted.
"Sorry gran." I said walking up stairs.

I got into Alice's room and she had so many cosmetics it was unreal, i'm a boy and she's going to be dressing me up or what ever she's going to be doing.
"Sit, let's get you finished soon!" She demanded pulling me to a seat.
After what felt like ages she had finally finished. She had spiked up my hair and styled it like a professional would of.
"Thanks." I said hugging her.
I quickly grabbed my bag and went outside to my car, I have a black Aston Martin Vanquish, I couldn't help my self I am 18 anyway so I can have what ever car I want. My mum complained about it saying it's not fast and doesn't look like a normal car but that's my mother for you.
My dad liked my car he said I chose well.
"I'm going now." I said to my mum. She gave me a tight hug as did everyone else.
"I'm going to miss you Jack." Mum said.
"I will miss you all to. I will phone you when I am there." I smiled dropping the last back into the boot.
"You better." She said smiling.
I got into my car and drove to the airport. My car was going to be transferred to Oxford as that was where I was going.
I am studying music full time.
I got to Oxford a couple of hours later. I walked into the building and found the main desk.
"Hello how may I help you?" The women called Cara asked. She was the receptionist.
"Hi I'm Jackson. I'm new here." I said with a smile.
"Okay Jackson second name?" She asked typing on her computer.
"Cullen." I answered back.
"Jackson - Oliver Cullen?" She asked.
"Okay. I will be back in a minute." She said getting up and going over to a box filing cupboard.
She came back a couple of minutes later with a hand full of papers.
"Okay these are yours this one will tell you you're room block and number and this one is you're timetable the others are information." She said handing me some pieces of paper and a key.
"Thanks." I said taking the paper off her and the key.
I looked at it and I was in block 8 room 17. Now I just had to find where that is, it took 10 minutes to actually find where my room was.
I unlocked the door and walked in, everything looked so old fashioned and out off date. Esme would have fun designing this for me. I quickly got my phone out and called Esme.
"Hello?" She answered after the 2nd ring.
"Hi gran." I answered back.
"What's wrong Jackson?" She asked.
"Would you be able to design my room?" I asked.
"Sure would you be able to send some pictures through?" She asked.
"Sure I will get on it straight away."
"Thanks I will do it straight away." She said.
"Thanks gran, can you please put mum on?" I asked.
"Sure talk soon honey." She said passing the phone to mum.
"Hello?" Mum answered.
"Hi mum." I said.
"Are you okay honey?" She asked.
"Yeah, I finally got here." I laughed.
"Good everything okay so far?" She asked.
"Yeah it's all good."
"Good. I am missing you and so is everyone else." She said.
"I'm missing you to mum and everyone else." I answered back.
I heard keys rustling outside, I walked over to the door and looked outside I saw 1 guy and 2 girls outside my room. I quickly sat down. "Mum i'm going to go some people are here." I said.
"Okay honey call me later." She said.
"Love you, bye."
"Love you to mum see ya." I said hanging up and finding my bed room.
I found the biggest room on the end of the corridor and quickly took all my stuff into it.
I began packing my stuff when I heard people talking.
I walked back into the front room and saw the 3 people that were outside.
One had brown long straight hair about 5'5 and slim.
The other girl had short blond hair 5'6 and slim.
The boy had black short spiky hair he was about 6'0 and had huge muscles.
"Hey! I'm Mia Campbell." The girl with blond hair said running over to me and pulled me into a hug.
I hugged her back awkwardly.
"I'm Jackson Cullen." I replied.
"Cool nice name." She said moving away from me.
"Thanks." I said
I looked at the other two and the girl stepped forward and extended her arm.
"Kaycee Jones." She said. I shook her hand "Jackson." I smiled and she nodded smiling.
"Aidan Dale." The boy said shaking my hand.
"Jackson as you know." I laughed
"Yeah." He said laughing to.
I could tell these seemed like nice people but I couldn't get to comfy incase they weren't.
"I'm going to finished getting packed." I said
"Okay talk later over pizza or something?" Mia said.
"Sure." I said leaving the room and going back to mine.
I would have to now speak to them about changing this place because I can't just go changing it in case they like it like this which I doubt.
I finished packing shortly after and took a few pictures for Esme.
I sent them to her after that on my laptop my mum and dad insisted I took so I could do my work on it.
More like so they could speak to me on it, I don't blame them though because I was there first child and with me been 'different and unique' so my mother says. I do love her with everything in me though.
I went back into the living room and put the small TV on. Living in this place makes me feel like I am poor i'm used to been spoilt this is not going to do.
Shortly after everyone else came into the living room.
"Pizza yeah?" Mia asked.
"Yeah." I said and so did everyone else.
"What pizza?" She asked me.
"Any I will have what ever you lot are having." I said
She looked at Aidan and Kaycee.
"Pepperoni pizza." Kaycee smiled.
"Same for me." Aidan said.
"That's sorted then." Mia said leaving the room to order pizza.
We all sat in silence until Mia came back in.
"It's going to be here soon." She said sitting next to Aiden.
"Hey is it okay if I change this place around a bit?" I asked.
"What do you mean?" Kaycee asked.
"Redecorate." I said simply.
"Please do." She said smiling
"Okay so I can yeah?" I asked everyone
They all nodded and the pizza came minutes later.
After we all finished eating I helped Kaycee clean up while Mia and Aiden chilled out in the living room.
"What are you studying?" I asked
"Art you?" Kaycee asked.
"Cool." She said
"Yeah, do you know what they are studying?" I asked.
"Yeah Mia is studying science and Ade is studying mechanics." She said.
"Oh cool." I smiled
We finished tidying shortly after that.
We chilled out for a couple of hours then we all turned in early as we had our first lessons tomorrow.
"Night!" Mia said hugging me.
"Night." I said hugging her back.
"See you tomorrow." Ade said shaking my hand.
"Yeah tomorrow." I smiled.
"Night." I said to Kaycee.
"Night." She said slyly and stumbled to her room as if she was in a hurry.
I shook my head and went into my room.
I got ready for bed in just some trouser bottoms and got my laptop out. Esme sent me pictures back of some design idea's I would have to show everyone before I decided which one to use.
I emailed her back thanking her and I went sleep shortly after that.

I was the first to wake up in the morning, I used the bathroom first I took a quick shower and got ready.
I made my self breakfast and watched TV for a while I had my first lesson at 10:00AM and it was 8:30AM.
Everyone got up shortly after that, when they were all ready I showed them all the pictures and we all agreed on the same one. I quickly emailed Esme back and sent her the picture back.
She told me she would get to work on getting the stuff for us.
I grabbed my stuff and said my goodbyes and we all wished each other good luck.
I walked across the campus to the music block. I looked at my time table I was in class room B19 block 28.
I found my class room shortly after and it was quite funny how many people were in the same situation as me running around trying to find there classes on time. At least I wasn't alone looking lost like an idiot.
I went in and the teacher was already in there she was quite young which surprised me a little.
"Hello I'm Julie Redmond." She said as I walked in.
"Hi Jackson Cullen." I smiled.
"Nice to meet you take a seat." She said
"You to." I said sitting down at the back off the room. I didn't want any attention on me so I would just sit at the back and get on with my work.
People started to flood the room asking if they were in this room and what not.
No one sat by me until the room was full and one girl had to choice but to sit next to me.
I knew why people didn't want to sit next to me. I was paler than everyone else, I have golden eyes which is inhuman, I am different and I look stuck up. People know to stay away from people like us even if I am partly human. I am unnaturally handsome and I am 'perfect' in everyway even if I don't think I am.
I am just like my dad, I don't think I am handsome or anything special but my mum obviously thinks he is.
The girl didn't say anything to me she just sat and watched every now and then.
"Hi." I said to her when everyone was talking. She looked taken back when I finally spoke.
"Hey..." She said nervously.
"I'm Jackson Cullen." I smiled
"I'm Zoe Snape." She smiled.
"Nice to meet you." I said
"You to."
"We didn't speak after that, the lesson finally finished for the day after 4 hours off work.
I went back to my dorm to see everyone doing work or chilling out. I did some work and went on the laptop for a while.

A couple of months passed and I was doing extremely good at music. I could play the electric guitar and base guitar. They say I am a fast learner I was now learning how to play the drums. I am only good because I am half human and half vampire which helps.
I was now best mates with Ade and getting on with Kaycee and Mia.
I was in my bed room when Mia walked in.
"Hey what you doing?" She asked sitting next to me.
"Some work you?" I asked
"Nothing really...I am very bored though." She said sighing.
"Yeah me to..." I said
"Maybe we could go out? Get dinner or something what do you think?" She asked.
"Sure I'm getting hungry anyway." I said pushing my stuff away from me and leaving them on the bed.
I grabbed my jacket and follow Mia out of the building.
We went to a near by restaurant that Mia chose.
We ordered and ate; I paid as that's what gentlemen do.
We caught a movie that Mia chose some chick-flick I didn't really like it but she is my mate so obviously I am going to watch it with her.
It turned 10:45 when we finally got back to the dorms.
She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and went bed.
I fall asleep shortly after that.

I was flying through uni, I haven't even been back to forks to see my parents or family since I came here as I didn't really have any big enough breaks to keep travelling they didn't mind to much as they heard and saw me everyday.
I was only staying in uni for 1 year as I wanted to go back home and get a job near my family.
It was coming up to a year soon though which had flew by.
I was walking back from my lesson when I bumped into Mia.
"Hey!" She said walking with me.
"Hi what you doing?" I asked.
"Nothing I was going to go down the beach, wanna come?" She asked.
"Sure let me drop this off at home." I said showing her my bag.
"Sure ill meet you outside the garden in 5 minutes then yeah?" She said.
"Okay see you then." I said walking around the corner to the dorms, Kaycee was in with Ade they looked pretty close but I didn't blame Ade for getting in there with Kaycee she was pretty after all. I'm not saying Mia isn't pretty she's just a bit to full on which I am not used to.
"Yo dude, what ya doing?" Ade asked as I walked through.
"Hey just going beach with Mia you?" I asked.
"Nothing much just chilling yano?"
"Yeah cool." I shouted from my room.
I put my stuff away and went back out. "Have fun." I winked as I walked out.
"We will!" I heard Ade should and Kaycee slap him playfully.
I chuckled to my self and quickly went to the garden to Mia who was already there waiting.
"Hey." I said walking over to her.
"Hi ready to go?" She asked.
"Yeah you?" I asked.
"Yeah sure am." She said linking me and walking beside me.
We got to the beach a while later it was 7:00PM.
"So what do you think you will do after uni?" Mia asked.
"Go back to Fork's to my family and then I haven't got a clue maybe get a job... what about you?" I asked.
"Oh how big is you're family? I'm not so sure yet."
"Well I have 2 aunts 2 uncles 4 grandparents and 1 sister. I have Alice who is with Jasper, Rosalie who is with Emmett. They are my aunts and uncles. My grandparents are Esme and Carlisle who are my dads parents. Renee and Charlie who are my mum's parents. They aren't together now though. Renee is with married to Phil now though. My sister is called Allie and she's 8 now."
"That's confusing!" Mia said shaking her head.
"I know yeah." I laughed.
"So no nieces and nephews?" She asked.
"No Rosalie and Emmett can't have children and Alice and Jasper aren't ready to settle down with a child and stuff yet." I lied casually.
I was used to lying. I lie everyday without anyone noticing. I am half vampire and I lie about that every second off the day, I don't like it but that's what life I have been given so I get over it.
I have to lie about what my family are if anyone asks like the whole no nieces and nephews, obviously they can't have children.
"Oh that must suck you know been the like only kid apart from you're younger sister. I bet you get spoilt." She laughed.
"Yeah I do not that I always like it." I smiled.
"I would love that." She said.
"You wouldn't. Money can't always buy you happiness." I said
"What about you then?" I asked.
"Well I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. I have 1 auntie and 1 uncle and 1 niece. 2 grandparents and 1 parent.
My youngest sister is 1 shes called Hannah. My other sister is called Chloe and she's 11. My older brother is David and he's 21. My other brother is 7 his name is Jason. My auntie is called Sandra and my uncle is called Ian. Their child is called Paige and is 5. I only have a dad called Pete." She smiled a little.
"Oh quite a big family like mine." I smiled.
"Yeah." She sighed.
"What happened to you're mother?" I asked.
"If you don't mind me asking..." I said quickly after.
"She died giving birth to Hannah." She sighed
"Oh that must of been hard." I sighed.
"I'm sorry as well." I said quickly forgetting my manors.
"It was hard but we got through it. My dad is the strongest one though he has been through so much and he is still standing strong and I envy him for that." She said smiling.
"Yeah that's good off him to stay strong as he could off lost it you know?" I said trying not to offend her.
"Yeah I get you." She smiled
We sat in silence for a while and I noticed it was getting darker and darker. I didn't even know how long we had been down here but I knew it must be getting late if it was getting dark.
I looked at Mia who was staring at the sky. The moon and stars were coming out.
I noticed she shivered. "You cold?" I asked.
"Yeah a little." She said rubbing her bare arms trying to get rid of the Goosebumps.
"Here." I said pushing my jacket off and putting it around her.
"Thanks." She said snuggling into it.
Minutes later I noticed her staring at me I looked at her and smiled.
She moved forward and kissed me off guard.
I froze and she moved away staring at me, my face must off been horror O.o'
"I'm-m sorry-y" She said getting up and running to the entrance.
I picked my jacket up and followed her back she went straight up to her room.
I walked in quickly and noticed Ade follow her in her room.
"What the heck happened?" Kaycee asked standing in front of me.
"I dont-t know she kissed me and ran off." I stuttered a little. I never stutter though so it felt weird.
"What do you mean she kissed you?" Kaycee asked confused.
"She kissed me. Leaned in -mwuah-" I made the kissing noise. "Moved away stared at me and ran off." I said what happened.
"Oh." Kaycee said walking away from me and into Mia's room.

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