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.:. Last Chapter .:.

And then, faster than they all could react, he knocked her out, just as he had done seven years ago the night he had left Konoha. However, this time, he took off his Akatsuki cloak, wrapped it around her petite frame and picked her up carefully. He rested her head lightly against his left shoulder and hooked her knees over his right arm, gracefully holding her bridal style.

"Grab her bags. We're leaving."


Chapter Two: Self-Control


"Why do we have to carry another burden?" Karin demanded to no one in particular, outraged, while following Sasuke's lead through yet another forest. Her high-pitched shriek caused Suigetsu to twitch in annoyance. "Sasuke-kun, I've been telling you for years that the best and strongest team would be a team of just the two of us." Landing closer to Sasuke, she continued, "Not a team with a lazy ass who's too weak to hold his own sword properly and a useless fighter who can't even control himself."

"Shut up, bitch." Suigetsu shot at her. She, for one, should know better than to insult and potentially enrage the seemingly gentle man.

Jugo, on the other hand, seemed to be rather indifferent towards the redhead's nasty comments.

"Besides," her stubborn and persistent nature surfacedsurfacing while her urge to be rid of the rosette spilled out along with a hint of jealousy. "She's in the bingo book!"

"So? What does it matter to you?" The aqua-haired man was laughing inwardly at her irrational tantrum. "It's not like you were assigned to kill her off or something." He said casually, in a joking manner.

"That's exactly what we should be doing!" She howled in return with a nasty expression on, as if she had just tasted something bad. "She's in the bingo book. When encountered, we should kill her. But no! We end up bringing her along with us. I'd be happy to do the dirty work of none of you are. She should be killed."

That comment wasn't taken well by the sole Uchiha survivor. In speed that put the Yellow Flash to shame, he was in front of her, trapping her. She was between him and the tree, and suddenly his grip was on her neck, and her with pieces of her uneven red hair tangled in his fingers from the caught through the rough movement. The two were barely an arm's distance away. The pink-haired girl was held securely in his left arm, her head resting against his shoulder. Slowly, his clutch around the red-head's her throat grew stronger as he began to lift her up in the air, holding her two feet above the ground.

Fiery blood-red eyes flashed angrily as he growled. "Don't you dare."

The obnoxious redhead had now realized that she had gotten herself into deep trouble. As she desperately struggled against his death grip on her while hopelessly choking for air, her eyes showed fear. Not once, for as long as she'd known him, she never found him to be the aggressor. She then found herself slightly above eye-level with the dark-haired man and looked, looking down at his sinisterly handsome features, and eventually into his crimson orbs. If he keeps this up…I could die.

"If you do as much as hurt her, I don't care for any reason, I will kill you." Sasuke then dropped Karin's limp body to the ground, and the fallen leaves flew up from the weak gush of wind and landed all over her, as if mocking her misery and humiliation. The redhead wrapped her own fingers around her neck and coughed violently while taking in sharp gasps of the much-needed oxygen. Her body was fatigued and her trachea felt strained. This is what it feels like to look into the face of death.

Letting her recover a bit, Sasuke returned Sakura into the protective position he held her in moments ago. "Do I make myself clear?" He asked darkly, his Sharingan never faltering as he glared menacingly down at her.

Karin nodded lightly in response; still busy trying to catch her breath.

Suigetsu and Jugo were taken by surprise at the display. Suigetsu looked at the girl who was on her knees and supporting herself with her hands. He'd always found the stupid girl annoying, but she just never pushed the right buttons to make him want to kill her. Apparently, she managed to do that to Sasuke. He hardly felt bad for her. More than anything, he was interested —with that bizarre girl. Who was she? She was obviously something special… Someone who had managed to bring Sasuke's temper to a whole new level, even while she's unconscious. What was it about her that fascinated Sasuke, or had the power to make him threaten to kill Karin?

"Let's go." The Uchiha announced, taking the lead again with Suigetsu not far behind.

Karin hadn't gotten up from the ground, and she looked as the Uchiha and their shark-toothed companion went on without her. Thinking that she had been left alone in the forest, she was jumped when Jugo grabbed her elbow. "Karin, we're leaving."

With enough effort and some help from the taller man, Karin managed to pull herself to her feet and followed the two shinobi who left the area earlier. With her chakra-tracking specialty, the two were easy enough to find.

While travelingtravelling, Karin was distracted. Very distracted. Her gaze flickered back and forth between the pair up front and Jugo, who had unexpectedly offered his help. Thinking back, she had insulted him mere minutes before she was in a powerless state. She almost felt guilty for doing so, but she couldn't bring herself to apologize to him. Her pride wouldn't allow it, and it was how she truthfully felt. Deciding to move her focus on more important issues, such as getting rid of the pink-haired woman, she pushed the thought of thanking Jugo behind her mind.




At the best ramen place in town, Ichiraku, Team 7 enjoyed a meal of ramen after a fierce training session. Yamato, Kakashi, Sai, Naruto, and a stack of empty ramen bowls sat in a neat row. Naruto was slurping the noodles at an inhuman pace while talking to Sai animatedly. Yamato was in a conversation with Kakashi while Kakashi was having a get-together with his beloved novel. Typical.

"So," the blonde boy began as he swallowed another mouthful of noodles from the seventh bowl in front of him. "I heard from Tsunade-baachan that Sakura-chan should be back tomorrow."

"Ugly's back? From where?" the artist looked up from his own bowl, awaiting a response from the blonde who was taking in another mouthful of noodles.

"From Suna." He said between chews. "She's supposed to be back before sunset tomorrow."

The fox boy hadn't seen his best friend around for an entire month! He was out on a retrieval mission when she was assigned to go to Suna. After his return from the mission, he'd pop in and out of the hospital for various reasons: Sai and him beating each other up during training, minor injuries from missions, and so on. She hadn't been there to treat him even once on any of those occasions, which was pretty much daily. Now, he was excited to see her again.

"Do you know who's going to be on guard duty tomorrow at the main gates?" Naruto asked no one in particular.

"Akai-kun, the new chuunin. And…I believe it's with Shotaro-san who's supervising." Shizune's gentle voice came from behind them.

Turning around, they saw the owner of the answer to Naruto's question, along with Jiraiya, and the Hokage herself

"Why do you want to know?" She asked.

"Well," Naruto replied happily as Teuchi delivered his next bowl. "Sakura-chan is coming back tomorrow, so I want to see her as soon as she's back!"

Tsunade stared in awe as she watched the blonde boy practically inhalethe contents of the large bowl. It amazed her as a medic at how the boy could eat so much and not weigh three hundred pounds. However, one thing she couldn't help but agree with the boy. She looked forward to seeing her prized pupil again and couldn't wait to spend the next night chatting over some nice, warm sake. The Godaime smiled at the thought.




"We need four rooms." Sasuke said to the pot-bellied woman at the counter of the small inn they came across.

"Alright," without looking up, she put down her nail file and flipped open the notebook on the desk to check the lodging records and finally asked, "Would you prefer to have them all on the same floor?"

"Yes," Jugo replied politely.

"For how many nights?"

All heads turned towards their leader. He had most of the details regarding the mission, and he makes the decisions for the team.

Sasuke quickly ran the possibilities through his head. They were now at the northwestern border of the Land of Rivers, nearing Amegakure (The Hidden Rain Village). The problem with the retrieval of the scrolls was that no one had a precise location of where the first one might be. Several rumours led to the Rain country, and so, there they were. However, everything they knew so far was all based on folk tales and old legends surrounding the topic. They currently had no solid, proved information that suggested that the first scroll was here. Nevertheless, Amegakure had plenty of temples, many of which were abandoned and supposedly overspread with traps and seals that activated said traps. Day One: referencing locals. Interrogating, questioning, whichever you like to call it. The second day we find the nearest few.

"Three, with possibility of extension." He announced.

The woman of ample portions looked at the handsome man like she wanted to take him home. Ha, if only my husband looked like that. Stifling a laugh, she opened a drawer and began searching through it until she found what she was looking for. Four keys, each latched on to thick plastic boards, which had the room numbers labeled with black number stickers. "Here you go, dearie." She said while cheerily offering them to the gorgeous man, "Rooms 313, 315, 317 and 319. If you need anything, do let me know."

Noticing Sasuke had his arms full with a certain kunoichi; Jugo took the keys from the woman and muttered a polite 'thank you'. The woman kept her eyes on the dark-haired man until he disappeared up the stairs. So dreamy! She laughed lightly. Now, now, he's young enough to be your son! She told herself.

Meanwhile, walking up the stairs, the four discussed sleeping arrangements.

"So," Suigetsu started, trying to get the disturbing image of the blushing inn owner out of his mind. It was entertaining, seeing women in their mid-forties flirting with their leader. "Who takes which room?"

"Hn." I guess that means 'I don't care.'

"I'll take 313." The shark-man said casually while taking the key labeled '313' from the small collection in Jugo's hand. He couldn't wait to put down his heavy sword and get a good night's sleep.

As for the remainder of the team, each person took a key. After reading the number attached to it, Karin walked to Room 319, Sasuke to 317, and Jugo stopped in front of 315. Team Hawk stood at their doors for a second. "We will meet in Jugo's room in half an hour." Sasuke said shortly before stepping into the room he was to share with Sakura.

Gently, he placed Sakura on the double-sized bed and sat at the edge in deep thought. He looked at the girl—no, woman. She had the body and elegance to prove it. She lay there wrapped up in his Akatsuki cloak. Why she was away from Konoha and found there by them was still a mystery. He moved to discard the dark fabric from her body, took off his sweaty black shirt and hung them over a chair, where he noticed her bag that had been placed there by Jugo. Pulling the zipper open, he took out several scrolls, some of which, were sealed with genjutsu. His attention was drawn away from them when he heard her shift a little. Finally awake, I see. He watched her beautiful green eyes flutter a bit and then she moved her hand to block the light out of her eyes. After she had adjusted to the brightness of the room, she sat up slowly with the support of her palms against the mattress, to face the man who was staring at her intensely.

"You're awake." The Uchiha leaned closer, with a smug look on his face, as if he'd won some sort of battle.


"Yes, me." He replied dryly. The raven-haired man leaned back, pulling a bingo book out of his pocket. Flipping to a dog-eared page, he spoke in his deep husky voice, "Haruno Sakura. ANBU Medical Division Head, proud student of the Fifth. 2 years of service in ANBU. 18 S-ranked missions, 9 of which were solo. And 79 A-ranked. Impressive." He threw the book over his shoulder while tilting back towards her. "Frankly, I was surprised to see you make it so far. Even into Akatsuki's bingo book, Sakura-chan."

The pink-haired woman refused to move back at his advancement. Instead, she put a hand in front of his chest to push him away. Uchiha's don't take rejection; they always get what they want! At that thought, Sasuke grabbed her slender wrist and pulled her into his firm chest.

"I suppose now you'll torture me for Konoha's secrets and then kill me?" She asked in a casual, yet cold tone. Almost as casually as asking a friend what was for dinner.

"Ohh?" A light chuckle left his lips. He wrapped an arm around her, bringing her dangerously close. "What makes you think that?" Her wrist was freed and now he was twirling a lock of her long pink hair between his fingers. "Why not keep you as a medic?" The man paused. "Or perhaps, make you mine."

"I'm flattered Uchiha-san; unfortunately, I belong to no one." A sly smirk played on her lips as she carried on, "I'm sure that redhead would love to have this much attention."

"You were awake," he accused, knowing perfectly well who she was speaking of and which incident she implied.

"I was." She replied daringly. Sakura tried to break free from his grasp. Sadly, luck wasn't on her side as her efforts only resulted in him pressing her harder against his bare upper body.

Ohh mama! He's hot! Inner Sakura had picked the perfect time to participate in their little interaction.

Haven't heard from you in a while, Inner.

Yeah, I know. But I could recognize this hunk a mile away. So I'm back! She declared in high spirits, with party balloons and colourful streamers in the background.

Well, you should know that this bastard is about to kill the both of us!

True, but he's a hot bastard. Check out those abs!!! I wonder how he'd look with no clothes on at all….hmmm.

We'd be dead by then, pervert. Now stop sending me your disturbing images and help me think of how to get out of here!

Come on girl, I was just hoping he'd loose the pants before killing us. I'd die smiling! I've always wondered how THE drop-dead gorgeous Uchiha Sasuke would look naked.


Sweetie, if I were you, I'd jump on him this instant and rip his pants off. I wonder if he prefers boxers or briefs?

Ohh dear. Stop it! So I can at least TRY to concentrate on getting us out of here.

Ohh, ohh!! Better yet, neither!! At the thought, Inner was animatedly blinking hearts from her eyes and drowning in a pool of nose blood.

To Sasuke, some things never changed. In this case, it was how painfully readable Sakura was. He could tell that she was having an inner debate. It was entertaining to watch.

"Why not think that I would find you to ask you to take me home?" The man interrupted her inward argument by naming the most impossible situation that could possibly happen at this stage with the thought of humouring himself with the girl's presence. Even if he did go 'home', he'd go back to kill the true slaughterers of the Uchiha Clan—the Village Elders.

"I'm not twelve Uchiha, nor am I stupid." She glowered at the man who was pressing himself against her body. Anger, frustration, and irritation didn't even begin to describe how she felt right now. Earlier that day, she was attacked. Twice, for that matter. Then knocked out and kidnapped by this jerk. If there was a God, he must really hate her.

"Even if you did go back, with or without me, it would only be to complete your revenge." The kunoichi fearlessly spoke again, "To kill the Village Elders, right?"

"Hn. How do you know about that?"

"Where I get my information is none of your concern, Uchiha." Fed up and definitely in a bad mood for not only being kidnapped but also questioned by a missing-nin of all people, she struggled against his hold on her shoving to get free. "Now. Let," both hands were now against his muscled chest. "Me," the tiny girl pushed with as much force necessary. "Go!" The tall man was jolted onto his feet and a few steps back from her.

With incredible speed, Sakura leapt off the bed and got into a defensive stance ready to fight him off. Again, he was amused and impressed with her. He straightened up, but stayed where he was. "That wasn't nice, Sakura-chan.", he teased. His gaze ran along her barely covered body, memorizing every detail. He liked how her hair was long again, like petals that ran down her back, along with her enchanting green eyes, her sexy red lips, that lacy black bra (which he found too sexual for a ninja), and her luscious body. "Actually," Sasuke began to walk towards her, ignoring any possibilities of the kunoichi attacking him. Not that she would get her way.

Faster than Sakura could react, the missing-nin had her pinned against the wall and held her hands above her head with his left hand. He towered above her, now proudly standing an entire foot taller than her. "I should kill you for knowing more than you should."

The woman refused to be frightened by him and looked up, meeting his sinister red orbs. "You should have killed me on sight. I am, as you said, in the bingo book."

"Hn." Surprised again. The smirk on his features widened. "What makes you think I wouldn't?"

Leaning down, he nuzzled against the crook between her neck and shoulder, his lips brushing against her collarbone.

"I didn't." She admitted truthfully. The poor girl was struggling with producing a calm and unflustered reply. "I assumed you would."

"True," he whispered, recalling her first few words to him when she woke up: "I suppose now you'll torture me for Konoha's secrets and then kill me?"

"You smell nice." He murmured, sending shivers up and down her spine.

"I'm actually rather surprised you haven't."

"Haven't what?" He stopped, his lips still touching her neck. "Tortured you? Or killed you?"

"Both actually. Torture me, then kill me." Sakura's breathing was getting uneven. And he had no idea how hard it was for her to stay calm and unaffected at such a sexual encounter. For starters, this experience was completely new to her. She had spent years searching for him. This was at the very bottom of the 'Possible Scenarios' list. The possibility of this chain of events occurring was negative one-hundred-percent.

"Hn." Grunting in response, Sasuke continued to land soft, gentle kisses along her neck and jaw-line as his free hand rubbed small circles on her toned stomach.

"You should know," he breathed, "there are several ways to torture a person."

"And you're telling me—ah!" her body jerked in response as a nipped a rather sensitive spot along her neckline. "That a sadist like yourself wouldn't prefer the traditional way?" The man was almost pleased with himself for partially shattering her unflinching attitude. He chose to not respond to her comment.

When he eventually felt butterfly kisses were overused, he moved his hand to support her neck and crashed his lips down on her pretty pink ones. He pulled her up towards him, shortening the difference in height and forcing her on her tiptoes. Sakura's eyes widened at this as she stared at her kidnapper's face. His eyes were closed. His teeth scraped against her lower lip and then sucked on it hungrily.

Honey, it's rude to stare.Inner Sakura piped in, after recovering from her hyperventilation.

Sakura was too lost in the unexpected contact to rationally process any words at all through her brain.

Sasuke licked her lower lip awaiting entrance, but was granted none. Frustrated with that, he pulled away, looking intensely at her flushed features. Inhaling sharply, Sakura welcomed the cold air in the room after the heated kiss he had placed on her. She was still against the wall, her arms against his chest and the base of her skull in his hand.

"You will kiss me back, Sakura." The Uchiha let out a low growl. His angry, threatening tone frightened her. After his warning, he captured her lips again. This time, he chewed on her lower lip and pried open her mouth, tasting her.

Sasuke could feel his pants growing a bit too tight for comfort. Their bodies were pressing against one another and their constant movement caused hers to unintentionally brush against him, making him ache. His hands roamed her body, outlining her curves with his long fingers.

No, this isn't happening. I can't let him—

"Mmmh…" She bit harder on her lower lip, trying to stifle another moan that was slipping through her pouty red lips.

"Hn," He smirked at the responses he was receiving, which only encouraged him. His hand reached under her bra to cup her bosom before roughly pulling the lacy material aside. He left a trail of soft kisses along her neckline until he eventually made it towards her uncovered breast and took it in his mouth.

"Ahh…" Sasuke swirled his tongue around her erect nipple, causing her to gasp. She had her eyes shut tightly to stop herself from looking at his every move.

No, no, no, no, no. I can't be enjoying this. Make it stop. Make it stop. Make it stop!! Make it—


"Sasuke, you're late." A loud knock came from the door followed by Karin's shrieking voice.

The sudden interruption made him stop. The Uchiha growled in vexation. Damn it! Talk about timing.

"I'll be there in a moment." Sasuke coldly answered as calmly as possible while glancing at the clock. Five minutes late.

He turned back at the crumbling woman in his arms. "If you don't want me ripping your clothes off and staking my claim, I advise you to not tempt me." Sasuke grabbed her chin forcing her to look up at him as he held her for one last kiss before withdrawing.

"I'll be next door." He warned her, as he put on his shirt and walked towards the door. "I suggest you don't try to run away. Karin is a chakra-tracker." That said, he closed the door and left her alone in the empty room.

I'd never run away from you! Inner Sakura cooed starry-eyed.

Shut it, Inner. We need to get out of here.

As if you could out run him. Or are you thinking of fighting him?


Sweetie, you need to calm down first.

You're only saying that because you're hoping to stay around until he gets naked. Pervert.

I mean it, Sakura. Okay, she's serious now. Inner never calls her 'Sakura' unless it's serious or life threatening. You're tired and barely slept for the past few days. Even if you were to fight him, your chakra wouldn't hold for long. Be reasonable here.

All right, fine.

Go take a hot shower. We both need it, along with the rest. Now hurry up!! Go, before he comes back and decides to keep you company.

No! What?!

I don't mind showering with him. Hell, I'd love it! But if you don't want that happening, I suggest you go now! And make it speedy!

Alright, alright. You win.Sakura scowled. Quickly glancing at the clock hung on the opposite side of the room, she walked quietly into the attached bathroom, hoping not to alert a certain Uchiha in the next room. Sakura eyeballed the facilities in the small bathroom. There was a bathtub, with plain white shower curtains and a showerhead. On the rack above the toilet sat two neatly folded white shower towels.

Might as well make it fast. The woman pulled off her boots and began disrobing. She left her clothes in a pile on the tiled floor and stepped into the bathtub turning the water to a comfortingly steaming temperature. The hot warm water ran down her pale backside, soothing her aching muscles. Sakura squeezed shampoo on her hand and lathered it evenly into her wet pink locks.

So…. Have you considered sleeping arrangements for tonight?

Of course! I will sleep on the bed, and he can take the floor! Or…I can take the bed and he can share with the redhead!

Ha! Fat chance. And you were supposed to be the practical one. Funny. You obviously daydream more than I do now!

Hardly, Inner. Sakura tilted over to reach the soap holder tile on the wall, forming soapsuds. I recall your fantasies of showering with him? Point proven!

Nuh-uh! A childish comeback came from her conscience. At least what I say is much more likely to happen! I mean, 4 years has done him well.

Yeah, his vocabulary improved.

Ha! True. It used to only be 'Hn'. I mean, hello! It has multiple meanings by now!

It could me, 'You're annoying'.

Or 'I'm hungry too'.

Or 'Dobe'. Sakura imitated the 12-year-old Sasuke addressing Naruto.

The two laughed at the thought.

No, wait. What I meant was, he's sooo hot now! I so want to prance on him and rip his—

No! No more. I don't even want to think about it! Not another word out of you, you perverted…ugh!!

The woman turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. Quickly wrapping a towel around her body, she walked out of the bathroom. You're kidding. These shower towels were obviously meant for men! The towel wrapped two and a half loops around her petite frame, but barely covered her buttocks. This is stupid! Needless to say, the towel manufacturers and suppliers for this lodge thought it would be necessary to make towels that fit beer-bellied men with 100-inch waists but not women who were five-foot-three. This inn is sexist!

Maybe its main customers are men? FAT men!

Again, that sounds stupid. Pulling out a hairbrush from her bag, the rosette ran it through her waist-length hair, droplets staining the cream-coloured carpet of the room. After grooming her tresses, she bent down to return the brush back into her bag. Buttoning the front pocket, she unzipped the larger compartment.

- Click -

"Shit! No! Not now." Sakura mumbled under her breath and hastily grabbed her large t-shirt. However, before she could readjust herself and stand straight from her rather exposing position, Sasuke was already behind her. By now, he had his hand around her waist and pulled her up against his chest. No! Not this again.

"I thought," Her throat ran dry at the sound of his voice, his chest slightly pulsating with the projection of sound. Sakura felt his hand run along her thigh, moving up. His touch was warm for such a cold-hearted person. The hand was now playing at the hem of the tiny cloth covering her delectable body from his view. With a barely noticeable tug, the fold holding the towel up became undone.

"No…" At realization, the near-naked woman gasped in disapproval. Now the only garment preventing his hungry eyes from devouring her was undone and supported only by the wetness of her body and hair.

"I told you," Her innocent reaction made her excited him even more. He pressed her back harder against his chest, not minding the wateriness of her rosy pink that dampened his clothes. His wandering hand snaked under the snowy white fabric and between her thighs while his hot tongue ran its way along her neckline. Sasuke's hand proceeded towards its destination—a forbidden area where no man had ever gone before.

The inexperienced woman tried hard not to lose herself in his strokes and kisses. Her legs were beginning to grow weak and she was finding difficulty in holding in her cries of pleasure. She felt his fingers parting her folds. "Sasuke! Stop—Oh!" Too late… The man violently plunged a finger into her burning core causing her to arch her back. "Try not to tempt me, Sakura-chan." He breathed.

Her eyes were half closed, long lashes brushing against her cheekbones. Her sanity was hanging from a thin thread and her heartbeat was going a thousand times faster. A long sensual moan escaped her lips as she felt him add another finger stretching her opening. She placed on hand on the arm he held around her and the other on his shoulder to reinforce her body and turned her neck slightly to face him.

Sasuke felt how the sensation was affecting his manhood. Now it was just downright painful as he continued to pleasure her with his almighty digits. He began to go at a faster, wilder pace as he fingered her. "Ohh! Please! Sasu—"She was cut off by his demanding kiss. He bit her lower lip harshly forcing her to open her mouth and welcoming his tongue. She tasted a mixture of blood and saliva in the lip lock.

"…Sasuke-kun—Ahh!" He added another finger. Her face flushed as she threw her head back.

"You finally remembered my name," he drawled, panting.

The woman continued to moan loudly and gasp his name at his uneven thrusts. His shifted to remove the bothersome towel that was covering her from his view.

"Sasuke…don't!" The fabric fell on the floor in a crumpled pile completely exposing her assets to his lustful eyes. She gulped. She was aware of her orgasm rising. No, no, no! "Ahh…ahh…Sasuke-kun!" Sakura screamed as the waves of ecstasy hit her. The ferocity of his thrusts forced her to cum and orgasm into his hand. Her bottom lip was now pouty after her several attempts of holding in her cries.

"Hn. Sounds like you're enjoying me." He chuckled darkly before shoving her onto the awaiting bed and following shortly after. He closed in on the poor defenseless girl, his body against her unclothed one. Sasuke took one second to pull his dark shirt over his head and another second to kick his uncomfortably fitting trousers off. His knees were on either side of her, holding her in place. The bulge in his black silk boxers was palpable. Now, his erection was downright painful.

"You're such a beautiful tease." He purred, leaving a trail of kisses along her neck and towards the valley of her breasts. His mouth caught one mound while his fingers caught the other. Sakura gripped the bed sheets as she felt his teeth gnawing at one while his fingers pinched the other.

"Sasuke, please—" she whimpered as he gently bit her sensitive bosom. Her gaze followed his every action even though her lids looked heavy, almost as if she would pass out soon.

"Stop it! This is—Ohh!" Her thoughts were getting more disjointed and unintelligible as he continued.

Ignoring her protests, he moved further down. Sakura now saw his spiky-haired head between her legs. The man never gave her the opportunity to recollect her thoughts. He stared hungrily at her sex before tipping his head forward. His tongue darted out of his perfect lips and began licking her folds while his hands held her knees.

Here she was, laying under this…this stranger who was once the man of her dreams. Who she used to dream of day and night, hoping to see him again. The man who triggered all her wet dreams over the years was now performing actions that only existed in her fantasies. Only now, it held none of the marvelous and dreamy elements her dreams had. What she was experiencing now was nothing more than a horrific nightmare. And here she was, unshielded against his assaults.

Don't let him hear you. Don't let him hear you. Don't let him he—

"Ahh!! Oh please…. ohhhh…." The room was filled with her screams of pleasure as her fingernails dug into Sasuke's back. The rosette shivered at the contact. The Uchiha was delighted with himself for earning moan after sexy moan from her. He swept his tongue inside her and felt her hands clinging tighter onto him as if her life depended on it.

"Sakura…" He murmured, lifting his head and meeting her emerald orbs with his own dark ones. Sasuke pulled away from her to finish undressing, his black boxers joined the rest of the scattered garments on the floor.

The now exhausted woman stared at the man hovering above her. Her gaze them moved further down his perfectly toned chest and abdominal muscles and eventually to a certain pulsating area. Blood pounded through every inch of his body. His arousal ached so much. The need to take her was devouring him.

"Sasuke…" Sakura unconsciously brought her legs tighter together, raising her knees slightly, unpremeditatedly making contact with his shaft.

"You—damn it." He cursed vehemently and struggled to continue his sentence. Instead, he slid his hands between her inner thighs and aggressively shoved them wide open uncovering her pink fleshing folds. Her glistening wet cunt looked almost too welcoming. His desire to claim her was beyond measurable. He wanted to fuck her, now.

Slowly, he dragged his member along her drenched opening, rubbing it back and forth. "Sasuke-kun…ahh!" Bruised red lips unsealed to release another loud moan.

Sasuke groaned at such raw contact. As he moved to intensify the proximity, he was held back by a hand on his chest and a pair of pained, pleading virescent eyes.

"Sasuke-kun, please. Please stop it." The words came as a whisper from her.

The weight of her words halted his movement. And then steadily, he pulled away from her. It took every last ounce of self-control and every last bit of his discipline to ignore his arousal that was screaming to be released from such torture, and finally pull away from the woman. Sasuke sat at the edge of the bed, turning to peer at Sakura. Her hooded green eyes met his gaze, shivering at the lasciviousness that glimmered in them.


The Uchiha stood up, unmindful of his nude state, his back facing her. "Be thankful, Sakura,"

White sheets fell like curtains over her naked form. Sasuke turned away from her after that, steps away from the bed nearing the doorframe of the bathroom.

"Be thankful that I had enough self-control to stop." He whispered before disappearing behind the door.

- Click -

The last thing she heard before falling into deep slumber was the sound of water.



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