Nine players.

The nine of you have been chosen to participate in the Game. It is both a great honor...and a great curse. It all depends on whether you win, or lose.

You are all players, but you are not all contestants. Eight of you are true members.

One of you is the Sly.

Eight losers.

One at a time, you will all be disqualified, until only one person is left. That person, whether it is an honest player or the Sly, wins the game. Will you be the first to uncover the secret? ...Or will you be one of the eight who walk away in shame, empty-handed?

Seven chances.

Your goal is to reveal the identity of each of your fellow players. Every few days there will be a Campfire where you will gather unmasked. Only at a campfire are you allowed to make your guess. But be warned: if you are wrong, you have lost.

Six games.

An incorrect guess is not the only way you can be disqualified. Every day there will be tests of your strength, skill, and smarts. These perilous challenges could be your defeat, or your key to success. If you recognize a person's reaction, you've revealed their identity.

But that still doesn't tell you which one is the Sly.

Five rooms.

Your first trial is a safe one, but one that may pose arguments. You must divide the five cabins you are allowed among the nine players. Furthermore, once these rooms have been assigned, you may not change your mind later.

Four weeks.

There is another catch: if no one has correctly guessed the identities of the players before time is up, the Game has been lost and the Sly has won. You have four weeks.

Three finalists.

When only three of you remain, you will receive new instructions. You three are the finalists. At this point, there is only one chance left. If the player who guesses is right, he or she wins the Game. If he or she is wrong, they have lot and brought their comrade with them, leaving the Sly to take the prize.

Two contestants.

Of the finalists, of course, two are real contestants. Here is where the real challenge lies: either one or both of you will lose. The Sly, of course, is the enemy, but even so, your rival is hardly a friend.

One traitor.

Good luck.

Welcome, everyone, to Seek Out the Sly, with cast of Keroro Gunsou/Sgt. Frog! Nominations are open for any character you want to see in the competition. Nominations will be open for two weeks or until I see fit to close them.

Please nominate one or more of your favorite Keroro Gunsou characters to be in Seek Out the Sly with eight others! However, I should warn you that a nomination doesn't necessarily mean they'll be in the story. There will be a vote later on the characters who will actually participate.

When nominations are over, I will post the next chapter and add the poll to my profile. :)

Happy nominating!