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Family Dynamics

From deep within the walls of Cair Paravel began a breakfast soon to amplify into something far more eventful.

"Hey! Ed!"


"That's mine!"

"It doesn't have your name on it!"

"You little rat, give it back!"

High King Peter the Magnificent and King Edmund the Just had been taking part in a peaceful breakfast in the early hours of the day when King Edmund had committed a most unjust act.

"Edmund! I'm warning you! It's mine!"

"Get another one!"

"I don't want another one, I want that one!"

"Peter, you sound like an impudent child. Grow up!"

"You're telling me to grow up? After you stole that?"

"Oh for crying out loud…"

"I'll make you cry out loud…"

A sudden BANG echoed through the halls, followed by an "I refuse to acquiesce to your demands!" and then "Your refusal will not be tolerated!" The occupants of Cair Paravel all stopped at the sounds of the two kings seemingly having a most frightful disagreement over an obviously extremely important matter. Loud clangs could be heard, and many feared for the lives of their monarchs. Suddenly, Queen Lucy the Valiant appeared in the hallway leading to the door of the dining room. True to her name, she did not hesitate or flinch at the sounds of her two brothers arguing, and instead walked at a casual pace until she reached the door of the dining room, which she opened, thus revealing a most unimaginable scene.

High King Peter the Magnificent and King Edmund the Just were both on the floor. High King Peter was on his knees, and in his arms was the head of King Edmund, who was struggling to be released out of the headlock he was stuck in. Surrounding them were plates of bread, butter, jam, and many other items which had until recently been placed carefully on the table to be eaten. A jar of jam had somehow made its way onto King Edmund's head, as the remnants were still coating his hair, making the dark strands stick together like some sort of gel. High King Peter had his knee resting on a piece of toast covered in butter, and his tunic had a smudge of jam on it, the red contrasting strongly with the light blue of his tunic.

The two brothers both stopped their tussle, both turning to face Lucy, who was standing at the doorway with an unreadable expression on her face. Her eyes travelled the room, from Peter to Edmund to the mess on the floor. The two brothers exchanged a glance before turning back to face her.

"Hi Lu," King Peter said nervously, running a hand through his very much tousled hair.

Edmund wore the same nervous grin. He held up his hand to her, revealing the now very battered object they had been fighting over.


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