"Mom, I was wondering if I could live with my dad for a while?"

Renee looked at me strangely


I shrugged "Well, you and Phil are traveling and Charlie hasn't seen me in a while"

She pursed her lips

"Honey, are you sure you don't want to come with me and Phil?"

I nodded as did Renee.

"I'll call Charlie" she said walking away I sighed in content and started to pack my things for Forks.

…………….. ………………. …………….. ……………. ……… …………. …………...

"Hey kiddo" my father greeted me with a one armed hug

"Hey" I replied shyly,

The rest of the rise was uncomfortable, neither of us knowing what to say

"I have a request Bells" he said


"There's a few lads here I want you stay away from ok?"


"Mike Newton, Tyler Crowley, Eric Yorkie, Emmett McCarthy, Jasper Hale and above all Edward Cullen"

"Why Edward above all of them?"

"He's a bad kid Bells"

I nodded and promised I would be good

"Bells, what's wrong with your knuckles" he asked I looked down to see my knuckles covered in dry blood and scrapes. I pulled my sleeve over my knuckles hiding them

"Nothing dad" I said shaking my head

He nodded but not happily, dropping the subject immediately.

I woke up and had a shower; I looked down at my bruised body and saw the scar from last year. I sighed and stepped out of the shower wrapping the towel around me.

Truth me told, I'm not as soft as I look.

"Bells, I'll see you later and remember what I said to you" Charlie shouted form downstairs

"I will and I'll see you tonight"

I heard the door close and I got ready for school, wearing my black halter top, boys jeans and knee lengthened boots which I hid underneath the pants.

I tied my hair up and grabbed my jacket. I made my way out of the house locking it before going of to school.

Myself and Charlie agreed I wouldn't get a car unless I had the money to get it. I didn't like charity.

I arrived at the nick of time, just before the bell rang. I already passed the numerous girls I wanted to punch square in the face.

"Hi Bella Swan" I sighed towards the elderly receptionist

"O of course" she said smiling and hurrying off to find the schedule for me

"Edward" I heard a girl giggle behind me, I turned to see a blond all over a bronze haired god. Smiling down at her

So this was Edward Cullen.

"Here you are" the receptionist handed me the schedule. I said thanks and walked out of the office but not before seeing Edward Cullen look at me with a look in his eyes which I could only describe as Lust.