Litany of Heroes

Author's Notes: I started playing with a prompt table and decided I may as well share the little bits and bobs that I wrote for it. I'm not sticking with any one character. In fact, my intention is more to explore as many of the characters as I can. I also plan on prodding a bit at some of the little pet theories that Robin and I have come up with on various topics, including things like the history of the Blades, the history of Chivial, the history of Baelmark, the history of the Brethren, and other things that aren't necessarily expounded upon in canon.

The stories aren't necessarily tied together, and there isn't any sense of continuity. I'm not really going in order of the prompts, either. I'm writing what comes to me as it comes. This is just as much a challenge to myself to write as it is a challenge to myself to explore characters I sometimes don't. Therefore, the lengths of these are going to vary wildly. I do aim to eventually complete all 100 of the prompts. It may take me a while though.

Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Disclaimer: If you recognize it from Dave Duncan's fantastic works, then I don't own it (except in paperback).

001. Beginnings.

"Who does he think he is, the second coming of Durendal?"

Such a throwaway line, one that the students used on a regular basis when one of the other boys was letting his ego get the better of him. But this boy, this Brat, decided that yes, in fact, he was.

The masters were suitably furious, of course, and the candidates shocked. It just wasn't done. But the boy didn't care, fought tooth and nail to keep the name.

And a new legend was born...

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