A haircut is supposed to give you a new look. Once the old ends are chopped, an opportunity for new growth comes through. A new style can be adapted, transforming someone into a completely different person.

But Adam Copeland just got a haircut. And when he looked into the mirror, he still saw nothing but a monster.

He could have sworn his face was relaxed, but his reflection said otherwise. His reflection showed an angry being with his lip curled. No matter how hard Adam tried to convince himself that he was smiling, his reflection didn't change. He was still snarling, his teeth bared.

He tried making a silly face. There was no change in the reflection. It was still a monster, a werewolf at a full moon.

Whatever it was, Adam couldn't escape it.

Maybe he was condemned to be a monster forever.

"I've been…having these…weird thoughts, lately," Adam confided to his good friend, Amy, better known to the world as Lita, his former girlfriend. They were still good friends, and currently on one of their traditional coffee outings when they happened to be in the same area of the country. The pair were currently seated in a secluded corner of a very small coffee shop, and it didn't seem like any of the customers would bother them, or even know who they were, for that matter.

"What do you mean?" Amy asked as she subconsciously traced her index finger around the rim of her Styrofoam cup.

"Like…I don't know if any of this is real. Is it?" Adam questioned, having told her everything that was happening to him lately. The reflections, the feelings of paranoia, everything.

"Does it feel real?"

"…Yeah. I mean, parts of it do. Maybe I'm just hallucinating. Maybe I'm just going crazy."

"Maybe you're in a rut," Amy suggested as she smiled, taking a short sip from her hazelnut coffee. "You need a change. Try something with your look or something."

"I can't change my look. I'm a wrestling icon!" Edge gasped as he made the egotistical comment.

"Don't look, but your Edge is showing," Amy joked, drawing a small laugh from the dismal Edge.