A/N: I know, they're short. But you have to bear with me. A lot of you don't know what went down, and this is pretty much all I have in me anymore.

He stood alone in the beauty aisle of the drugstore. It was a place that men seldom traversed, but Edge was a trailblazer.

The small box fit awkwardly in his hand. He had a hard time keeping a grip on it as he read the labels. The box in question contained something Adam never thought he would ever want or need.

Hair dye. Black hair dye.

Adam jumped in surprise when a tanned rough hand reached out and took the box of Herbal Essence hair dye away from him.


"Really, Adam? Black hair dye? I've heard you've been feeling down in the dumps for a while, but this isn't the answer. Besides, none of the little kiddies will believe that we were ever brothers in the first place."

Adam looked up, but he didn't have to look to see who the interrupter of thoughts was. The term "brother" had given it away, and only one person could possibly have the right to say that.

"Hi, Jay."

"Why?" Jay, better known to the world as Christian, asked. He studied the box that he had taken from Adam. "Don't you know how hard this is to get out of your hair? And we can't be the Suicide Blondes if you went dark on me."

Adam wished he could smile, but Edge wouldn't let him. The beast inside of him had stolen all of his emotions, leaving him with nothing.

Absolute zero.

"How did you find me here?" Adam wondered out loud.

"I ran into Amy at the coffee shop and she said you ran across the street here for something," Jay explained. "She didn't say you were trying to morph into the physical likeness of CM Punk. Please tell me this is for a feud or something."

Adam nodded, taking the box back from Jay and putting it back on the shelf. "Yep, just a feud. Look, I'll meet you across the street with Amy, okay? I don't want to bore you with my shopping habits." Adam said.

"Sure thing. Want me to get you something for when you get there?" he offered.

"No thanks. I'll see you in a few."

Adam watched as Jay retreated from the aisle and exited through the automatic doors. He then turned his head back to the shelves of hair color, once again picking up the black pigments. He slowly marched up to the check out counter and purchased the dye.

It was fitting. The dye was black, just like his soul.