Times of Change

Niyah... hello. I'll get around to updating my KFP fic, if any of y'all were wondering 'bout it...

Anyway, after I completed rereading the series, I decided I'll give making a fanfic of it a shot. Now, as far as plots go, I've a small number of scattered ideas wandering in my mind, one of which is Bellatrix gave birth to Voldy's son between the 6th and 7th books... but it's just an idea. Others are students getting a little too interested in the Dark Arts and forming their own gangs and causing trouble.

I'm still collecting and considering ideas. Now, my plan though is to focus on Albus and Scorpius, probably switching between their perspectives every chapter or so.

I'd appreciate your thoughts ^_^

This chapter takes place 'round the time of the Epilogue and onwards, only in Scorpius's POV.

Enjoy :)

Chapter One


"Dad… that… wasn't that Harry Potter looking at you?"

A young boy of eleven years old looked up at his father. It was then that he felt eyes on him and realized that the tall red-haired man was glaring at him. Suddenly uneasy, he moved closer to his father. He knew that man to be Ron Weasley, a close friend of Harry Potter's.


Ron Weasley had stopped glaring at him and was speaking to a girl who must be his daughter. Scorpius Malfoy looked away from them to gaze up at his father.

It looked like Draco Malfoy wished to say more, but then changed his mind. Instead, he said, "Try to stay out of trouble. We'll send you sweets and letters, alright?"

A little disappointed that his father had, as usual, been unwilling to talk about Harry Potter, Scorpius resisted the urge to make any retort. "Alright… Thanks…"

Waving goodbye to his parents, Scorpius dragged his trunk off with him. With difficulty, he just barely managed to get it onto the train. While struggling with his trunk, he thought he saw some students staring at him and whispering among themselves.

He wasn't sure, but he could guess why. Though his father was never willing to discuss it, Scorpius knew that many from his family were Death Eaters, devoted supporters of the Dark Lord, Voldemort. No doubt there were children whose parents were still weary of pure-blood families that supported the Dark Lord.

That thought wasn't a comforting one.

Moving along the compartments, with growing disappointment and uneasiness as the train began to move, he seemed to find no compartment that was not full, occupied by older students, or occupied by glaring students.

After what to his nerves felt like hours, a compartment door slid open as he went past it.

Dread filled him when he saw two people standing in front of him. What did they want? Unmistakably, one was the Weasley girl, with her bushy red hair and school robes. Did her father tell her to do something to him?

Scorpius gulped.

The second person was the very image of Harry Potter… just… without the glasses. Scorpius's father was never clear when the subject was himself and Harry Potter. One thing he was sure of though was that Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter weren't friends.

The girl seemed unsure, her look showed distrust… but there was something else there too… a friendlier look…

"Do you wanna come in?" surprising him, the Potter boy gestured towards their compartment.

"We… we saw you when his brother James went out to join his friends…" the Weasley girl piped up. "Then we notice you passing by a few times…"

Scorpius wasn't sure what to say while he watched the Potter boy nod quietly, confirming what Weasley said.

"If… if everywhere else is full… we've still got room…" Potter stepped inside, leaving him room to enter.

Still at a loss for words, Scorpius went in. He sat down, keeping his trunk close. For a few moments, he stared at his shoes while the two sat across him. When he finally looked up, he saw the girl's brown eyes glaring disapprovingly while the boy's green eyes observed him with quiet curiosity.

"Thanks…" when he finally spoke, the girl's expression softened somewhat. Scorpius too felt himself relax slightly. Her hair no longer looked like flames circling her now that she seemed less hostile.

"I'm Scorpius, by the way… Scorpius Malfoy." He extended a hand. He had decided against saying his second name. It was enough to know his odd first name without knowing his odd second name- Hyperion. Feeling defensive, he quickly added, "Don't laugh at my name!"

Potter smiled, shaking his hand, "I'm Albus Severus Potter, don't laugh at my name either."

Next Rose took his hand "Rose Weasley," then she added, "I suggest you two put on your school robes before we arrive. I mean think about it, we'll have little time to change when everyone's trying to get out and everything… right?"

"Er… right…" Scorpius looked at Albus, who said the same thing. Albus seemed about to say something when Rose spoke again.

"Al, have you seen my book? A History of Magic?"

"Sorry, I haven't… weren't you reading it just before Scor-"

"You're sitting on it!"

"What? I am? Oops!" Albus stood and gave the book to Rose before sitting back down. "Sorry, Rosie."

Without a word, Rose took the book, frowning and began to read.

"She loooves reading. I'm pretty sure she'll be top of our year, just like Aunt Hermione was." Albus had noticed Scorpius watching with amusement.

"Top of the year?"

"Yes, mom was intelligent and responsible." Rose spoke without lowering her book to look at them. "I don't want to be the one breaking out of a tradition."

"So your family members were all smart?" Scorpius asked.

"Well…" her tone wasn't so certain anymore as she lowered her book, "Mom's parents were dentists… I assume you have to be really smart to be able to understand the anatomy of the mouth… stuff like that…"

Dentist? Anatomy of the mouth? What was she talking about? She was making Scorpius feel stupid. He didn't enjoy the feeling…

"Aunt Hermione's parents were Muggles, they knew how to fix teeth…. toothaches… that sort of stuff… without magic." Al explained.

Scorpius nodded, though he still found the idea of not using magic bizarre.

"Well anyway… the point is I want to be just as good as mom was when she was our age." Rose concluded before returning her attention to her book.

"Yeah… well… I hope I turn out just as good as dad…" Al told Scorpius. "I mean… not… y'know killing a really really really evil wizard or anything… but he's great at Defense Against the Dark Arts…"

"That's… cool." Scorpius managed to smile but failed to put much enthusiasm into his tone. Fidgeting uncomfortably, he avoided Albus's eyes. Traditions… if indeed traditions ought to continue, parents' footsteps to be followed by their children… Scorpius wasn't sure he wanted to… almost every relative of his was fascinated by the Dark Arts and joined Lord Voldemort's forces.

Most of them ended up dead, imprisoned in Azkaban, regarded with suspicion by most of the Wizarding community… or a combination of the three.

Those fates weren't very tempting.


Scorpius looked up when Al called his name.

"You alright?"

"Yeah." He faced the window. "Yeah, I'm fine."

In the silence that followed, the two boys looked out the window while Rose read.

When the food cart arrived, Albus and Rose bought Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Chocolate Frogs, and some Cauldron Cakes. Scorpius got a Chocolate Frog which he didn't have the appetite to touch anyway.

They weren't speaking anymore, but Scorpius still felt Albus eyeing him every so often.

What? Was it such a big deal that he didn't want to follow his family's footsteps like they so obviously wanted to?

But then… maybe it was…

He had grown so used to the silence that when a voice echoed through the train, Scorpius nearly jumped out of his seat. "We will be reaching Hogwarts in five minutes' time. Please leave your luggage on the train, it will be taken to the school separately."

While Albus and Scorpius pulled on their robes, Rose put away her book. "Well I told you to prepare earlier, didn't I?"

Scorpius put his hands in the pockets of his robes, to hide that they were shaking. Would the Sorting Hat put him in Slytherin?

Not that it was such a horrible thing… His father had said that the most cunning, resourceful and determined ended up in Slytherin. Those were good traits, weren't they?

But what if he wasn't in Slytherin? What if he ended up in Hufflepuff? Some people said that Hufflepuffs were hardworking and fair… but the way his father talked about the House… he said they were practically the 'leftovers'. His view had been if the resourceful and determined go to Slytherin, the smart go to Ravenclaw and the brave go to Gryffindor… the rest went to Hufflepuff.

Would Scorpius's family think he wasn't good enough to go to any of the Houses, that he'd be a leftover Hufflepuff?

He didn't really think he'd be in Ravenclaw… Rose sounded more likely to go there…

Gryffindor… the Slytherin-Gryffindor rivalry was no secret. Would his family hate him if by some weird chance, he ended up in Gryffindor?

Glancing at the other two, Scorpius noticed that they were just as nervous he was as they made their way toward the door together.

"Firs' years! Firs' years over here! Firs' years, come over here!"

There was the huge form of the one his father had described as a giant, half-breed oaf. The man was twice the size of any other, with a tangled mane of black hair that looked like it was graying somewhat, but in the darkness, it was hard to tell. As intimidating as Scorpius found the big man, he didn't want anyone to see his fear, so he followed Rose and Albus, both of whom seemed comfortable enough in the way they approached the man.

"Well hello there Al, Rosie!"

Scorpius stared at them when the big man greeted the two.

"Hello, Hagrid!" Al and Rose greeted him in return.

Hagrid smiled at the pair, and after rounding up the rest of the first years, he led them down a steep, narrow path.

"You know him?"

"Yeah!" Al answered, "Our parents were friends of his."

"He's really nice once you get to know him; we invite him to dinner sometimes, together with Al and his family."

"Oh…" Somehow, he doubted their words. From what he could recall, Hagrid had let a hippogriff claw his father's arm when he was in his third year. And there was also a time he crossbred dangerous creatures and had his class care for them.

Growing more and more uneasy with each unsteady step he took down the path, Scorpius hid how he felt from the other two. Just because they had no problem with the half-giant, that didn't mean that he wouldn't too.

"Whooaaaa…" The path opened into the edge of a lake. It looked large and deep. The surface reflected the dark sky, dotted with several stars. He could not see the bottom.

But what was the most stunning sight was the castle on the other side of the lake. It was majestically large, with towers that reached for the sky, lights shown from the multiple windows.

"Four to a boat, no more'n that unless ye wanna sink!" Hagrid pointed to boats that they were meant to ride across the lake.

The three of them were joined by a somewhat chubby boy with blonde hair, whom Scorpius didn't know. Few words were exchanged among the students as the boats glided over the lake. Scorpius himself was satisfied with staring in awe at Hogwarts instead of talking to his companions on the boat.