by kathlaida-princess

Summary: A collection GaaNaru drabbles, very short ones for that matter... A work always in progress, some of them part of my Daily Drabble Challenge. GaaNaru fluff

Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. They belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

Author's Notes: Hello dear readers! You can tell I miss Summer :P Spent a bit before Special Mission For The Kazekage :D

It had been the fifth time I brushed the sweat away from my pale forehead, the fifth time the heat of your village's summer and hardwork began claiming the remnants of water from me.

The sand I made carry and soar with seeming unstrength no longer served its purpose as easily, the grains trembling under the burden of wooden and metallic beams. I now sighed in frustration. Rebuilding a village from ground level was not an easy task, not even when the most powerful shinobi of the many different countries lent their powers to help...

The sun glowed a dangerous orange, low on the horizon, warning me it was way past my working hours. But for once I ignored the color, unknowingly reaching for the unfaltering will one other (much more agreeable) shade of it passed onto me over the time.

But, of course, none of it would work. You would not accept any of it, and suddenly, surprisingly, recklessly, you threw yourself into the busy sand, your preferred yet idiotic method to make me get the rest I denied needing. Flustered, I managed to bring you safely and quickly back down to earth (like you knew I would) and you justified your actions by showing me how empty the construction site already was. Somewhat convinced, I then followed your straying, subtly beckoning steps, but I could not help but argue how much I wanted to help, and how useless my help was if I did not spend my time using it.

Where we were heading, I did not know at the time, but I still walked beside you, as you cheerfully assured me I was doing more than enough to assure your happiness. A thank you was in order and you claimed I still needed to know the best Leaf had to offer during the season, a blessed fruit of the heat that seemed so unforgiving. I was curious.

Near the outskirts of the village, in a place where small fields replaced the urban feel of growing buildings, you pressed a tan finger to smirking lips, and I took the suspicious lead to remain silent. And suspicious it turned out to be, for in a leap you climbed to a wall and faced a off-limited vine, began picking a thousand points of color from it, throwing them to the bag you begged me to open bellow.

Well, stealing was never something of which I approved, but I could do nothing but run with you as the vine's owner appeared from nowhere and threatened our lives to bits. I wondered then with an involuntary smirk how interesting your life would be when you'd finally become the Leaf's leader, all these little bits forgotten or lightly remembered under the performance of yours I knew would be brilliant...

But for then you merely held my hand and lead me to a shortcut, our running feet reaching a haven the poor farmer would never find. Finally at ease, we sat down.

Panting, you chuckled at the flawlessness of your feat, but before I could join you, I needed to show that I disapproved of such actions, to which you had a ready reply. As I opened my mouth to protest, a handful of colorful dots was shoved down along with my words, a dozen of small capsules of intense flavor bringing all my taste-buds to life. Of sunlight, of pleasing warmth, of the freshness of grass, of giggling rain. Of this sunsetty day and of the expression you were wearing along with it.

You laughed whole-heartedly when you saw the anger in my face melt to pure contentment, and you readily spoke, "Thank you, Gaara, for being an awesome friend. These are the best berries in the world and they are for you. I can tell you'll like them."

I still wanted to state my disagreeing point, but there was too much care in you to allow my disappointment to be minimally aroused. The sugar of the fruits still danced in my mouth like a sin, and you dealt your final blow with, "Tomorrow I'll bake you some cookies from them..."

Oh, I cursed at you then, Uzumaki Naruto! Damned you to all hells of all religions for the countless bowls of ramen you had me dine before gifting this heaven to me...

But it is a present I thoroughly enjoyed and still treasure now, years after, as I wipe the juice of summer off your tongue with my kiss.

And I *Still* have millions of these to write.

Friendshippy fluff is the best.

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