Heart and her allies finally arrive in Camelot for a one big final battle but there is one big problem.

MERLIN: Bad news everyone!
HEART: What is it?
MERLIN: It seems the White Warlord has a large army!
LANCELOT: More like a huge army but I have luck that my father will send an army to aid us in this hour of need.
PEWTER: Oh that's Bull****! We better head to the Whiteland Castle
HEART: Of Course the Whiteland Castle!
GAWAIN: Whiteland Castle huh?
PEWTER: If we go there, I might have the chance to see my old colleague.
PERCIVAL: So we'll be heading to the Whiteland Castle for help I guess.

And so Heart and her friends set off the Whiteland Castle to assistance.

Mordred, who resembles Parace L'Sia wearing black armour, arrives to see The White Warlord (Real Name: Morgan le Fay). She resembles Mildred Avallone wearing white armour.

MORDRED: My lord, I request your need here.
MORGAN: Very Good my brave warrior.
MORDRED: Your lordship, someone who wields the Excalibur is heading to Whiteland Castle.
MORGAN: Whiteland Castle they say? Very well, send all of the men to Whiteland Castle.
MORDRED: As you wish my Lord.

Heart and her allies arrive in Whiteland Castle.

HEART: This is it everyone!
PEWTER: The Whiteland Castle, home of Queen Guinevere.
HEART: Who's Guinevere?
LANCELOT: Good Question. She was the ruler of the North-of-Forth.
PEWTER: You mean she's the ruler of my homeland?
PERCIVAL: Yes she is.

Heart and co arrive at the gate.

MERLIN: Here we are the gates to the Whiteland Castle.
HEART: So this must be an ice palace or so.
MERLIN: No Heart, This castle is just painted in white.

A Half-Racoon guard who resembles Eko named Ector.

ECTOR: Halt! Who goes 'ere?
HEART: I'm Heart...
PEWTER: Let me talk. (To Ector) Hey Ector, It's me Pewter! Pewter Angles Kingston XII!
ECTOR: Sure.

The gate opens.

PEWTER: I know she's a half-animal like me.
LANCELOT: I know of that.

Heart and her allies met with Queen Guinevere. She resembles Weiss.

GUINEVERE: Who comes forth into my kingdom?
MERLIN: Pleasure to see you my queen. This is the chosen one.
GUINEVERE: I see she did pull the Excalibur out to the stone.
LANCELOT: Glad to be your assistance. Send us your army; your men shall help in this hour of need.
GUINEVERE: I agree of your options.

Morgan sees the Whiteland Castle in her crystal ball.

MORGAN: I see is that the Whiteland Castle. I want you to send all my men to lay siege on that castle.

Heart and Pewter plans a plan.

PEWTER: She said only the chosen one can defeat the White Warlord.
HEART: Really?
PEWTER: And maybe we can enter the castle without being spotted.
HEART: Of Course.

Heart and Pewter sneaks out of the castle.

LANCELOT: At least she tells us to hold off the siege headed by Mordred.
PERCIVAL: Mordred? She was the most powerful knight ever known by man itself.
LANCELOT: You know her?

Mordred and her army arrive.

MORDRED: By the order of my lord, I ask you to surrender.
ECTOR: And who's going to make us?
MORDRED: Me and my army. An Army so large to take down a castle!

The battle begins.


GUINEVERE: What's going on?
ECOTR: We're under attack by the evil force of the White Warlord!
GUINEVERE: White Warlord?

The rest of Heart's party fights Mordred's minions.

MERLIN: How can we hold them off?
LANCELOT: I don't know.

Heart and Pewter enter the throne room.

MORGAN: Welcome to my castle.
HEART: Who are you?
MORGAN: I am Morgan le Fay, White Warlord and Ruler of all Camelot.
PEWTER: AHA! So you're the one behind all sorts of bad things!
MORGAN: And I see you have the Excalibur. It's very intruding indeed.
HEART: I have the Excalibur?
MORGAN: Very well then. (Draws sword) Let us duel. HA!

Heart and Morgan started to duel. They fought long and hard.

MORGAN: I see you are King Arthur after all. I expect you have some of his old moves to impress me further.
HEART: And I got a few new ones that you haven't seen before.

Heart punches Morgan in the face and she got knocked down.

MORGAN: I can't believe it, how could it be?
HEART: You know that my name is Heart Aino and I'm from the real world.
MORGAN: I see.

The Dark Sorceress comes in. She resembles Scharlachrot.

DARK SORCERESS: I hope you don't mind but brought a few guests.

A group of Nameless Ones surround Pewter and Heart.

PEWTER: Hey, who are those guys?
DARK SORCERESS: My finest associates, The Nameless Ones.
HEART: Now I'm in trouble!

Heart noted she still has the stopwatch. She pressed it and the time got slowed down. Heart defeated all of them.

HEART: Phew. That was close.

The battle continues. Percival clashes swords with Mordred while the rest of Heart's party fights off the soldiers.

KAY: Oh rats! How long until they go out somewhere?
ROBIN: I don't know.

At the sight, help has arrived! Robin Hood and her merry men fire arrows to take down the troops. Captain Hook and her crew cut down most of the troops. Wolf, St. Germain, PRRH and Fairy Godmother came to help.

MORDRED: What the heck?

Mordred's sword got flown off her hand.

MORDRED: OK, you win.
MORDRED: I'm not much of a fighter I guess.


HEART: You might have well given up.

DS turns into a dragon!

All of Heart's old allies arrive to help Queen Guinevere.

ROBIN HOOD: Glad to be your assistance my lady.
GUINEVERE: I didn't expect some good company.
PRRH: To be precise, Whiteland Castle is no ordinary castle. It was the center of Guinevere's Kingdom when King Arthur is disappeared.
GUINEVERE: King Arthur? I heard that fact just at the right time.

A loud explosion heard from the distance.

MERLIN: By Great God's Beard! Heart is fighting the final battle!
PERCIVAL: Then we must come to the castle and help her.

Heart is hiding behind something.

PEWTER: You know about dragons Heart?

The Dragon is still attacking Heart and Pewter until the rest of Heart's party arrives.

LANCELOT: You may have given up Morgan le Fay, It's all over!
GAWAIN: Your ways of bad things come to an end!
GALAHAD: I shall protect the frail and the weak!
LAMORAK: You must be the White Warlord who sent the Dark Sorceress to erase King Arthur's existence!
PERCIVAL: You will pay for bringing Camelot to its downfall!
KAY: To protect the good people of Tai-Ken, I must punish you!
ROBIN: And I must defeat you!
MERLIN: I shall punish you for your undoing!

Heart and co fights the Dragon.

HEART: Now it's my chance.

Heart jumps up and slashed the dragon's soft underbelly. The dragon falls down and dies.

MERLIN: I admitted it. I know why dragons have one weakness are its soft underbelly.
HEART: Really.

Morgan is starting to disappear.

MORGAN: No! What's happening?
MERLIN: Since the Dark Sorceress is defeated, part of history will begin to undo its changes.
LANCELOT: And so does her castle.
KAY: We better get out of here!

Heart and her party runs from the vanishing castle. Morgan, Mordred, the dragon and Morgan's castle disappears. The White Warlord is no more.

Heart and her party were gathered in the court.

GUINEVERE: Congratulations. As Queen, I want to thank you for saving Camelot from Morgan's evil reign and it's been a great honor working with you.
GAWAIN: Am I sure about this?
GUINEVERE: Yes. So Heart, I want to know.
HEART: What is it?
GUINEVERE: You are the great King Arthur.
HEART: Really? But I was from the real world!
GUINEVERE: Then I shall send you back to your world. Your mastery with the Excalibur grows and my loyal knights, you've been a great help.
MERLIN: Thanks my queen.
GUINEVERE: From now on, you've been knights-in-training. Now you must rise to the next level and become Guardians of Camelot.
LANCELOT: Guardians of Camelot eh? I like the sound of this. Maybe we could make Whiteland Castle our home kingdom since it is the center of Camelot.
KAY: And with the people, we can protect them as fast as we can.
PEWTER: Isn't that wonderful? That means I can serve you now and forever!
PERCIVAL: Well Pewter, it was my great honor.

Heart is going back to her own world.

HEART: Thank you

Heart is back in her own world. She meets Saki Tsuzura.

SAKI: Heart, where have you been?
HEART: Saki-tan! I was wondering I fell into a magical book and...
SAKI: Magical book? I never heard of it.