Adam was all alone in the dressing room. Backlash had ended awhile ago and as far as he knew, everyone else had left. That was just fine with him. He was perfectly okay with being alone. It wasn't like anyone was dying to be around him. Everyone thought he had something to do with Big Show's attack on John Cena, but nothing could be further from the truth. He hadn't had anything to do with what the big lug known as Big Show had done to the great and mighty John Cena. He had just taken advantage of yet another opportunity offered to him and had walked away with the gold, just like he had vowed to do.

He grabbed his bag and set it right outside the showers. He could shower back at the hotel, but he didn't feel like staying all hot and sweaty for longer than he possibly had to. Besides, why did it matter? He was alone after all. He took about a ten minute shower, and when he was done, he wrapped a towel around his waist. But when he stepped out of the stall to grab his bag, it was gone. "What the fuck?" he muttered. He looked around. It wasn't anywhere to be seen. "I know I set it right here. Where the fuck did it go?"

The sound of giggling from somewhere inside the locker room caught his attention. It sounded very familiar. He went out into the main part of the locker room and found Jeff Hardy sitting on one of the benches. The Rainbow Haired Warrior was looking through his things and giggling like a maniac.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Adam growled. He was not in the mood for games right now, especially when it involved one of the Hardy brothers. "Who told you that you could touch my things?"

Jeff didn't look up at him. "I did silly," he replied as he found a pair of Adam's jeans in the bag. "I hear jingling," he muttered as he dug through the pockets. "Oooh! Keys! I like keys! I wonder what they open."

Adam shook his head. "Get your damn hands off my stuff!" he snapped. He walked over and snatched his bag away from Jeff. "Just because Matt hates you now and you're not his short leash anymore doesn't mean you can come in here and start pulling your crap on me."

"Aw, somebody's in a bad mood." Jeff stood up, finally making eye contact with Adam. "It looks like I'm going to have to fix that."

The look in Jeff's eyes actually made Adam take a step back. They looked wild and feral and very, very psychotic. "Okay, uh…" Adam stopped to gulp a little bit. Jeff was starting to advance at him slowly and he tried to keep backing up. "I don't know why you're staring at me like I'm a piece of meat, but you really need to stop it. I need to get dressed so--"

"Are you going to drop that towel willingly, or am I going to have to yank it off for you?" Jeff suddenly asked.

Adam stared at him in surprise. "What?"

Jeff's eyes narrowed, making him look even more psychotic than before. "Drop the towel Addy," he ordered.

"Are you insane? I'm naked under this thing."

"I know."

Adam was starting to lose his patience. "Okay, you really need to leave now," he said as he started pushing Jeff towards the door. "You are being beyond creepy and you are starting to freak me out."

Without any warning, Jeff pushed Adam back and slammed him up against the wall. Before the blonde could get over that surprise, Jeff's lips had captured his and the younger man's tongue was being shoved into his mouth. What the hell is he doing? Has he gone completely insane? Why…oh fuck, there goes the towel.

Jeff broke the kiss and looked down at Adam's naked body. He smirked when Adam started to blush. "Very nice Addy. Very, very nice. And very, very mine."

"Wh-what?" Adam stammered out. He couldn't quite believed what he was hearing coming out of Jeff's mouth.

"I said you were mine Addy," Jeff repeated. "You really need to get the wax out of your ears. I don't like having to repeat myself over and over again."

"But you…you don't…I…"

Jeff grabbed Adam's hair and gave it a good yank. "Let me explain something to you Addy. "I live by many philosophies. My absolute favorite one is very simple: want, take, have. I want something, I take it, and then I have it. Only I don't let things go. Once it's mine, it's mine forever." He grinned, reminding Adam of a predator who knows he had his prey right where he wanted it. "I want YOU Addy." He pressed his crotch up against Adam, and Adam gasped because he could feel Jeff's arousal pressing up against him. "And I will take you one way or another. But I'm in a nice mood tonight, so I'm going to offer you a choice. We can do this the easy way and you can willingly come to my hotel room with me. Or we can do this the hard way, and I take you right here, right now and then I'll drag your ass back to my hotel room. What do you think?"

Adam gulped. He had never seen this side of Jeff before and to be honest, he was getting kind of turned on. Jeff could tell that, because he smirked and grabbed Adam's cock and gave it a couple of strokes. "Come on Addy," Jeff whispered. "I can make it hurt SO good."

Adam finally nodded. He didn't know exactly what he was getting himself into, but he couldn't stand not knowing. Besides, it sounded like Jeff was going to do what he wanted no matter what he chose, so why not go with it? "Okay," he gasped out. It was hard to talk with Jeff's hand on his dick. "I'll come with you."

Jeff grinned. He released Adam's dick and handed the Canadian his bag. "Good boy. Hurry up and get dressed. We've got a long night ahead of us."