"So that's what you want?" Shannon asked. "Wow, that wasn't what I was expecting."

Adam frowned as he laid back on the chair. He was currently shirtless at Shannon's tattoo parlor and he had just explained the tattoo he wanted to get. "Well what were you expecting?"

"I don't know, something more perverted," Shannon confessed. He started getting his tool ready. "And you want this on your stomach?"

"Yeah," Adam said with a nod. "You know how Phil has "Straight Edge" there? I want it to be like that."

"Okay then." Shannon didn't seem to get the significance of the tattoo, but Adam didn't expect him to. The important thing was that Jeff would get it. Hell, Jeff had said it to him the first night they had ever been together. It was what had started this whole crazy relationship, and Adam wasn't afraid to show it. Besides, what he wanted wasn't something obvious like "Property of Jeff Hardy" or "Jeff's Sex Slave". It was more subtle than that.

It took Shannon about an hour and a half to get it done. Adam passed the time by making small talk and thinking about Jeff. He tried not to think about what they were going to do after he got home because he really didn't want to get a hard on while he was this close to Shannon. That would just be really awkward.

"There you go," Shannon finally said. He put the finishing touches on it and then put a bandage over it. "Now obviously you know how to take care of a new tattoo but I'm going to give you a piece of advice: don't let Jeff cum on it."

Adam frowned. That advice had come out of left field. "Uh…why?"

"I don't know. I just like spouting off advice nobody has thought of before."

"Well sleep easy Prince. Jeff only cums inside of me."

Shannon wrinkled his nose. "You know, you could have spared me that detail."

"Hey, you started the conversation."

"Well I'm ending it you pervert. Go home and have sex. I'm going to go watch a movie on Matt's TV."

So Adam drove back home, very happy about his new tattoo and excited about the sex that was about to be had. He was a person of simple interests after all. Jeff, food, championship gold, Jeff, sleep, more Jeff….give him those things and he was a very satisfied man.

When he got home, he found Jeff hooking up a new TV. "Where did you get that?" he asked.

"It's Matt's," Jeff replied. "I stole it from Shannon." He finished hooking it up and then placed a video camera up on top of the entertainment center. "I figured we didn't need to beat around the bush," he said happily as he turned around. He wasn't wearing a shirt and his pants were barely hanging on to his hips. "Strip."

Adam grinned and took off his shirt. "I just love it when you take charge."

"Everyone loves it when I take charge," Jeff replied. "I'm hot when I do it." He grabbed Adam by the waistband of the jeans and pulled him into a passionate kiss. Adam sighed happily. Jeff had been eating Skittles yet again. Wild Berry…damn it, he probably took mine.

Jeff's fingers began to peel back the bandage on Adam's stomach. "I want to see what you got," he said. He took the bandage off just enough to see what was now written on Adam's body.

Want, Take, Have. Three simple words that made up Jeff's philosophy. The philosophy that had made Jeff corner Adam after Backlash. The philosophy that had ultimately brought them together. All of Adam's tattoos had meanings behind them. This one was now the one that had the most meaning behind it. "You like it?" Adam asked.

Jeff nodded. "I love it." He looked back at the camera, which was currently filming them. It was actually connected to the TV in such a way that they could watch themselves fuck while it was recording them. "I think it's time to put on a little show."

Adam couldn't agree more. He kissed Jeff again, his hands working on unbuttoning Jeff's jeans. He watched their every move on the television screen, getting more and more turned on by the second. I think Jeff had the right idea about this. This is really, really hot.

They fell back on the couch that had been moved into the center of the room for the specific purpose of the movie. Jeff was on top, but instead of just starting with the fucking, he turned himself completely around and took Adam's cock in his mouth in one swift motion. Adam gasped as he felt Jeff's teeth scraping against his dick. It hurt a little, but it felt so damn good. Trying to regain his composure, he took Jeff's length in his mouth and began sucking as hard as he could. It was almost like they were racing to see who could make who cum first.

Jeff won, mostly because he slipped three fingers inside of Adam and used them to hit Adam's prostate over and over again. Adam let out a muffled scream as he came, and the vibrations from that made Jeff cum too. Adam swallowed and tried not to choke on Jeff's sweetness. "Cheater," he said as Jeff turned himself back around.

Jeff grinned. "You enjoyed it."

Adam tried to pout some more, but it was hard to do when Jeff stared nibbling on his lower lip. He finally gave in after a couple of seconds, letting Jeff dominate his mouth with his tongue, enjoying the combined taste of both of them. He could feel himself getting hard again already. The effect Jeff had on him was absolutely unbelievable.

"Watch the TV Addy," Jeff whispered as he bit at Adam's earlobe. "Watch yourself as I fuck you."

Adam looked at the screen and was immediately rewarded with Jeff thrusting inside of him. He moaned in pleasure, enjoying the sensation of Jeff being inside of him, but also fascinated by looking at him and Jeff. It was probably the hottest thing he had ever seen. "Oh God Jeff," he moaned. "Jeff…"

Jeff chuckled. He was looking at the screen too. "Look how pretty you are Addy," he cooed. "Look how pretty you are when you get fucked."

Adam licked his lips and threw his head back. Jeff was hitting his sweet spot over and over again, and it was making his head spin. "Jeff…feels so good…want you so bad…."

Jeff smirked. "Well you have me baby," he gasped out. He sucked on Adam's collarbone a little bit. "It's like your tummy says: want, take…oh fuck…have…." He was holding on as best he could, although he didn't seem like he was going to last much longer. "Addy…"

"Jeff…" Adam clawed at Jeff's back desperately, knowing he was just seconds away from cumming. "Gonna cum…oh God….Jeff!"

Jeff grabbed Adam's cock and stroked it twice, sending them both over completely. Adam closed his eyes and laid his head back, completely exhausted. He felt Jeff pull out of him, but he didn't let the younger man off of him. They could turn off the damn camera off later. Right now, he just wanted to lay there in their bliss.

"Mine," Jeff said happily, planting a little kiss on Adam's jaw.

Adam grinned and kissed Jeff back. "Yours," he agreed. "Forever yours."

Jeff giggled. "Forever mine…I like the sound of that."

Adam did too. He pulled Jeff even more tightly against him, happy to stay just like this forever and ever. And I'm sure he'll be up for that too, he thought to himself. Which is why I love my Jeff. Sure he's a crazy nympho, but that just makes him more loveable. And he could honestly say that he had never been happier than he was right at that moment. A crazy Jeff Hardy making me happy…I never would have seen that one coming. Oh well, I'll go with it. It's all good in my book.